Thursday, 22 June 2017

Our Kawaii Tokyo

I hope this post is okay! I am currently away from home and I haven't been able to put as much time in to my blog lately. I am hoping to get some quality blogging time a some point soon. There are lots of posts I have planned, but it is finding the time to sit down and actually write them!

Our Kawaii Tokyo is a project by Kaila, Ashley and Allie. It is basically an e-book with guides to popular areas in Tokyo and all the cute things you can do there. For quite a few years now, I have been following Kaila, who runs and her story about moving to Japan and all of her adventures there. As somebody who is unlikely to ever go to Japan myself (I have a really bad fear of flying which resulted in an incident which delayed take-off when I was a toddler. Even with sedatives, I think 12 hours is a bit much...) I find myself having to live vicariously through other traveller's blogs and photos. I especially love the level of detail Kaila goes in to when photographing everyday life, catching even the small little details you may otherwise miss. 

So when I heard they were doing an e-book called Our Kawaii Tokyo, I was curious to see how it turned out. I should point out that obviously I mainly got this for the photography, but I wanted to have a look and see what they had to offer for travellers.

I don't wish to put up too many photos, as I feel that people should support the e-book by buying it. I placed my order through the Rainbowholic store (you can find it on via the link I posted above) and checkout was super easy. I was able to download my e-book very quickly. The book is 60-something pages long and it is mostly photographs. However, there is advice on how best to enjoy the popular areas of Tokyo. I personally wouldn't have known to go to the tourist bureau by Takeshita Dori for a free map and advice in several languages. On the whole though, if you are more than a casual fan of Tokyo, chances are you will already know about most of the places recommended. There was some helpful information, but overall this is quite basic knowledge. Near the back there was some basic level Japanese phrases which will be very useful for any travellers who don't know Japanese.

I think a lot of where this book succeeds is with the presentation. The photos are of a good quality and it really shows off Tokyo in a good light. It really does make you want to go and visit the places in the pictures. The text that is there is very easy to read in small bite-size chunks. What I really like is that it is divided in to sections on different areas and at the end of each section you get a handy checklist of all the places that get shown in the photographs. Rather than being like a stuffy tourist guide, it is more like a scrapbook, but it is a very well organised scrapbook. A lot of thought has gone in to the layout.

To be honest, this e-book was probably a little bit expensive for what you get. This book only covers Harajuku, Shibuya and Shinjuku (I believe further guides are planned). But it is a really fantastic visual experience. You can really tell that this is a labor of love and the author's passion for all things kawaii really comes through. If you are planning a Tokyo trip, you are probably going to need a much more extensive guide, but if you like looking at pretty photos there is a lot here to gawp at. I don't think I will be buying any future guides, but I did enjoy looking at this book. If you are looking for ideas of things to do in Japan though, it would be worth checking out various Youtube channels (there are loads out there dedicated to all things Japan). I am really content to just continue reading Kaila's amazing blog.

Monday, 19 June 2017

Print Double

I am looking at 2 series today. Scroll down further for AP's Fancy Whip.

First today I am looking at Kitten's Sweet Cherries Cafe Diner by Baby the Stars Shine Bright. This series includes 3 dresses, a blouse, an apron, 3 hair accessories, socks, wrist cuffs, several items of jewelry and an outfit for Usakumya.

First is the Ribbon JSK. The bodice seems well fitted and the shape is interesting. I don't like how there are 2 sets of straps though. It feels so unnecessary and makes the area look crowded. The outer set of straps are lined with lace on the outsides. Given how bulky the 2 sets of straps are already, perhaps some thinner lines of lace would have been better. The waist area features a stripy belt, which is further topped with a bow made of different stripy fabric. I feel the belt looks really messy. It is a bit too slouchy and also looks bulky when paired with the bow. It doesn't help that you can see a join line where bits of the belt have been sewn together. This stands out quite a bit because of how the stripes around this part are distorted. The bow is also quite big. I especially hate the area with the long bow ties and the ends of the belt. It is too crowded and OTT. The bodice is broken up with several lines of lace, creating a nice paneled look. I like the use of thin, colourful lace here, as it really stands out. There is an additional line of lace going across the chest, which is pretty, but I am not sure it is needed. The bodice also has a ribbon corset. The ribbon is well spaced out and although the ribbon used is a bit shiny, it appears to be of a good quality. There are also 2 ribbon bows at the bases of the straps, which are a cute shape but a bit big. I personally feel these strap bows would look better if there was less clutter around the waist area. The back features a panel of shirring, which is topped neatly with a ribbon corset. The stock photos show that the skirt has a fair bit of volume to it. I think there is a lot of potential to create a lovely sweet shape. The skirt is thankfully kept simple in design, so the print is displayed wonderfully. The bottom hem is then finished off neatly with the same colourful trim that is on the bodice and a line of good quality lace.

Here we have the Frill JSK. The bodice looks really well fitted. I think the bodice shape is a bit boring, but the details on the bodice help to liven it up quite a bit. The straps seem to be a decent width and very supportive. These straps are topped with layered ruffles, which continue down to the waistline. I really love the way the ruffles taper out as they reach the waistline. The ruffle shape is very pretty and the multiple layers create added texture, which looks really cute. My only complaint is the use of ric-rac trim on the ruffles. This trim generally tends to look a bit cheap and tacky, although thankfully in this instance it is not overly obvious. There are 2 ribbon bows on the waistline which are placed where the ruffles finish. I think this placement of the bows makes sense and the sizing of the bows is spot on as well. The ribbon is still a bit shiny though. There is a line of lace going along the neckline, which is nicely gathered for a fluffier appearance. It seems to be good quality lace as well. The back has a panel of shirring, which is topped neatly with a ribbon corset again. The stock photos show that the skirt is very full and flares outwards a lot. Judging by the worn photos, the skirt shape looks very promising. The skirt is kept simple in design, so the print is displayed excellently. Unfortunately, I really hate the bottom hem! It features 2 over-stitched ruffles, where under-stitched ruffles would have probably looked better. But what really puts me off the bottom is the ric-rac trim making another appearance and this time it is more prominent. I hate it so much! I think it really cheapens the dress design. The bottom hem also features some ribbon bows, which compliment the waist bows. 

This is the OP. The bodice looks reasonably well fitted, but I dislike the bodice shape. It looks really frumpy, especially the sleeve shape. I think the shoulder area looks really wide and the sleeves are too long. The sleeves could also do with being a bit puffy, as they look really flat and lifeless. I feel something a bit more special could have been done to finish off the cuffs as well. There is a waist bow, which is sadly massive. I also don't think it has been shaped that well and sits poorly on the dress. Thankfully, this waist bow is detachable, and I would definitely remove it. The bodice has a small V shaped panel and a large collar. I do think the collar is too big and I dislike the use of ric-rac on it. The collar does make use of the stripy part of the print though, which is quite interesting. The V shaped panel is made of lacy fabric and topped with some small ribbon bows. There is also a larger ribbon bow finishing off the collar. I don't really like this panel, as it looks weirdly under-sized in comparison to all the other big bodice details. I don't think I would have bothered with this panel at all. It only adds more clutter to an already OTT design. The back offers no shirring, so size flexibility is very limited. I do love how the collar looks from the back view though. It is square shaped and I think it is cute! The stock photos show that the skirt is very full and flares outwards loads. It should hold plenty of petticoat. The skirt is again kept simple in design, so the print is displayed beautifully. The bottom hem is then finished off with a ruffle layered over a line of lace. Although the ric-rac is present, it is used very subtly. The main colourful line you can see in the picture on the bottom part is not actually ric-rac. It is just a straight line of ribbon. If only they had done this on the Frill JSK as well! 

