Monday, 31 January 2011

Another Oxford Lolita Meet

I attended another lolita meet in Oxford on Saturday. Happy days!

This time the group was quite a bit bigger which is great. I would love to see our little Oxford group become more established and hopefully in the future we will have even more people turning up. All of the girls are so lovely and friendly.

After a trip to Yo! Sushi for lunch we randomly wondered about looking for an ideal spot to take some photographs. We ended up by this gate-

Here I am in the Meta lucky pack dress! This is my favourite photograph of myself so mega kudos to whoever took it. The detachable bow had a weird back to it so I decided to pin it on to another plain black bow I had. The black bow was just a simple one from Claire's.

Blouse- GLP
Rose bracelet- New Look
Cake Ring (not shown)- Unknown

I also wore my Bodyline coat. I took off the fake fur because it was too cutesy for my outfit.

Tights- New Look
Shoes- Demonia

And here is a lovely group shot of us.

Back row- Me, Beau and Sammi twinning in Bodyline, Raine (can't remember which brand), Nicola in Bodyline and her handmade bonnet, Naomi in Meta
Front row- Michelle in Angelic Pretty and Jenni in Moi Meme Moitie

And another shot of me. It is not very often I like pictures of myself so I am mega pleased with how a lot of these turned out.

There was also a church nearby so we took some photos inside. We tried to be respectful of the other people in the church. In the end a lot of people were taking photos of us as we stood upstairs looking down at all the camera flashes.

Sadly a lot of the church ones on my camera turned out blurry. But thank you to Gabe for taking these anyway. I blame my camera!

Then we went from cafe to cafe trying to find somewhere to sit down. After walking around in circles for ages we eventually settled on a cafe called Morton's. I had a lovely pink cupcake which was lightly scented with strawberry and had a marshmallow on the top.

I absolutely love spending time with this group of people and I think everybody looked amazing!

Here is a link to my photobucket album so you can see all the photos I took on the day-

Sunday, 30 January 2011

A mini apology

Quite a lot of people have watched my lucky pack opening video (in fact, I was a little shocked when I saw the figures) but it turns out that some of you may have been watching it with about a 10 second gap between the pictures and sound. When my husband James filmed the video we had to use software to rotate it, otherwise you would be viewing it sideways. As a result of uploading the altered video, it seems the sound was altered. I am not sure which sites the problem is on but it sounds as though the video is okay in certain locations. Anyway, if you saw the dodgy version, I am very sorry. I only found out about this problem yesterday when a friend told me.

Tomorrow I should have a post about the Oxford lolita meet I attended yesterday. I am a bit too tired to do it now and I am off to see my mum later on. I have worn photos of the lucky pack dress to share with you!

Thursday, 27 January 2011

A whiter shade of pale

From time to time I see lolitas moaning about the colour of their skin. It saddens me that there are girls out there who feel their skin colour is somehow "less lolita". Apparently porcelain skin is the most "ideal" shade for lolitas, probably because you see it used a lot with dolls. In my opinion there are positive and negative points to every skin tone, and I am speaking as somebody who has this so-called ideal skin tone.

I really didn't want to have to use this picture (please ignore the snow drenched hair and I really hate how big my generous nose looks here) but I think it shows off how pale I am. Sometimes it looks even paler than this. I am a typical English girl. In fact, I am probably lighter than a lot of English girls seeing as everybody appears to be obsessed with fake tan now. I am fully aware that being pale has its downsides.

For starters, pale girls sometimes look a bit washed out if they wear pure white. I usually try to wear off-white instead which is more flattering. I remember when I was trying on wedding dresses and I kept finding beautiful dresses but in white. When I tried them on they just didn't feel right. It wasn't until I tried on this heavily detailed dress in ivory that I found the dress that I felt was made for my special day. It showed off my glowing pale skin but it didn't make me look like a ghost. Another example is taking photos in the snow. All the light bounces off the snow which only seems to enhance a paler skin tone. I always think that black lolitas look beautiful in white. Ages ago, I wanted to give shiro (all-white) lolita a go. Maybe I should give all-black a go instead.

Another colour to be careful with is pink. Pale skin tends to be more sensitive and so you can appear a bit rosy in the cheeks. Sometimes pink, especially brighter shades, can make you look very red in the face as if you are constantly blushing.

My usual way to combat my pale skin is by using make-up. I am usually fine with major make-up brands as long as I wear the very palest shade of foundation. If the palest shade is too dark, you could always try to mix the foundation with a bit of moisturiser. Keep experimenting until you think you have found your ideal shade. If you are unsure of what shade suits you, a lot of department stores offer free make-overs. They offer great tips and sometimes you get some free samples at the end.

Here in the UK we have a make-up collection called Dainty Doll-

It is by Jelly Pong Pong but for some reason their site no longer has this collection. The collection was designed by Nicola Roberts who is in Girls Aloud.

She has ginger hair and very pale skin. It is always interesting to see what Nicola is wearing in the magazines because it gives a bit of insight in to what works and what doesn't. I love it when she wears deep emerald green shades the most. Nicola designed this collection because she felt that there was a gap in the make-up market and she wanted shades she could wear easily. Nicola admits that she used to hide her pale skin. If you look at the early Girls Aloud years, Nicola is wearing a lot of fake tan. But now she has learned to embrace her pale skin. Good for her!

