Saturday, 1 January 2011

Luna's Lucky Pack Diary Part 2

Okay, so I wanted to do an update because I am feeling a little bit frustrated with the whole Lucky Pack thing. Some of my friends are probably sick to death of hearing me moan about lucky packs but I can't help it- it is driving me mad!

So Meta started sending out shipping emails after Christmas and then went on holiday on the 30th. They are not back until the 3rd which is not too long to wait but because of the lack of things to do during the festive season, I have plenty of time to work myself in to a frenzy. I was a bit disappointed when Meta did not send me a shipping email before they went away for their holidays. I heard a lot of girls had already received theirs. After writing a post on my LJ I was inspired to keep waiting. Not everybody has the email yet so I just need to be patient. But it is so hard when you have saved up especially. Money saving was never one of my strong points so this is a huge deal for me. But my money was never refunded so is it safe to assume I just need to wait for the email?

Because I needed some peace of mind I sent Meta an email so that when they get back they can respond and maybe I will finally know where I stand. The trouble is, I have heard horror stories of Meta black listing people just for asking simple questions. That would be an absolute nightmare! Technically, I did use my husband's Paypal account so James would be blacklisted instead of me. However, I genuinely would love a helpful response. I am putting all this uneasiness down to first time nerves.

I went on EGL Sales today to find somebody already selling the bling bag included in the packs. After further prodding I find quite a few people have already gotten their packs! Most of the people who say they have the packs, received their shipping email on the 27th so this must have been the very first batch. Also, I have noticed more people have been getting the pink version of the bag. So hopefully I have a greater chance of getting the black version. I prefer the black version. I have always wanted one of these glitter bags. I liked the pink swan one from the Summer packs. Is it bad I am just as excited about the bag as I am about the mystery JSK inside?

I have got people all over the place telling me to CALM DOWN. Sorry if I sound like a hopeless lucky pack noob. Besides, if it turns out I didn't get a lucky pack it means I now have some money to put towards more clothes! Maybe I will be able to buy Chess Party after all...


  1. That does sound rather tedious. I hope it all works out for you and you'll get your lucky pack soon!

    Happy new year.

  2. Thank you. I guess I am just an impatient sort of person.

    Happy New Year to you too!

  3. I can see where that would be very frustrating! I hope it works out all right.

  4. I really hope I get some answers. I think Meta come back from their holidays tomorrow.

  5. It's cool I can see why you'd get nervous!

    I was lucky enough to get mine on Friday. I got the damn pink bag (I wanted black). I like my jsk but I was hoping for a solid color.

    It's entirely possible that they just did the shipping/emailing in a split, since they had over 100 bags to send out. I'm sure you'll hear soon!

  6. I really hope I get the black bag!


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