Finally, here is one part of the print...

... and another part. This series comes in off-white, pink, yellow and sax blue. I think the colours mostly work well. The sax blue offers something a bit more quirky with its use of red. There isn't a great deal of difference between the off-white and yellow, apart from the off-white featuring red and the yellow featuring lots of green. I personally don't like the yellow as much as the other 3 colours. As for the print, it is really bold with a very whimsical design. I love trying to spot all of the cats in the cafe themed print. I am quite impressed with how the print features cats, but they are not overly dominant. And as far as I'm concerned, the sign saying to eat more ice cream is some pretty good advice! I love how the windows are filled with various pots and kitchenware. It helps to break up the more sparse areas of the print. The umbrellas also help to break up the more plain brickwork parts as well. The stripy canopy is also very striking. I think the use of stripes elsewhere on the dress designs is a bit hit and miss, but in the print the canopy looks really pretty.

So overall, this is a really lovely print. However, I feel the dress designs let the print down. The dresses look very cluttered in places and I hate the use of cheap ric-rac trim. It is especially jarring teamed with a very OTT print. So sadly this is not a series I would buy. My top choice would be the Frill JSK in sax blue. I think it is a shame, as this series could of had a lot of potential.

Today I am also looking at Fancy Whip by Angelic Pretty. This series includes 2 dresses, a blouse, socks and a head bow.

First is the OP. The bodice seems well fitted and the overall bodice shape is really cute. It is a bit 'young' for my personal tastes though. The sleeves are a nice length and suitably puffy. They have also been kept quite simple, just finished off with a thin line of lace, which I think works well. The bodice features a solid coloured yoke and collar. These details are lined with some really adorable heart themed lace around the yoke and bunny themed lace on the collar. Although the bunny lace is really pretty, I don't think it suits being used on the collar like this. It is quite bulky and I personally feel it would have looked better if the collar had the heart lace as well. I am also dismayed to see rick-rack trim on both the yoke and the collar. It looks so cheap, as if the dress has been invaded by some kid's craft project. I think the bodice would look a whole lot better without the rick-rack. Whilst I appreciate it is there to mimic the appearance of piped frosting and it fits the theme, I still don't like it being there at all. The lace and heart shaped buttons on the yoke are lovely though. I am also impressed with the pearls decorating the collar. They remind me of those little edible ball cake decorations you can get. The bodice is finished with 2 bows, one at the bottom of the yoke and another stripy bow finishing off the collar. These bows are of a reasonable size and are well shaped. They sit well on the dress too. The collar bow is detachable, but I think I would leave it attached. In fact, I would have preferred it if the waist bow was the bow which was detachable. The back offers no shirring, so size flexibility is very limited. I am also disappointed that the print doesn't line up that well along the zip line. The stock photos show that the skirt has a fair amount of volume and it flares outwards well. I think it has the potential to look really cute. The skirt is kept simple in design, so the print is displayed wonderfully. The bottom hem is then finished off with a line of rick-rack (urgh...) and a line of the bunny lace. The bunny lace works so much better here on the bottom hem.

This is the JSK. The bodice seems fairly well fitted but I am a bit underwhelmed by the bodice shape. I think it looks a bit dull. The straps are a decent width and quite supportive. They are lined neatly with the bunny lace on the outside. I like that this lace has been tapered, giving it a better shape. Unfortunately the straps also feature some rick-rack, but thankfully it is not overly obvious here. There is a waist bow, which I think is a good size. The shape is pretty cute too and it is lined really neatly with thin lace. The bodice features several lines of lace and a criss-crossed ribbon pattern in the middle. Sadly the ribbon used is quite shiny, but it is well spaced out. I think the bows spoil the ribbon part though. There are 2 small bows among the crossed ribbon and then a massive bow sitting on the neckline. I feel this makes the bodice look too cluttered. I would get rid of the small bows and replace the neckline bow with a much smaller bow. I do like the choices of lace though and think they look very pretty. Sadly the neckline features more rick-rack, but also has some nice lace. In its defense, it does match up with the details elsewhere on the bodice. At least on the JSK the rick-rack is a bit more subtle. The back is fully shirred, which means lots of size flexibility, but also that the unattractive shirring is left very exposed. The stock photos show that the skirt is very full and flares outwards a lot. I really like the shape created for the stock photos and think the skirt has a lot of potential. The skirt is again kept simple in design, so the print is displayed beautifully. The bottom hem is then finished off the same way with the rick-rack and bunny lace.

Here we can see a bit of the print. As we can see, this series comes in yellow, pink, mint and black. These colour choices remind me of AP releases from around 2011, although the mint is a bit darker now. I find the pink version a bit overwhelming. It is very sugary sweet! I like the other 3 colours though. As for the print, it also has that 2011 AP era feel to it. Lyrical Bunny and Shy Bear are looking as adorable as ever. I am very excited to see a new cat character introduced. I think the cat fits right in with the other critters in the print. Hopefully we will see more of the cat in the future. The print is very neatly set out and I love the lines of piped icing. However, if I am being honest I find the overall print a bit dull. The way the print is laid out feels a bit 'safe' and it would have been nice to have the animals doing something other than just sitting there. I know they are holding things, but they look very still. Some of the ways that the space between the animals has been filled feels a bit lazy as well. But it is quite reminiscent of AP prints from a couple of years ago and I expect this print will have its fair share of fans because of that.

Maybe it is because I find the series too cutesy for my tastes to want to wear it, but I wasn't overly wowed by this offering. The use of rick-rack throughout the series doesn't help. Although the print is very cute, I don't think it is that original and it could have been a lot better. So I think it is safe to say I wouldn't get this series. If I did, my top choice would be the JSK in mint. For some reason I find that dark mint colour very appealing. 

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Recent Outfits- Spring and Early Summer 2017 Edition

I am back with some more of my recent outfits today. I was wearing a couple of pieces one more time before selling them and other outfits were just about dressing up and having a bit of fun. Recently I have been increasingly feeling the need to de-clutter and down-size, which is why I have suddenly been selling more stuff. Also, I need to make room for the new stuff I am buying! I have a new lolita skirt coming soon, which I am very excited about. So it is very much a case of out with the old and in with the new. Do you have anything coming in the mail? I always get a sense of anxiety where I pray my stuff will arrive safely and hopefully not get hit by customs charges. But when it arrives, the rush of excitement makes up for that! So, on to my recent outfits...