In the photo above, you may notice I am wearing a very tiny hint of blusher. Currently, my favourite shade is Dolly Pink by Bourjois. This is the shade I am wearing in the photo. It has a slight hint of shimmer and the shade is very a very girly pastel colour. I adore it! I think pastels look great with pale skin. Pale skin can get away with a lot of different colours. The main item to avoid would probably be red eye shadow which will only make you look tired. To be honest, it doesn't look much better on darker skin tones either!

Contrary to popular belief, pale skinned beauties can wear red lipstick. You just need to keep trying samples until you find your ideal shade. Lipsticks with a blue base look good (they also make your teeth look whiter) but a strong pillar box red can also look striking as well. And if you have a lipstick that you feel is too dark, you could try mixing it with some petroleum jelly or Vaseline to make a pretty lip gloss.

Well, hopefully pale skinned girls who identify with my problem will find something useful in this entry. The most important message I can send out is that this whole "perfect lolita skin tone" is a myth. I have seen some stunning Asian and black lolitas. Instead of hiding your skin away, find a way to embrace it. Pale skin is not a lolita requirement!

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Recipe request

I tried macarons for the first time on Saturday. Now I am looking for a recipe so I can make them at home! I am not interested in pre-made cases, I would prefer to know how to make these completely from scratch. So if anybody could help me out, I will be very grateful.

Also, in February I will be looking to buy the matching white Wonder Cookie headbow by AP. I just got the dress. I am only interested in the white colour one. I have seen it online for 50 euros which I thought sounded a bit steep. If you spot it for a cheaper price, please message me!

Monday, 24 January 2011

Triple tart by Angelic Pretty

Today I shall be looking at Angelic Pretty's latest series called Triple Tart. At the time of posting, I don't believe this series was viewable on the Japanese website. Thankfully some magazine shots have been doing the rounds so I am able to do a review.

In this first picture we can see 3 dresses, a skirt, socks and a strawberry bag (As a huge strawberry fan, I am very excited about the bag). Sadly I can only really review the dresses worn by the models.

This print is basically broken in to two parts which is easier to view in the next photo below. You have the tart part at the bottom and the large gingham check part on the top half. My initial reaction to the tart part was positive. I love the lines of berries, cream and tart base. However, I dislike it being used with the gingham. Whilst there is nothing particularly wrong with the gingham I don't believe it works with the tart part. They clash a bit and there is too much going on. I think this set would have worked better if the gingham part was replaced with something more simple or even just a block colour. If you dislike the gingham, have a look at the skirt. It still has a bit of the gingham but not as much. Hopefully it wont be hard to find a complimenting block colour blouse.

The dress worn above looks to be the only one piece featured in this series. Personally, I would remove the apron. The apron is pretty, but with this sort of print it makes the outfit look like a cute waitress uniform. As far as aprons go, this one looks like it fits really well over the skirt and it is neat and tidy. Plus it helps to break up the tart and gingham. On the model the dress looks nicely fitted and the skirt has a lot of volume. The skirt is finished with a white ruffle which mimics whipped cream. Although the print is OTT, the dress details have been kept simple. The lace on the sleeves looks thin and simple. The main addition is the waist bow which appears to be constructed well. There probably is some detail around the neck area but the bust area is plain. I think this dress has been designed well but it might be a bit short if you are a tall lolita.

Then there is this dress which is one of the two JSKs. The skirt on this dress looks puffier. It will look great with OTT sweet style. The skirt also looks longer than the other dress so it is better suited for a larger petticoat. The skirt has a nice shape. The bodice doesn't look as tight fitting as the first dress. Although I dismissed the apron on the other dress, I admit that it helps to nip the waist in. The waist bow looks a little floppier on this dress and it blends in a lot. This dress has the same ruffle at the bottom as the first dress. The dresses in this series are all very similar with only a few small details changed each time. I would prefer a tiny bit more variety.

The second photo also shows off the socks quite well. I absolutely love them! You do get quite a lot of strawberry socks. What is good about these socks is they don't just have full strawberries but strawberry slices too. So they look a tiny bit different. I like how there is a chain of strawberries running all the way around. I will also be keeping an eye out for the strawberry bag. By the way, has anybody else noticed that the model's feet look a bit strange in the last photo?

So whilst I love the idea behind this dress and the way the dress has been constructed, I dislike the gingham. Considering that it takes up a huge part of the dress, I doubt I would want any of the dresses. I would possibly consider the skirt. In my opinion, the best part of this collection is the socks.

Photos originally from here If you own this Tumblr and wish for me to take these down, I will do so upon your request.

Friday, 21 January 2011

Ideas on how to sell lolita items better

Recently I have been debating having a clear out of both Lolita and non-lolita items. It is a new year, a fresh start and the extra money always come in handy. So this got me thinking about the best way to sell items, especially Lolita related ones. So these are the ideas I came up with to maximise your chances of selling all that stuff you no longer want. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Keep an eye out for people selling similar items or the exact same item- if you are unsure how to price your item, check out the competition. It will help give you an idea of how available your item is and how well it is selling. If you list your item at a higher price, chances are you will have a harder time selling it.

Remember that lolitas share information!- You want to sell something and let’s say it came from a lucky pack. A lot of lolitas share the contents of their lucky packs online and know how much they cost. So if your item came from a lucky pack then you probably should not be selling it at the original retail price because your potential buyers might know what you actually paid for it.