First is this Candy Star Rabbit outfit. I have to admit, I don't regret selling this skirt at all. I fell out of love with the print. The skirt is a very difficult shade of blue as well, which means I always ended up pairing it with my AP Shooting Star necklace and some felt star clips I made. But I decided to give the skirt one last outing before selling it. For some reason my buns went a little floppy. I think that makes them look a little bit like puppy ears! It was not intentional! I didn't go too OTT this time because with the odd exception, I have been favouring less 'showy' outfits as of late. I have worn this skirt with both red and pink. This time I went back to pairing it with red. When I was looking up inspiration, I found myself quite drawn to this outfit that used red in it. It is strange, but I sort of feel this skirt looks better with red than pink, even though there is very minimal red on the skirt. Maybe it is because red is quite a bold colour and it fits with the bright blue? 

An accessory close up. I tried to put a little bit of effort in to which rings I wore and wrist wear as well. The good thing is, there are so many different colours in the skirt that choosing jewellery to match is pretty easy. Those little bursts of colour are bound to match the skirt somewhere!

Next I decided to finally wear Milky Swan. I got it last year and have been waiting for an appropriate time to wear it. This was another casual affair (if you can call the Milky Swan JSK casual...) because if you haven't gathered from the photo, it was very sunny! I had to keep ducking and diving in to shot whenever the sun went in enough and after all that effort, this was the best shot, which is still a bit washed out! I wore this for a little outing. As it was going to be hot, I went for light layers. I thought the Glass Doll cutsew worked quite well with the pink colour of my tea parties. Despite being a difficult shade of lavender and a bit short in length, I really love this dress. I was really glad that the Primark socks I brought on a whim turned out to be the right shade to match! Although you can't see them, I am wearing white polka dot tights as well. I thought it would be a good idea to acknowledge the small bits of white on the dress. I am looking forward to doing something a bit more extravagant with this dress in the future.

This next one is a bit of a sad tale. I really love Meta's Magical Moonlight but unfortunately I decided now was the time to part with it. It didn't fit me correctly before, but then I went and lost some weight and it fitted me even worse. There was just no point me keeping it. I don't like the other dress cuts as much as this one. I had a lot of plans for this dress which I never got to fulfill. It is the interesting bottom hemline which first drew me to this dress and I intended to use my red under-skirt with it. But the blouse that went colour-wise was not ideal, as it was chiffon and because of where this dress sits, chiffon blouses are a big no-no. I did try it out with a camisole underneath to protect my modesty but it just didn't look right. But there was no way I was buying a new non see-through red blouse just for one outfit. Feeling a little defeated, I paired the dress with my Ciciworks witch hat (which has the most ridiculous hat to veil ratio ever) and the moon themed bag I got from Swimmer recently (I really need to re-arrange my wardrobe because the bag got a bit squished in storage). On the subject of Swimmer, I just heard the news that they are closing. I am really devastated about this. They had some really cute accessories and there was a time when their biscuit bags were everywhere. It is a shame, because they are closing down because of rising production costs and not being able to maintain their low prices. To be honest, I found their prices cheap to begin with and would have been happy to pay a little more for their stuff.

Finally, another hot weather outfit! For the first time ever, I wore an outfit without a blouse. I was wearing a chiffon bolero though. Not that I personally find exposed shoulders especially scandalous! This is a really comfortable dress to wear in hot weather. The jellyfish print reminds me of Summer too. I had a more elaborate hair style and hair accessory planned for this outfit, but my hair was refusing to behave in the humid weather. Sigh. In the end I threw on my navy bowler hat and called it quits. Considering that this hat is my most worn hair accessory, it has actually been a really long time since I had last worn it. It is good to have 'old reliable' favourites, but it has also been fun to try out different things. I do want to get more adventurous with my hair, because whenever I curl it the curls fall out really quickly, especially in humid weather. As this was quite a busy day for me, my curls fell out super quick. But it is good to know my trusty hat is always available during these hair emergencies!

So I believe that is me all caught up with my outfit round-up for the moment. I am not intending to sell any more dresses or skirts for the moment, so after this post I will probably be wearing things more for fun and not because I wanted to give pieces one last outing. I am genuinely devastated about saying goodbye to Magical Moonlight (or Satan Summoning as I and a few others nicknamed it) but sometimes you just have to accept that a dress just doesn't work for your body shape. Despite a few hints of sadness, I have been feeling a lot more positive lately and I did enjoy dressing up in these outfits. I have been having quite a lot of non-lolita adventures recently, but I still love the fashion as much as ever and I hope to have more outfits to share with you all soon. It might not be for a while though, as it has gotten really hot here recently and it has been making me feel less enthusiastic about dressing up. I think I need to put on some of my lighter pieces and get myself back out there! I don't envy all of the people who live in countries which get hotter than here. How do you handle it? Feel free to share some of your thoughts and ideas. Fingers crossed I will get over this 'slump' soon.

Monday, 12 June 2017

Cherry Berry Song by Metamorphose

Today I am looking at Cherry Berry Song by Metamorphose. This series includes 3 dresses, 3 hair accessories, wrist cuffs, a straw tote and socks.

First is the Bustle Dress. The bodice material looks a bit baggy and not that well fitted. I think the bodice shape is simple, but cute though. The straps look a supportive width. They are lined neatly with thin lace on the insides and a ruffle on the outsides. I think the ruffle is well shaped and gathered, creating a very sweet appearance. The straps also feature criss-crossed ribbon, which is maybe a bit too OTT. There is a ruffle of polka dot tulle going along the waistline. Not only do I think this detail has an odd appearance (it is almost gathered a bit too much) but I also feel it makes the waist area look bulky. It is not very flattering. The bodice features some thin lines of lace, with 3 bows and a fancier bow on the neckline. The lower bows are quite well spaced out, but the neckline bow has long tails which hang awkwardly. This gives the bodice a slightly crowded, messy appearance. It doesn't help that there are an additional pair of bows at the bases of the straps. The ribbon used for the bow is a bit shiny and the shape of the bows is a bit basic. I also don't like how the bodice bows appear to have buttons decorating their middles. The buttons chosen are very plain shirt buttons, which look very cheap. I do like the more intricate neckline bow, or at least I may have done if all of the bow positions had been better planned. It is part shiny ribbon, but also part stripy ribbon. I like the stripy part and the fake daisy decorating the centre. The neckline is decorated with a wide line of tulle, which matches the waistline. Overall, I think the bodice is too crowded and fussy. It doesn't help as well that the lines of ribbon in the print don't line up that great with the bodice bows. The back is fully shirred, which means plenty of stretch, but also that the shirring is exposed. The stock photos show that the skirt is generous in volume and flares out well. I like how the model worn photos show that the skirt can go really big. The skirt is generally kept simple in design, so the print is displayed excellently from the front. As the dress name suggests, there is a bustle, which is on the back of the skirt. This bustle is a good shape and the tiers are well spaced out. It does appear to have a lot of volume to it though, which makes it stick backwards an awful lot. This maybe isn't the dress to go for if you are self-conscious about the size of your bottom half. The bottom hem is finished off neatly with a ruffle of polka dot tulle. At least these details have been pretty consistent throughout.