If you are listing on Ebay remember you can still post on EGL Sales- if you post on the sales community using the EA (ebay auction) tag then your items will probably get more views. The people on the EGL sales are the sort of people who will be interested in your Lolita items.

Sell slow sellers at the same time as best sellers- sometimes you get stuck with an item that you will struggle to shift. If you have an item that you think is highly likely to sell, then when you list this item you could add a note saying you are selling other items that may interest them. If somebody likes one of your items then they will be more likely to check out what else you are selling.

Btssb or Baby the Stars Shine Bright?- Remember that on EGL Sales there is a btssb and Baby the Stars Shine Bright tag (wouldn’t it be a good idea to just have one EGL? Just a thought...) so if you have a Baby item remember to use both tags. As for Ebay and other sites, you probably wont have enough room to put the full Baby name in the title so put “btssb” or “baby”. Using “Lolita” in the title is probably a good idea too. Also, if you are selling an Alice and the Pirates item, I don’t think it is unreasonable to also put “btssb” in the title too seeing as it is a Baby off-shoot.

Use your own pictures- on Ebay you only get the first picture for free. So the picture you use should make a big impression. Take your time when you photograph your items. Think about lighting, items in the background and particular details on the item. Also consider writing your username on a bit of paper and including it in the photo. This will serve as your proof of ownership! Using just a stock photo can be misleading, especially if you have used your item a lot. In the listing you could write a note about sending a message if people want more photos. That way you can get around paying for more photos. Of course, on EGL Sales a stock photo can be useful. Just try to make sure you show off your items as best you can in your own photos.

During the holidays the postal service will be disrupted- the postal service tends to get a backlog of items, especially during the Winter when it is snowing. So if this worries you, wait to sell your items until the holidays have passed. Also, be aware that for a few weeks after a holiday the post will probably still be slow. The last thing you want is negative feedback for being too slow to deliver.

Offer to ship your items abroad- the more countries you ship to, the bigger your audience. It is up to you to figure out your postage charges so that you don’t lose money.

ALWAYS get proof of postage- this is vital. If your item does not turn up you will need this to help prove that you shipped the item.

Always remain positive- Do you really hate the item that you are selling? Whatever you do, do not let on in your listing that you hate the item. Whilst some people may say this is a bit dishonest, you should always big up your items. Who is going to want to buy an item which is getting such a negative review?

Be available- make sure you are able to answer any questions. Reassuring your buyer is important. As a buyer who has experienced non-responsive sellers, I know how frustrating it is when you can’t get a response out of somebody. No matter how trivial a question seems, answer it. Possibly the most common question is measurements. Either measure the item yourself or look up the official measurements online. is a very helpful resource.

Take care of all of your clothes- even if you don’t want to sell an item now, you may do in the future so make the effort to look after everything you own.

Be honest- if an item has faults then give full details about them

If using auction sites be aware of all the fees- auction sites such as Ebay will charge you a listing fee so take advantage of special events where they remove these fees. Also bear in mind that auction sites will take a percentage of your profits. To avoid this, try using the EGL Sales Community instead.

Recycle- Whenever you get sent an item keep the packaging. Even if a box is completely covered with a store logo, just cover up the logos by sticking stickers over them or scribbling over them. It will cost you less than buying a new box. I have never purchased bubble wrap because I always save it from the packages I receive. A lot of packaging is still good enough to re-use.

And finally, remember the customer is always right! Even if you KNOW the customer is in the wrong, always appear ready to help.

Easy bow tutorial

I was alerted to this tutorial by a member. This tutorial is very handy if you hate sewing because you don't need to do any! It is similar to some other tutorials I have seen but I just like this one. If I make a bow I will let you know how I get on.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Sweets Street by Metamorphose (Crown Label)

Metamorphose have announced their latest Crown Label series- Sweets Street. This series has 3 dresses, 2 skirts, socks and 3 different head pieces.

So here is the first dress. The neckline is very different. It is meant to be this shape but at first I thought the material was too heavy and the neckline was being stretched out of shape. The lace looks neat and tidy, it is certainly an improvement on Meta's last series Royal Rose. The bodice on this dress has a fake bolero sort of shape. I think this detail is good. However if you have a large chest area, this shape is only going to make it look even bigger, especially with the bow there too. Meta are saying the bow is not detachable too. The sleeves are puffy and the waist on this dress is high. It looks fairly casual. I quite like the overall shape of the dress but it is not going to flatter everybody. It will probably swamp some people but the vertical lines in the print help to balance this.

The second dress is basic looking. The bodice on this dress is more fitted. I was surprised when I read how much this dress can stretch. The shirring on the back looked well hidden too. I don't like the 2 small bows above the waist bow but I think this dress needs them to add a bit of interest. The skirt part looks very spacious. The frill at the bottom is very pretty and I like how it contrasts with the brighter pink at the bottom of the print. My main criticism here is the line running around the mid-length of the skirt. It looks like it is too high up and also makes it look as though the skirt has been split in to 2 pieces. It doesn't help that there are vertical lines in the print and the lines become misaligned. The first dress has this design too but I feel it looks worse on this second dress.