Here we have the Ribbon Dress. The bodice shape is a bit simple, but it appears very well fitted. The straps look a supportive width, although I personally think they look a little too wide. They are lined very neatly with some ruffles though, which has an interesting looking texture. There is a waist bow, which I think is a suitable size for the dress. The bow has a pretty, well-defined shape to it. It sits well on the dress with no signs of drooping. There is also a strawberry charm dangling from this bow, which looks really adorable. This waist bow is detachable, but I really like the bow and would leave it attached. The waist features a 'belt' lined with ribbon when the bow is detached. I think this detail looks too plain when the bow is detached. The bodice has some lines of lace, which help to break up the bodice and give it a paneled look. There are some ribbon bows on the bodice, which unfortunately look poorly shaped and cheap. I feel they could have looked better if they were smaller. The size emphasizes how poorly the simple bows have been shaped. This dress also features bows at the bases of the straps. I feel this detail works a lot better on this dress, because the bodice is not overloaded with bows. These bows are decorated with fake daisies, which look pretty. Every single bow on the dress is detachable, but the dress looks far too empty and basic with every bow removed. If it was me, I would consider removing the 2 ribbon bows, but I would keep all the other bows. The back is fully shirred again, which means lots of size flexibility, but also that the unattractive shirring is exposed. I think it would have been nice to have at least one dress which is just quarter shirred, with a ribbon corset to help conceal the shirring. The stock photos show that the skirt volume is pretty decent and it flares outwards plenty. I think the skirt shape looks very cute in the model worn photos. The skirt is kept simple in design, so the print is displayed beautifully. The bottom hem is then finished off neatly with a line of cute looking lace.

This is the A-line Dress. Alas, it is a shapeless sack. Even Misako Aoki struggles to make the dress shape look good (sorry Misako). It is frumpy, and there is almost no bodice at all. I also think the sleeves look quite limp and shapeless. Some lace would have been nice for the sleeves as well. They are fully elasticated and there is nothing decorating the sleeves, which is not the cutest of designs. There is a collar with a bow and a modesty panel. The collar shape is quite nice and it is almost sailor-like in appearance. I like the lace decoration on the collar. The double-layered bow looks cute too. Even though the ribbon used is shiny and a bit cheap looking, I think the overall bow design is quite bold. This bow should sit quite well on the wearer, provided they don't have a large chest. There is a sweet cherry charm dangling from this bow as well, which is a wonderful finishing touch. I wouldn't have bothered with the modesty panel though. It seem to me that the neckline wouldn't be too low without the modesty panel there. If it wasn't there, I think the collar could have created a lovely neckline shape. The back offers no shirring, so size flexibility is very limited. It seems this series swings from one extreme to the other with size flexibility. The stock photos show that the skirt seems to have enough volume, but I feel it would be difficult to create a flattering, cute shape with this skirt. At least it should hold a bit of petticoat, so there is room to experiment with the skirt shape. The skirt is kept simple in design, so the print is displayed wonderfully. The bottom hem is then finished off neatly with a line of pretty lace. I thought the lace looked a bit shiny in the stock photos, but I am hoping that is just the way it was photographed.

Finally, here we have one picture of the print...

... and another. I will edit with better pictures if they become available soon. This series comes in custard (ivory), blueberry (navy) and grape (purple). I really love all 3 colours and I think they all offer something a little bit different to each other. The blueberry colour is gorgeous, and I like how the grape offers something a little more unusual. The custard offers a slightly safer option, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. As for the print itself, I think it looks adorable. Considering how many berry prints (especially strawberry prints) get released every single year, it is unusual how the sweet lolita prints rarely feature straw baskets. I really like the baskets in this print. It also offers somewhere for the cute birds to perch. Some of the other birds in the print are sort of standing still and don't look as natural. I like to see my cute birdies frolicking and playing! Considering the print name, it is a bit surprising that strawberries seem to be the main fruit! Although there are a few cherries hiding in the print. I personally think the strawberries look a bit flat. They need a bit more definition. The result is that the berries look really unrealistic. So I think my overall impression is that some parts of the print really work, but other parts need improvement.

Out of all the berry prints released this season, this one probably is not one of the strongest designs in my opinion. The print had potential, but it could have been a lot better. I also feel that some of the dress designs need improvement as well. Sadly, I don't think this is a series I would go for. My top choice would be the Ribbon Dress in Grape. I think that particular dress and colour looks amazing. It is just a shame that the print doesn't live up to my expectations.

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Harassment in Lolita

EDIT- So I wrote this post before the recent terrorist attacks, both here in the UK and other parts of the world. I suppose I just wanted to add a quick little note to say that although these attacks can be scary and devastating, I really hope that we can all continue to go about our lives as normally as possible. Don't let terror win. I guess I just wanted to acknowledge recent events and my heart goes out to all the victims.

I have seen a very worrying trend in my social media feed as of late and sadly, it is one I am all too familiar with. Stories of friends getting 'hit on', harassed and sometimes even attacked. This is not just about lolita fashion, although I think it is fair to say that wearing the fashion can draw a lot of attention from the general public- whether it is wanted or not. There are so many stories I could tell you about things I have experienced (mostly whilst wearing lolita) but I would be here all day. I think over the years I have heard it all and nothing really surprises me anymore. Sometimes it can be a very positive experience. Seeing a little kid getting excited about seeing a 'real life princess' can be super adorable! But sadly, it also goes the other way an awful lot. I have had drunks flirt with me, I have been grabbed by the wrist by a complete stranger, had a druggie confront me. It can be very difficult to just shake it off and forget about it, even if most of it is 'harmless'. I wont go in to detail, but there was an incident that happened during my childhood which is still affecting me today. One day I was cooking a meal when suddenly I remembered something negative which happened to me during a lolita meet. I ended up hyperventilating on the kitchen floor. But there is a part of me which simply refuses to stop wearing lolita, in spite of the negative moments. In an ideal world, we would be able to wear whatever we wanted without having to worry about reactions from other people. We should wear the clothing we love, but should also feel safe. I refuse to let them win. So I feel that as lolitas, we should acknowledge that actually, what we are doing is quite brave and inspiring in its own way. I remember as a new lolita being a bit terrified about wearing the fashion outside the house and it took me a bit of time. Now I wear my frills with pride!

But sometimes it doesn't hurt to be prepared. If you feel reassured that you are safe, I think you are more likely to enjoy yourselves when wearing lolita in public. Here is hoping that these hints are never needed, but do keep them in mind. A lot of these points will seem like common sense, but it is vital to emphasise these points. I tried to make some lolita-specific points as well. If you can think of any ideas to add, then please comment. Your input could make a huge difference.

Just a quick note- some of these are just general comments about dealing with the general public, whereas others are about being prepared for the more serious.