Then we have the final dress. I do wish that brands would stop making these sort of bib shapes covered with ruffles of lace like this dress has. I dislike it a lot. The good news is that the bib is detachable. There are also 3 very cramped bows on the front of the bodice. It doesn't really need all 3 bows. The bows are a good size so 1 would have been enough, or maybe 2 bows at a push. The shape of the bodice looks like it will fit well and it is great that there is at least one dress which is not high waisted so there is some variety. Once again, it looks like there is a lot of room in the skirt. This time the skirt looks more rounded. There is also some gathering which adds interest. The bottom looks reasonably neat.

Here is one of the print close-ups. I would love it if just the top bit of the print with the tartan and the lines was made in to a dress without the French cafe scene. It would make a lovely simple dress. But the details shown here look fine. It is a bit tedious having yet another poodle and cafe theme (I am also beginning to think that lolita brands need to focus on another country because French themes are everywhere). At first it looks fairly simple but there are lots of hidden details. My favourite part is the little bush which is growing candy bows! I also like the large cupcake under the Eiffel Tower (which you can see in the third dress picture). As far as the colours go, I think the pink colour makes the print look like a picnic blanket. Out of the brown and the black, I prefer the black.

This time I have not included any pictures of the headpieces. There is a large head bow, a headband with 2 small bows and a round headdress. There are currently no photo samples of the round headdress on the site but by looking at the other 2, they are mainly made up of the check material. Hardly any of the bottom part of the print features on the large bow. The headband with the small bows only has the check part on it. It is worth checking out because it could make a nice basic piece.

I was a bit underwhelmed by this set. In my opinion, the first dress is the best and the second dress is my least favourite. There is nothing about this set that stands out as something I would really want. Also, it reminds me of some previous prints Meta have done. There are currently other similar prints that I would choose over this series but I do like the use of check print. I would like to get the headband but that is probably it.

Monday, 17 January 2011

Closet Child Jan 2011 order- neutral feedback

Due to some very hard saving, I was able to buy a second hand brand dress as well as my lucky pack. So I went on Closet Child because I had a good experience with them when I ordered my Meta Old Emblem skirt from them. Whilst my experience this time was relatively positive, there was a slight drawback which is why the title says neutral feedback.

So I ordered my dress but at the same time I decided I really wanted this hair clip.

Some of you will already know how popular these star hair clips have been. They have been everywhere. I was shocked to find this Chocomint version was in stock on Closet Child. I quickly snapped up one in both colours alongside my dress. The dress was instantly removed from the website but the clips stayed put. This is what initially made me feel suspicious.

So after a few days I had not heard back from Closet Child. I am convinced the English speaking staff only work part-time. A few days after the order I got a message saying the star clips had sold out! It is so frustrating! I was watching the site a few days after the order and the clips were removed 2 days afterwards. I was fuming! I thought I had finally gotten hold of this clip which I have been searching desperately for, and then they go and tell me that actually, they hadn't put them aside and somebody else purchased them!

I decided to continue the order with just the dress but I am still searching for the star clip. And this is the dress I went for-

Wonder Cookie by Angelic Pretty. This is my first AP dress! As usual, Closet Child marked down the value so I didn't get hit with customs. The package also arrived quicker than expected. I was watching the tracking which said it was still in Tokyo and the following day I got a nice surprise when my order was delivered on the same day as my lucky pack. Very fast! The dress was well packaged too in a sturdy box. Closet Child had a lot of Wonder Cookie stuff on their site over the last few weeks. I decided to go for the white colourway and the condition was rated as 3/5. And just like my last order, I think 3/5 was quite a low rating for what I got. The dress was like new. I will need to get the iron out, but you expect wrinkles and creases after posting.

I got the halterneck style which has these little cookies on the front. I think they are really cute!

I didn't realise that the waist ties have a crease so the end looks like a heart shape. I wish the print was on both sides of the ties. You can also see the tea cups on the lace. There was no obvious yellowing or age anywhere. I was impressed.

The back ribbon and the shirring can be seen here. The ribbon is shiny but not as shiny as it appears in this photo.

I was also pleased to see that the fabric swatch and spare button were included. Apart from the removed tags, the dress really is like new.

Wonder Cookie was never right up at the top of my dream dress wish list, but I have always liked this print and so I had to get it. It was a close call- I almost got Strawberry Ribbon instead but I think I have purchased too many strawberry items recently!

So I am 100% ecstatic with my dress but this time Closet Child loses points for the star clip issues. And I would like to finish by saying that I really want to buy the matching white Wonder Cookie head bow. I have seen it online for 50 euros which I think is a little steep. If anybody knows where I can find a better price or if you have the bow and are looking to sell it- I REALLY WANT IT!!!!!!! So please bear me in mind if you spot it. I also would like the star clips if you can find them. I don't mind if it is the Chocomint or 6% Doki Doki version and I am happy with any colour. I will probably post a WTB post on EGL Sales sometime. Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Friday, 14 January 2011

Stocking Shock review

Recently there has been a lot of talk about the old-school style of lolita and how the fashion used to look. It seems some people dream about a return of the older trends. However, there is one item that still appears to divide a lot of people- the rectangle headdress.

Some people associate rectangle headdresses with cosplay or itas. They are big and bulky, they make you look like a maid and they usually have a lot of OTT lace and frills. Admittedly, a lot of cosplay lolitas do wear this style of headdress but I personally don't like to automatically categorise every single one of these items as ita. A lot of thinner styles of rectangle headdress have been spotted recently and because a lot of lolitas are wearing bows right now, this sort of style makes a nice change. Despite being a bow sort of girl, I have always wanted just one rectangle headdress. So when Christmas came my husband purchased a pink rectangle headdress for me. I will leave it up to you to decide how good my husband's choice was.