Block out the cat-calling with props- If you struggle with comments being shouted at you, sometimes the only thing you can do is ignore them, especially if it is a less serious comment. Sometimes it is hard to come up with a witty comeback and if you misread the situation, you can end up making things worse. I tend to use 'props' such as fiddling with my phone, sticking my headphones in (regardless of whether I am actually listening to music or not) or making an effort to make eye-contact with just the person I am walking with.

Attach a bell to your bag- Some bag charms come with bits and pieces which jingle when tampered with. The good thing is, there are loads which will fit in with a cute aesthetic! If somebody is getting a bit too close for comfort to your belongings, hopefully you will get some warning. Another suggestion would be to wear bag straps across your body.

Make use of concealed pockets- Another reason why Angelic Pretty is one of my favourite brands! Not only are the pockets useful, they are also not too visible. So sometimes I will put some essentials in there, just to keep them safe. Always remember to take them out before you wash your clothes though! An interesting idea I came across recently is to hide a small bit of money inside a sanitary pad napkin (hopefully nobody would go out of their way to touch that...).

Learn basic self defense techniques- I never thought I would ever need to use these in lolita, but I admit that when a stranger grabbed my wrist and clenched my wrist tightly, I completely froze. It made me realise just how open I had left myself. Knowing how to get out of that hold could have been very useful. Thankfully the guy let me go after a few seconds but I was still left shaken. I would never wish that sort of incident on anybody.

Take off some accessories in 'rougher' areas- Sometimes areas of your town, whether justified or not, gain a bit of notoriety for being dangerous. It is usually best to avoid these areas, but sometimes this is not possible if you have to be somewhere. If I am wearing something that is easy to take off, such as a head bow, I will sometimes take it off. I also try to wear my coat whenever it is not too hot. I once even mastered taking off my petticoat in a toilet cubicle without touching anything!

Everyday objects can help when you are at serious risk- Brushes, keys, pointy rings... there are loads of everyday objects you could potentially have to hand if somebody attacks you that could help you to escape. Just be careful, as laws can vary between countries. For example, I don't believe it is legal to carry mace spray in the UK? (somebody please correct me if I am wrong) but there is nothing stopping you from carrying a holiday sized travel mini of hairspray on you. It wont have the exact same effect, but it gives you the element of surprise.

Thank people who are polite- If somebody goes to the trouble of asking me for a photo instead of just taking one without asking, I will usually try to thank them. I feel it just emphasises that it is common courtesy to ask, rather than not getting permission. Sometimes I have even spoken a bit loudly whilst doing so, as another rogue snapper has been in earshot!

Stay in groups where you can- Safety in numbers! I always feel a lot more confident when I have other people around me. It makes me feel a bit less 'exposed'. Other lolitas usually have their own horror stories about dealing with the general public, so they tend to empathise more.

Download safety apps on to your phone- There are loads of them out there, just in case the worst does happen. You can get ones that alert people if you are taking an exceptionally long time to get somewhere or ones that act as alarms.

I really hope that this post is just me wanting to be extra cautious. I have sometimes mentioned in the past about my negative experiences on this blog. Unfortunately, negative scenarios are all too real and there are people reading this who will have experienced terrible things. It really upsets me to see others get treated in such a bad way as well. Like I said, ideally we would all be able to go out in whatever clothing we want and not get harassed. But real life is not like that, even outside of lolita fashion. I actually had one of my worst experiences when I wasn't wearing lolita at all. I don't really know what else to say... I hope this post comes across with good intention. Stay safe.

Monday, 5 June 2017

Dreamy Parfait by Angelic Pretty

Today I am looking at Dreamy Parfait by Angelic Pretty. This series includes 2 dresses, an apron skirt, a head bow, a blouse and 2 pairs of socks.

First is the OP. The bodice seems well fitted, but I am not overly keen on the overall bodice shape. I think this bodice shape can work, but I don't think I like it with this particular print, if that makes sense. I suppose I was expecting something a bit more cutesy, like an updated take on 2010 era sweet. The sleeve length doesn't look quite right to me and I think the neckline shape is a bit boring. I think the lace and bows on the sleeves is cute though. There is a waist bow, which is made with pretty stripy ribbon. The shape of this bow is simple, but cute. However, I feel the waist bow blends in to the background quite a lot. A contrasting colour is used for the white and mint versions, which stands out a little bit more than the matching coloured bows on the pink and blue. The bodice features a few lines of lace and a row of buttons going up the middle. This row of buttons is lined with a ruffle and has bows between the buttons. I think the lace and ruffle looks really pretty. The ruffle sits well on the dress. I feel a more interesting button design could have been chosen, but they are at least well spaced out. However, I am not fond of the bows between the buttons. I feel this is a detail too far. With the neckline and waist bows, I don't feel these extra bows are needed. The neckline is lined neatly with some ribbon-threaded lace and finished with a stripy bow. I really love the lace choice and I think the neckline bow is a suitable size as well. The back offers a panel of shirring, which is topped neatly with a ribbon corset. This is a bit of a pleasant surprise, as for a while AP's OPs have not really featured any shirring. The stock photos show that the skirt is very full and it flares outwards a lot. I really love the rounded shape created in the stock photos, although I think it highlights how out of place I think the bodice shape looks. The skirt is kept simple in design, so the print is displayed beautifully. The bottom hem is then finished off neatly with a line of adorable cherry themed lace layered on top of a ruffle of check printed fabric. I appreciate the main dress fabric has a check pattern, but I don't think the ruffle on the bottom hem is really necessary. It means the cherry lace is not as obvious.

Here we have the JSK. The bodice looks quite well fitted, but I think the bodice shape is a bit dull. Despite the curved neckline, the bodice shape looks quite square and 'boxy'. The straps look a decent width and pretty supportive. They are lined with lace on the outsides, which is really nicely shaped. I like the lace choice too. The waistline is lined with lace and then topped with 2 organza bows. The fabric used for these bows is really pretty. I would have maybe liked them to be positioned a bit further apart, but I appreciate how the bows line up with the bodice lace. I am not sure I like the bow tails being this long though, and I also worry that the waistline looks a bit fussy. The bodice is divided, with a small chest panel. This panel is lined neatly with lace. There are also additional lines of lace going up the bodice. This helps to break up the empty area. Given how detailed the waist area is, I find the simpler bodice quite refreshing. There is a bow on the neckline, which has a sweet shape and it looks well formed. It sits well on the dress too. I do think it is a bit too big though. The back has a panel of shirring, which is topped neatly with a ribbon corset. The stock photos show that the skirt has a good amount of volume and flares outwards lots. It should hold a fair amount of petticoat. The skirt is again kept simple in design, so the print is displayed wonderfully. The bottom hem is then finished off in the exact same way as the OP.