My husband used an English based company called Stocking Shock. He purchased the Daisy headdress which costs £7 in the pink colour with white lace. Sadly, I cannot personally rate the Stocking Shock ordering process but my husband seemed to be happy with the process. The website is easy to follow and you can pay using Paypal. It would perhaps be more helpful if there were some more photos showing more of the colour options. Over December the UK was hit with very heavy snow and the headdress still arrived without any problems. When you consider how much a big company like Amazon struggled to get their items out (people were still waiting for orders on Christmas Eve), it is good to see such a small company providing a decent service.

And now for the headdress itself. I apologise for this very dodgy worn photo. I was using the bathroom mirror to see what angle to position the camera and my husband was at work.

As you can see the headdress is quite wide but it sits on my head quite well. To help balance out the width of the headdress, I will probably have to add some volume to the back of my hair. The main part of the headdress has slight padding which I am guessing is interfacing material. This makes a lot of difference because it means the headdress is not floppy which in turn, helps to keep the headdress in place.

Once I give it a little ironing, I think it will look quite good. Although it is white lace and not off-white lace, it is not too bright and I am also pleased to say that the ribbons are not that shiny. There is a lot of lace here. If there was any more lace, it would definitely be too much for me.

A little close-up of one of the ends and a bow. You can see the daisies on the lace here.

And the store label on the back.

My main criticism is there are a few areas where the lace is untidy as if it has been roughly cut. They are not too noticeable unless you are looking very close-up but it gives the impression that the headdress was rushed slightly. I also noticed a few loose threads. The rest of the stitching is very neat and well hidden. The seamstress seems to know what she is doing but there is still a little room for improvement.

Overall, the headdress is good with a few minor faults. I was very pleased that the bows are not shiny and it is definitely better quality than some Ebay costume seller items. The product you get is worth the £7 price but it is not the best rectangle headdress I have seen. I don't regret asking for this headdress. There will be some people who dislike it but it is worth having a look on the website because there is also a selection of bows available. This headdress will probably not become one of my most worn items but as I said above, sometimes it makes a nice change to wearing a bow. I do not intend to buy any further rectangle headdresses but I am happy with the item I received.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Luna's Lucky Pack Diary Part 4 FINAL!

I have spent the last week watching my lucky pack tracking and today I finally arrived! However, there was a little more stress to come. My package got held up in customs for 4 working days. I knew straight away I had a nasty customs charge coming. The damage was £42.60. Ouch. In the end James paid on my behalf so that is something else I need to pay back. My pack arrived at about 9.30am this morning. I had to wait until about 6 to open my pack so that James could video me opening it. Needless to say, it has been absolute torture all day. I really wanted to rip it open but I held out and now I have a video to show you all! So you can either watch the video so you can experience the opening with me or you can scroll down and view the photographs right away.

Just so the people watching the video don't ruin the surprise (although I pretty much got all my pack predictions correct!) I am going to post a link to my photo album instead of posting the photos.

If you want to watch the video first, then don't read beyond this point. I am about to discuss the contents.

As predicted, I got the Old Rose dress with matching detachable bow and bloomers. A lot of people got these items so I am not in the slightest bit surprised. I am quite happy with these items. I would have been happier with a solid colour JSK but I will probably wear my Old Rose dress so I have decided to keep all these items. The dress has a panel of shirring which is great news. I have not tried the dress on yet but I can tell it looks quite roomy. The rest of the dress details are very pretty. I was a little disappointed with the straps. The ends were loose. I think it is meant to look like this anyway but it looks a little untidy. Thankfully this will be tucked away and hidden from view. The built in petticoat is pretty standard for Meta. There is the dress lining and then a stiff lining so the skirt puffs out a little. I have got the same stiff lining in my Old Emblem skirt. It is a tiny bit scratchy but you get used to it. Most of the time it is kept away from your legs so I am not too phased by it.

I got the pink bling bag! I knew I wouldn't get the black version. It is a shame because I definitely would have liked the black bag. However, I am happy to keep my pink bag. It is still quite cool. I didn't realise how spacious these bags were. You can fit a lot inside and it also zips up to help keep your belongings safe. The lining is leopard print material. It is sort of like having a hidden wild side! It doesn't surprise me at all that Meta designed it this way. I love the emblem logo. I am undecided as to whether I prefer the emblem design or the swan design from the Summer lucky packs last year. If I had got the black version I would have been able to pair the bag with my Old Emblem skirt! I fully intend to use my bling bag. I quite like having such a glittery item!

The necklace I got was the one that I would have preferred. I have been watching people opening their lucky packs and out of all the jewellery that I have seen so far, I think the necklace I got was the best. However, it doesn't really match the rest of the pack items! I am keeping this necklace. I am sure I will find a use for it. I like Meta's swan logo a lot.

Then there is the sheer chiffon blouse. This is the item I am most undecided about. It looks very flimsy and obviously I will need to wear something else with it or everybody will see my bra. It will probably look quite good under my new dress but I would have liked something a bit more practical. At the moment most of my wardrobe is skirts so obviously I am only going to be able to wear this blouse with a select number of items. I like the ruffly collar. I disliked the neck tie because it is quite thin so it just sits there not doing very much. Although I have taken the blouse out of the packet, I have not worn it yet so if anybody would like to offer a trade (preferably a UK lolita so UK people will get priority) then please contact me. The blouse has a few loose threads which just need gently cutting off. I may still decide to keep the blouse but I would like to see what offers I get.

Overall, I am happy with my pack. I would have liked some socks. A part of me wishes I had held out for the 10000yen packs. I like my dress despite a lot of other girls getting the same dress. There were no real surprises here. Would I recommend lucky packs? If you want some basic pieces to build up your wardrobe then I think a lucky pack is a good option. Although I had a lot of stress with my pack (see previous lucky pack diary entries!), I think I was quite an extreme case and most of the others had a lot less hassle than I did. You will need to be prepared for custom fees. £42.60 is quite bad. If a dream print of yours came up, then go for the dream print and not the lucky pack. Is Meta the best company to buy these from? The packs always get a bit of a mixed reaction. I was generally very happy but I spied some Baby the Stars Shine Bright lucky packs that I might try to get if I order lucky packs in the future. Meta can be a bit hit and miss so a lot of it depends on your feelings towards Meta's quality as a whole.

So, this concludes my lucky pack diary. Thank you for sticking with me to the end! My new Closet Child order also arrived today so expect an update on that soon. The dress I purchased was not a dream dress of mine but it did place on my wish list, so more on that next time.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

A Camden update

I thought I would give everybody a little update on all things Camden seeing as I attended a meet last weekend. I met up with some friends for a J-Fashion meet. I had a really great time! I didn't take a lot of photos this time but I have this group shot of us taken by my husband James. Despite getting up extra early, I still managed to run out of time so I quickly pulled on my Meta Old Emblem skirt and chucked a leather jacket on top because it was cold but not cold enough for my Bodyline coat.

Meta Old Emblem seems to be my fail-safe skirt now. If I am unsure of an outfit, this skirt is always there as a back-up. I think I need to get myself more organised and take more risks!

I did a post about Camden a while ago here-

But since this post a lot of things have changed in Camden so this post will serve as an update.

Angel Pretty moves location

Angel Pretty moved location a while ago and was replaced with a tights shop. Some people believed it had completely closed down but instead it moved to the Lock Village Market. Note I said Lock Village Market and NOT the Lock Market. When the Canal Market suffered from a huge fire a few years ago, it was replaced with the Lock Village Market. When entering this market you should see some very cool motorbike seats and probably people sat on them eating. Angel Pretty is hidden away a little but it is right on the edge and if you can see the motorbike seats, you are in the right area. The path Angel Pretty is down is the furthest path to the left. I am sorry I can't be any more helpful with my directions.

As for the stock, it is similar to the stock they used to sell. Angel Pretty had a few questionable dresses that should probably be avoided and these are still present. There is also a lot of short skirts or tutus. The previous Angel Pretty had more of a sweet feel to it but they are stocking more gothic and punk items now. I didn't spot as many Taobao items this time but there were still a few recognisable items available. I spotted a blouse for £20 and the quality appeared to be a little better. The dresses take up most of the stock but there are some good accessories available now. I even picked up some duck earrings!

Sorry, I just can't resist ducks!

Cyber Dog are stocking 6% Doki Doki accessories

A lot of people reading this will not need an introduction to 6% Doki Doki. If you don't know who they are, they are a Japanese company that sells accessories, some of which are highly popular with lolitas. There is a certain metallic star hair clip they did which was a best seller and I have been trying to get hold of one for ages. Sadly, the star clip was not available this time but there were a few rings, clips and little bits on display. To find their display you will need to take the escalators downstairs. On one side of the escalator you will see a make-up display and the 6% Doki Doki stuff is on the opposite side to the make-up. It is kept in a glass cabinet and there is a cashier till nearby. I think you need to ask the staff to open the case for you. Cyber Dog is full of clubbing and raving clothing and the music is so loud you can actually feel it!

GLP/Sai Sai are selling more replicas

Contrary to popular belief, both of these sister shops are still open. They have not combined. Sai Sai moved location a little bit. It is now nearer to the main outside food court and seating area. It is in roughly the same area as before. GLP remains in the same location. In the past there have been a couple of replicas in these shops amongst their own merchandise. It used to mainly be Secret Shop shoe/sock replicas but there are now more replicas coming in, including dresses and coats. By far the most popular replica is the Milky Chan replica. It was everywhere in GLP. There were Baby replicas too. GLP seem to be using K-Star for most of their replicas. I don't know much about K-Star but I am assuming it is a Chinese Taobao brand.

A 3D Nail Bar has opened

I have recently tried to make my own deco nails so I am very excited about this new nail bar! They stock a couple of supplies but most of the stock is pre-made deco nails. I looked at one set of nails which which cost £35. The quality appears to be good. You can buy pre-made nails that you stick on yourself or you can get your nails done in the shop. As I went in there was one girl having her nails done. It was very interesting watching how it is done. The address number is 406 (basement area) of the Stables Market. It is a small shop tucked away in a corner. If you don't know it is there, it is easy to miss. They also have a website

This concludes my latest Camden update. I hope the new information is helpful for any future Camden visitors.

Monday, 10 January 2011

Twinkle Dreaming Princess by Baby

So, Baby the Stars Shine Bright have a new series up for reserve called Tinkle Dreaming Princess. This series has 2 dresses, a skirt, a mini hat, a head bow and socks.