Finally, here is the print. As we can see, this series comes in sax blue, pink, mint and white. I personally don't think the white colour works. The details look a bit washed-out and I don't think the white suits the print. A soft yellow colour could have maybe looked cute? But the other 3 colours are lovely and well suited. As for the print itself, it has a bit of a Fruits Parlor vibe to it, but like an updated version. This could have been a good thing, but this actually makes me a bit sad. Fruits Parlor was one of the first prints that I truly fell in love with and I don't think this new print quite equals it. I think it is the check pattern which is putting me off. I am also not keen on the flat labels placed between the parfaits. The parfaits are lovely though. The fruit is glistening and well drawn. I like the lace at the bottom print too, as I think it sort of mimics the appearance of a table cloth. There is a good distribution of lemon slices and cherries in the background as well.

I think this series could have had a lot of potential but overall, I am quite underwhelmed. It just doesn't have that Fruits Parlor 'magic' in my opinion. It is a very 2010-like print, but the more modern dress designs don't quite 'gel' with the print. Fruits Parlor was super popular years ago, so I understand that AP would maybe want to try a more updated version of that series, but there are certain details which don't seem to work that well. I am especially unimpressed with the OP's bodice. I think this series is okay, but I can also see why it hasn't sold out (I am writing this almost a week after the release and almost everything is still available. The only thing that has sold out completely is the head bow, which I admit is really cute). So it is safe to say I would not buy this series. My top choice would be the JSK in mint. If I was in to the more cutesy style, I would probably pick the apron skirt. I do really like the transparent crew length socks that came out as part of this series though. I am also holding out hope that some lovely parfait or fruit themed accessories may get released at a later date.

Thursday, 1 June 2017

May 2017 Haul- Primarni Edition

So after my brief adventure at the Oxfordshire Drama Wardrobe, James and I headed to Reading for a massive shopping spree. After reading a bit of positive buzz online, I had one goal in mind- possibly expanding my Larme wardrobe. I was recommended Primark and H&M. As it turns out, I ended up buying pretty much everything at Primark. But that is not to say that my haul was a total success. There was a cute looking pink dress with off-the-shoulder straps which looked like it had a lot of potential, but when I went to touch it I noticed the material was super thin. After stalking their Instagram, I was unable to locate some of the items I had been anticipating. It seems more people are cottoning on to their best sellers. I am just glad I didn't get caught up in that Disney Chip purse fandango! But I still managed to pick up a lot of cute stuff, which I will share with you all today. This is mostly Larme inspired, although I may use the pom poms with lolita. I swear I will have more lolita-related content soon. This is a bit of a weird time for me, as I still love lolita, but my wardrobe doesn't have the room to expand and I now have Larme kei fighting for space. I am in the process of selling some of my least-loved pieces to make some room. Hopefully I will be able to make space, as I have a Taobao order coming next month!

Here are the pom poms I mentioned. I thought the strawberry pom pom was really cute, but it is massive! It could have possibly done with a few more seeds, but I think the design is fun and quirky looking. The 3 other pom poms are on the one keychain, although I am going to get a pair of pliers and take off the leopard print pom pom. Leopard print is just not my style. The fake fur is suitably soft and fluffy. I like how the pom poms on the right have muted colours. I did look out for some pastel coloured ones, but I couldn't see any.

Both pom poms comes with this double keychain. They have different style clips, so you can attach the pom poms in different ways. This is also going to prove useful if I do decide to get rid of the leopard print pom pom. I could simply attach the 2 remaining pom poms to the 2 different clips.

I saw these sheer socks hiding away in a dark niche in the tights. They are a good length and the polka dot design is so cute.

The material is silky smooth, like tights. I found they fitted me well. They recommend a size 4-7 UK size and I am well within that range. The polka dots are well defined and stand out, so you can see the design clearly. Also, they were £2 for 2 pairs, which is a bargain! You would pay similar low prices from Taobao, but with Primark you don't get the added shipping and shopping service fees.

I happened to see this lavender top with shoulder ruffles on a sale rack. It is quite thin, but not too see-through when worn. It is ideal for warmer weather. Also, as I intend to layer it underneath other items, it means there wont be and obvious unflattering bulge where you can clearly see the outline of the top through my other clothes. 

The ruffles are quite subtle, but as I have wide shoulders, I actually prefer this. They do still stand out when worn, but look quite casual. My only complaint is the ruffles do not taper towards the armpits- a personal pet hate of mine!

Apologies for the mirror shot, but James was busy and I didn't want to disturb him. The top is a little baggy on me. Some of Primark's sizing is so far off the mark. You have to be so careful and try everything on. Sadly they did not have this top in the next size down, so I had to make do. The arms are a decent length. I think some ruffles around the cuffs could have been a nice finishing touch, but the top was cheap, so I am not complaining too much. 

I also got this off-the-shoulder gingham number. I am loving all the gingham about at the moment! I used to hate gingham (it reminded me of my old school uniform) but I have grown to like it more as I have gotten older. I think the wider check pattern makes it a bit more wearable. This top can actually be worn on the shoulders or off (you are meant to wear it off the shoulders, but I found both worked comfortably). 

There is a generous amount of stretch in the elastic. The elastic is a little tight though, so I found it did cling to me a little bit. This makes me wonder if the top is likely to ride up with long-term wear. Fingers crossed it wont do that, but I guess I will have to report back when I have worn the top more. I really love the design, but I am concerned it makes me appear bigger than I actually am? I think I will definitely wear this top with more fitted bottoms.

I wasn't sure whether anybody would be interested in my non-Japanese fashion inspired purchases, so here is a quick group shot. The Pokemon top was actually in the men's section. I was fuming to find out there were no Pokemon tops in the women's range! So I went for the smallest possible size and thankfully it is not a massive tent on me. I normally like my tops more fitted, but this Pokemon one gets my thumbs up. The material is nice and thick too. I used to love Snoopy as a kid, so I simply had to get the Snoopy top. There was a Pusheen top I was tempted by, but my basket as so full I opted for Snoopy instead. Maybe next time, Pusheen! I also got a butterfly print cardigan, which is a lovely pinky purple shade. This photo really does not do it justice. It was the colour that really grabbed my attention. There are also some mermaid hair crayons. I am a bit unsure about them and they were a bit of an impulse buy, but I am curious to see how they turn out. They are probably going to be hopeless, but the colours look promising and apparently the colour lasts for 1-2 washes. I like that low level of commitment. Finally, I got a top with a geometric hummingbird pattern on it. As a crazy budgie lady, I love all things bird related, so this simply had to go in my basket.

And that is my most recent purchases! I did buy a few bits of make up bits for Larme kei, but I wasn't sure if anybody would be interested in those. This blog is still primarily about lolita fashion and the lolita lifestyle, but other fashions and more personal stuff keeps creeping in! If this is something you readers are not happy about then please let me know. Although this is my personal blog, I like to keep my content relevant to my audience. I also managed to find a cheap £1 black pom pom keychain in The Works earlier today, which I forgot to photograph. It is just like the Primark ones. I think I saw they had a pastel blue one as well, and for such a low price, I may just have to go back and pick that up. This haul came to about 40ish pounds (I can't seem to be able to locate my receipt...) which I think is reasonable considering how much I got? I have some lolita-related purchases potentially coming up soon, so stay tuned for those.