First up is the first JSK. One of the most interesting points is the use of gold coloured lace! Whilst some may not like the inclusion of glittery golden lace, I quite like it. If you are going to use sparkly lace then Baby have probably come up with one of the better uses for it. If you dislike the gold lace then you probably wont like the thin lines of gold running along the bodice either. The use of gold looks quite simple on the bodice, especially compared to some more lacy designs. The part I don't like is the loose flap of material. You have a simple bodice and then over the top, Baby have placed this flap and a thick line of lace. I think this spoils the design a little bit. The bow is cute and has a little logo charm dangling from it but in the photo it looks too close to the arm pit area. If the bow is detachable, I would move it a tiny bit more towards the middle. The back of the bodice has a corset design and the shirring is fairly well hidden. The back looked slightly uneven in the photograph (not seen here). On the skirt is a line of lace with pink ribbon threaded through it and 2 small bows. It blends in well which is good for a dreamy theme. The skirt looks like it could hold a good amount of poof. It doesn't look as wide and rounded as recent Angelic Pretty dresses but I prefer this Baby design because it is more subtle.

This is the second dress which has a more casual feel. It sort of reminds me of a nightdress. The skirt on this dress looks a bit more floaty and light than the first dress. The bow on the bodice is large. I think it works because the rest of the dress is simple. However, the lace on the bow sticks out quite a bit. I like a little thickness in my shoulder straps so they are less likely to fall off but the straps look better on this dress than the first one. The back on this dress looks a bit neater (again, I have not included the picture. Please check the Baby website's reserve page to see what I am talking about) and there are no bulky waist ties, just a thinner line of material. As far as I can tell, this dress does not include any of the gold lace and it is replaced with a more simple style. I think the gold lace will be a huge deciding factor for a lot of people. Despite the use of tiers in the skirt, the shape does not look that lumpy, which is a bonus in my opinion.

This is the mini hat. The material looks a bit puffed up. I am not sure if it is just this photo, but the hat looks slightly wonky. If you look at the shape of the gold circle on top, the line looks a little wavy. This is probably down to the puffy material. The bow is simple and I like having a little charm on mini hats. This hat will probably work better with the first dress because it is lined with more of the gold. I dislike the way the hat has been constructed. If you removed the Baby charm, I would never have guessed Baby had made this.

The socks are very pretty. I would probably choose the white or pink socks.

And finally, the print close-up. This dress comes in cream, pink, navy or black. I think this print will look really beautiful in the navy colour, especially seeing as this print has a dreamy night time feel. The colours fit the title of the print. I especially love the fluffy clouds and the windows hidden behind the table.

I would love to have the second dress in the navy colour. This is my sort of print. Although it is sweet, it is not as childish as for example, a nursery rhyme print. I think this would suit older sweet lolitas who love the sweet style but feel a little old for some of the cuter prints. I want!

Friday, 7 January 2011

Royal Rose by Metamorphose

LP update- my pack is now awaiting clearance at customs. I have a horrible feeling I am about to get a nasty custom charge! At least my pack is now in the UK.

Metamorphose have announced a new series called Royal Rose (well, actually there is a bit of a typo on Meta's site so it is actually called Roayal Rose!). There are 3 dresses, 1 skirt, some socks, a bonnet and a head bow.

Unfortunately at the time of typing this, there is no proper picture of the first dress so it is hard to review it. It is described as a circular pinafore dress so I am assuming this means a rounder shaped skirt. Meta have also said this dress is going to be longer so it is suitable for taller lolitas! I doubt it will be a lot longer but it is good that Meta are at least trying to accommodate taller lolitas. The draft of the dress shows it is a simple design. A wider skirt would be good to show off more of the print (which you can see below) and the shoulders appear to have some stretch in them. There is not a lot else that I can say about this dress right now so I shall sum up by saying I think this dress could be pretty!

Then there is the 2nd dress which thankfully has a picture! The first thing I noticed was the lace. There is a lot of it and I think the width of the lace is too wide. Plus, I don't think every tier needs to have lace running along it. I think it is a shame because I think the rest of the dress is pretty. The waist on this dress is slightly lower. Speaking as a girl who is short but with a long back, this sort of style would be ideal for me and I am sure I am not the only girl in this sort of position. The bodice has a bit of gathering and from a distance it looks like a fake bow. I should be glad it is not a bow because with all that lace it would be too much. And then on the shoulders we have even more lace! This dress is quite disappointing in my opinion.

And then we have the final dress. Just so everybody can see all the details, I am posting the draft picture too-

Whilst this is quite a busy dress, I was surprised to find myself liking it! I usually dislike too many details. I prefer the skirt shape on this one to the first dress (although I think I need to wait and see the actual product). Instead of that wide lace there is a ruffle of the print fabric so already I think this dress is better than the second dress. There is a bow at the waist which appears to have pearls dropping from it. Sadly, this detail does not show up on the black dress so it seems a bit pointless. It will probably look better on the other colours but there is a lot of detailing on the bodice so at first glance most people will probably be focusing on this area. My favourite detail on this dress is the rose brooch. The roses on the print are pink so the red rose brooch pops out. I think the sleeves on this dress are a bit too fussy. Looking at the draft picture you can see there are 2 sets of straps and some ruffling running along the puffy sleeves. The ruffles look a bit strange and the thin straps are a bit hidden so they don't really do anything for this dress. On the black colour these details blend in and the burgundy version probably does not look too bad. However, the shoulder details will probably be more visible on the off-white version. The shoulders are not enough to put me off this dress and there is a pretty back bustle too (not shown here).