Monday, 29 May 2017

Phantom Gate by Metamorphose

Today I am looking at Phantom Gate by Metamorphose. This series includes 2 dresses (the shirred JSK comes in 2 lengths), 2 hair accessories, a lace clip, socks, a choker, a ring and an ear hook.

First is the A-Line Dress. There isn't really much of a bodice to this sack-like dress. I feel the sleeves need to be shorter in length, as they look a bit frumpy and shapeless here. These sleeves are elasticated. Although I think some will appreciate the extra stretch, I think some lace could have livened up the sleeves. The bodice features a solid coloured square yoke. This yoke is topped with ruffles, which gives the yoke a lovely bit of added texture. It stops the yoke looking flat and boring. The yoke is lined with a thin line of gold lace, which makes the edge look smart. There is also a ribbon bow attached to the bottom of the yoke. This bow looks a suitable size and the shape is pretty. It seems to sit well on the dress as well, although I wonder how this bow will sit on a wearer with a large bust. The ribbon used is a bit shiny, but it has a gorgeous golden pattern on it. The collar features a pearl chain dangling from it, with a further key shaped charm. I love the key charm, but I think it is a shame that the pearls sort of blend in to the white background. It is a lovely detail, but it doesn't stand out much. However, I do like the way the collar had been lined with gold lace. It stops the area looking too plain and also takes advantage of the gold accents in the print. The back offers no shirring, so there is limited size flexibility. I think the zip line has been decently concealed though. It blends in with the print. The stock photos show that the dress skirt has a fair amount of volume and it flares outwards okay. I never quite know what to make of these sack-like dresses, but at least it looks like this dress has enough volume to experiment with petticoats. The skirt is kept simple in design, so the print is displayed beautifully. The bottom hem is then finished off neatly with a line of gold lace. My only criticism here is the colour of the gold lace here doesn't look as yellow as the gold used on the rest of the dress.

Here we have the Shirred Dress, which comes in 2 lengths. The bodice seems well fitted and the overall bodice shape looks really pretty. I am really impressed with the neckline shape. The straps look a suitable width and supportive. There is a waist bow, which has an interesting shape. This shape is emphasised by the gold lace lining it. I think the bow is a bit big, but it still suits the dress. This bow is detachable, which makes the dress more versatile if you are unsure about the waist bow. The bodice has a pleated triangle panel. I like the flattering look of this triangle. The pleats give that nice bit of extra depth and texture. It is worth mentioning that this triangle, the straps and the neckline are all lined with the same thin gold lace. It is very consistent and also looks stunning. There is also a pair of bows at the bases of the straps, which has a double pearl chain and key charm dangling from them. I like the chain (although again, the details are a bit lost on a white background) but I am not a fan of the bows. I guess I find them a bit too sweet looking for the overall feel of the series? The bows and chains are detachable, but I don't believe you can detach just the bows or chain separately. This is a shame, as I wouldn't mind being able to remove the bows, but leaving the chain! The back is fully shirred, which means a lot of size flexibility, but also that the unattractive shirring is very exposed. I really wish this dress was quarter shirred with a ribbon corset topping it instead. I feel the lumpy shirring doesn't quite fit in with the elegant feel the rest of the dress seems to have. The stock photos show that the skirt is very full and it flares outwards plenty. I usually find Meta's mini length is just above knee-length on me (I am about 5'4'') and the medium length is a good option if you are a bit taller than me. It is nice to have different length options. The skirt is kept simple in design again, so the print is displayed wonderfully. The bottom hem is then finished off neatly with a thin line of gold lace and a solid coloured ruffle.

Finally, this is a little bit of the print to show what it looks like. This series only comes in off-white and black. Although both colours look amazing, it really would have been great to have more colour options. A navy blue could have looked great, or perhaps a dusty lavender? As for the print itself, I really love the intricate gates. They are very ornate with loads of details, all in gold. It is very bold and striking. The phantom horse and cart adds a slight touch of gothic horror without looking too OTT. You could probably wear this print in a classic or a gothic outfit with the right styling. The Meta logo and gold swirls match the gates in the print and are a suitable way to separate the border print from the rest of the dress. 

So I feel that this series has a lot of potential, but some parts of the series are stronger than others. It would have been nice to have more than 2 dress cuts and also more than 2 colour options. I also don't feel this print is the right sort of print for the A-Line sack style dress. The JSK design is a lot more fitting. Would I buy this series? It wont be going on my wishlist, but I think it is a pretty decent offering. My choice would be the Shirred JSK in black (probably the mini length). It is not that original looking, but it is a decent design. I am not surprised to see that the black colourway appears to be completely sold out online.

Thursday, 25 May 2017

The Right Kind of Drama- A Brief Trip to the Drama Wardrobe

Last Saturday was a little bit different. It started with an early wake-up call to go somewhere a little bit different. Then afterwards, James and I headed in to Reading for a shopping spree (I got quite a bit, so there will be a separate haul post for that) and some cake. James and I shared both a scone and a slice of Victoria sponge. Both were absolutely lovely, although we were a little gutted to discover another cafe with interesting handmade cakes afterwards! It was nice to have a bit of a 'Last Hurrah' because both James and I have a lot of stressful stuff going on at the moment. James currently has jury duty and I am starting my CBT during the week. So we felt it was important to have a bit of fun and some quality 'couple time' before all the horrible life stuff came up.

But this post will focus on what we did in the morning. After reading a local magazine, I discovered that the Oxfordshire Drama Wardrobe (who I had never heard of before) were having a sale of some of their stock because they are moving to new premises. They are basically a company that rents out costumes from various periods and have lots of different styles. It ranges from funny fancy dress to period costumes. Apparently some of their stock has even be loaned for films and drama productions (hence the name). They also rent out the costumes for photo shoots. Feeling curious, and hoping to pick up some vintage 20's and 40's accessories, we decided to go. It was being held early in the morning, which meant I had to rush out of the house and not bother dressing up. The previous weekend I attended a food festival, which means I am itching to dress up in lolita. It has only been a few weeks, but it feels like forever! But I do have some outfits to share in the near future.

The Drama Wardrobe is currently situated in a metal shed inside a storage facility which I believe used to be used by the army years ago. It was a bit bizarre and I wasn't really sure what to expect. I looked at some pictures online to give me some sort of idea of the clothing which may be on sale. I was hoping to pick up a military jacket and maybe a hat or two. Prices started from as little as £1. Although these items were heavily used in some instances, entry was free and it was worth going. Even though we arrived early, there was already a crowd inside. If we had arrived any later then we would have had to join a queue to get in. So word about this event clearly got around. 

There was a huge arrange of costumes for sale. There were so many vintage dresses. Sadly a lot of them were too long in length for me, otherwise I would have left with a lot more stuff. I was also devastated when the most beautiful military jacket did not fit me. It was only £5 as well! Seeing as similar jackets with less details are on sale for about £25 at Primark, it would have been a bargain if it had fitted. I was enjoying rummaging through all of the piles. I found this questionable looking furry cape with stars all over it, which was a part of their 70's collection. They have full-on Abba style metallic jumpsuits and so much more! The cape made me laugh, but secretly I kind of wanted to buy it... I had this fun delusion that I was going to wear it around the house and pretend I was Liberace (if you don't know who he is, look him up!).

But on to what I actually brought! This velveteen bolero was part of a 'witch' costume and also came with a long, flowing skirt for £5. I ended up ditching the skirt though. It was too big for me anyway, but it didn't look very appealing. The bolero was worth £5 though in my opinion.

I also got this jacket, also for £5. It is fitted, but there is a little room at the bottom for a skirt to flare out from underneath. So I am really looking forward to experimenting with it. The buttons need replacing, but that is an easy fix.

Finally, I picked up this vintage hat for £1. It is a little bit damaged, but still wearable. I just need to sew the bow back in place on one side. There is also a bit of damaging to the netting, but that can also be replaced easily. This is all stuff that I have remnants of in my sewing box anyway. 

This is a side view where you can see the damaged netting. But for only £1, it seemed worth it. I was really happy to support a local company too. My only regret is not getting there a little earlier. This lady got the prettiest Alice in Wonderland printed scarf for £1, which looked amazing. It was in great condition and looked designer. 

I feel this adventure is a good example of why you need to keep your eyes open for local events. This was a bit of a change for me. I have been to vintage fairs before, with little success. The ones that are held locally to me are a bit mediocre and include items from Primark and Topshop (how are they vintage!?). I am getting memories of the terrifying Christmas jumpers we saw at the Oxford Kilo Sale! But a drama wardrobe offered something a little more unusual. There were lots of Victorian, Edwardian, Tudor and 40's outfits, but it was not a 'vintage fair' sort of arrangement. And I actually ended up having more success at this sale, which sadly is a one-off event. All this was because I happened to see one small advert in a free magazine that I usually chuck out. If you keep an open mind, you can find all sorts of interesting ideas for meets or shopping opportunities. And I will be sharing my Reading shopping haul very soon.

Monday, 22 May 2017

Dreamy Perfume by Angelic Pretty

Today I am looking at Dreamy Perfume by Angelic Pretty. This series includes 2 dresses, a head bow and tights.

First is the OP. The bodice seems well fitted, although the overall bodice shape is a bit simple. I do really like the sleeves though. They are a good length with a decent amount of gathering. They are finished off neatly with lace and some ribbon bows. I am not a fan of the ribbon bows to be honest. I feel they look a little bit messy and perhaps the tails could have been trimmed. The bodice features a really interesting design which I don't think I have seen on a dress before. There is a ribbon corset in the middle, which has a layer of fabric on top which meets in the middle. This fabric is then joined together with a ribbon bow. There is also lace going along the edge, which shows off the unusual shape and design. I was initially unsure about the bodice details, but they have grown on me. I think that if I saw it in person I would probably like it even more. The bodice also features several lines of lace. The lace is of a pretty design and it really helps to keep the bodice details looking neat. There is also 2 ribbon bows at the waist and at the neckline. The waist one is small in comparison to normal waist bows and I think that works in its favour. I also think the choice of ribbon for the bows is very pretty. The neckline is finished off with a line of lace. This lace sits well on the dress and I liked the way it has been gathered at the sides. It makes the lace drape in an interesting way. The back is fully shirred, which means a lot of size flexibility, but also that the shirring has nothing covering it. However, with the style of the print, the shirring does sort of blend in a bit, depending on what colour the dress is. The stock photos show that the skirt is plump with volume and nicely rounded. There is a lot of potential to create a fantastic sweet shape. The skirt is kept simple in design, so the print is displayed wonderfully. The bottom hem is then finished off with some adorable bow themed lace. I was a bit surprised that AP didn't go for something a bit floral for the lace choice, but I suppose there are bows in the print.

Here we have the JSK. The bodice looks well fitted and although the bodice shape is simple again, I do quite like it. I do wish the straight neckline had a slightly softer shape though. The straps are on okay width and should offer a fair amount of support. What really makes the straps though, is the attached chiffon 'sleeves'. They are so soft and floaty looking! The use of lace on the edges give it a real frothy appearance as well. They have such a lovely texture and shape. Because they look a bit like sleeves, it would almost be tempting to risk going blouse-less as well. The waistline features 2 lacy bows. I think this is a really lovely idea, but when it is paired with the lace on the bodice, it all looks a bit messy. Some thinner, more subtle lines of lace for the bodice would have maybe fixed this. It is a shame, because I think the waist bows are actually a decent size and shape, with a lovely appearance. The only thing I would change is to move them slightly further apart. As already mentioned, the bodice features a couple of lines of lace. This lace looks really cute, but as I said earlier I think a more subtle lace would make the overall bodice look a whole lot better. The line of lace in the middle has a line of pearl buttons running up it. These buttons are well spaced out. It is also nice to see a subtle bit of gold on the buttons, which goes well with the gold accents in the print. There is a line of lace along the neckline and another lacy bow, which uses the same lace as the waist bows. I think the bow is very cute, but I would have liked this one to be a bit smaller. Perhaps the tails could have been cut shorter. The back offers a panel of shirring, which is topped neatly with a ribbon corset. The stock photos show that the skirt has lots of volume and flares outwards loads. It should hold plenty of petticoat. The skirt is again kept simple, so the print is displayed beautifully. The bottom hem then features the bow lace layered over a tulle ruffle and some ribbon bows. I personally don't think the ribbon bows work here. These ribbon bows were more of a feature on the OP and they look a bit out of place on this JSK, where all other bows are lacy. The lace and chiffon is pretty though.

Finally, we have the print. This series comes in ivory, pink, lavender and black. These colours are very pretty and work well with the print. As for the print itself, it is gorgeous but I am getting a serious case of deja vu here. Despite some parts of the print looking fresh, such as the ribbon veils between the bottles, the rest of the print looks pretty much like every other perfume bottle print that AP have put out. I can see a likeness to Rose Toilette, Glass Bottle of Tears and that Imai Kira collaboration print. The background offers something a little different, but I don't think it is unique looking enough for a lot of people to want to go out and buy this new series. If you look past the lack of originality, the bottles are beautiful with lots of lovely little details to them. I am not a fan of the ribbon veils myself. I think they look a bit strange in appearance and are too big. If you look at the veils and bottles, there are no gaps between them at all. This gives a crowded appearance. 

Initially I was very surprised about how slow this series was selling, but the more I look at it, the more I find to be critical about. I love perfume bottle prints, but I already own a few that look similar to this print. So I feel absolutely no need to get this series as well. The only thing that would maybe persuade me to get it would be the chance to own a perfume print in a slightly different colour way. There are some interesting ideas on both dress designs, but I think there are things I would like to change about both dresses. If I had to pick a dress, I would go for the OP in ivory. Overall though, I am disappointed. Also, I would have liked to see some jewellery released for this series (although maybe that will be coming later). Some jewellery for this series may be pretty enough for me to consider parting with at least some money!

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