These are the socks. They do look pretty but the roses don't stand out very much so they are subtle.

And finally a close-up of the print. I adore this print. I love how detailed the roses are and the colours compliment the golden chain. I love how the charms spell out Meta! There is also a diamond pattern in the background which doesn't distract too much from the roses.

For such a beautiful print, I am a little disappointed with what Meta did with it. For now, I am waiting to see if the first dress looks any better. I love the print so much that I am probably willing to overlook a few of my least favourite details. The problem is, I am 1cm too big for the first and last dress which means I can only get the lace covered one!

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Bodyline's latest VW replica- the love jacket

I am a huge fan of the Nana manga by Ai Yazawa. It was through reading this manga that I first discovered the Vivienne Westwood love jacket. Whilst I generally don't tend to do punk lolita, I have always had an underlying obsession with punk clothing. I still have a lot of punk clothes hiding away including a pair of my beloved bondage trousers- I can't bear to part with them! After seeing this jacket design in Nana, I did some research and was happy to discover it was a real item. Sadly, I can't afford VW. Then I saw Bodyline had done a copy.

I was tempted to buy some Bodyline rocking horse shoes after they were released but for some reason, I find the jacket disappointing. There is something a bit off with the design but I can't put my finger on what it is. I think it could be that the waist looks a bit fitted and then it gets a bit baggier higher up. It looks slightly awkward. The way the model is posing does not help!

Compare the Bodyline jacket to this, which I believe is the VW version-

I really wanted to like the Bodyline jacket but it doesn't live up to the original. Yes, I appreciate a lot of replicas don't live up to the original but I think I was expecting something better from Bodyline. I would love to know what other people think!

Luna's Lucky Pack Diary Part 3

Okay! Hopefully this will be the last entry before I finally get my pack. My action plan is to video myself opening the pack and take lots of photos too. Then I will post it on here, provide a link on EGL or the Lucky Pack community that was recently created and maybe post it on as well.

So today I got an email from Meta! They were very apologetic towards me and kindly informed me that my pack is being shipped. I don't have a shipping email as of yet but I saw that some girls got their tracking the day after it got sent out. I will look in my husband's inbox tomorrow to see if I have had a further response. I have heard some horror stories about people getting black listed by Meta but they were genuinely very helpful in my email. Maybe some people just worded their emails a bit wrong and Meta took it the wrong way?

I have been watching the sales community with interest. Already there are a lot of the pink bling bags available for sale or trade. In fact, I don't think I have seen a black bag on sale yet apart from one girl. I wonder if the 2nd half of the lucky pack batch has the black bags? That is good news for me because that is the bag I wanted! Before any information about the Meta packs came out at all, I predicted there would be a lot of those rose printed dresses. I think it is called Old Rose? My prediction has come true and I am predicting that this will be the dress I get in my lucky pack. I don't mind this dress. I would perhaps prefer to get a solid colour JSK instead but if I get the rose dress I will keep it. I am really excited!

Please stay tuned for my lucky pack video. You will be able to see my initial reactions to the contents and I will try to show lots of close-ups too. It is great to finally stop worrying!

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Luna's Lucky Pack Diary Part 2

Okay, so I wanted to do an update because I am feeling a little bit frustrated with the whole Lucky Pack thing. Some of my friends are probably sick to death of hearing me moan about lucky packs but I can't help it- it is driving me mad!

So Meta started sending out shipping emails after Christmas and then went on holiday on the 30th. They are not back until the 3rd which is not too long to wait but because of the lack of things to do during the festive season, I have plenty of time to work myself in to a frenzy. I was a bit disappointed when Meta did not send me a shipping email before they went away for their holidays. I heard a lot of girls had already received theirs. After writing a post on my LJ I was inspired to keep waiting. Not everybody has the email yet so I just need to be patient. But it is so hard when you have saved up especially. Money saving was never one of my strong points so this is a huge deal for me. But my money was never refunded so is it safe to assume I just need to wait for the email?

Because I needed some peace of mind I sent Meta an email so that when they get back they can respond and maybe I will finally know where I stand. The trouble is, I have heard horror stories of Meta black listing people just for asking simple questions. That would be an absolute nightmare! Technically, I did use my husband's Paypal account so James would be blacklisted instead of me. However, I genuinely would love a helpful response. I am putting all this uneasiness down to first time nerves.

I went on EGL Sales today to find somebody already selling the bling bag included in the packs. After further prodding I find quite a few people have already gotten their packs! Most of the people who say they have the packs, received their shipping email on the 27th so this must have been the very first batch. Also, I have noticed more people have been getting the pink version of the bag. So hopefully I have a greater chance of getting the black version. I prefer the black version. I have always wanted one of these glitter bags. I liked the pink swan one from the Summer packs. Is it bad I am just as excited about the bag as I am about the mystery JSK inside?

I have got people all over the place telling me to CALM DOWN. Sorry if I sound like a hopeless lucky pack noob. Besides, if it turns out I didn't get a lucky pack it means I now have some money to put towards more clothes! Maybe I will be able to buy Chess Party after all...
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