Friday, 30 December 2011

Christmas haul and festive holly nails

Christmas has come and gone and we are about to enter 2012. My Christmas was awesome and I hope all of you had a good time too! Despite being in a post-Christmas daze, I should be back to normal posting next week. In the mean time, I thought I would update you all on all things Luna!

Well, I did say I was going to do some festive nails! I was going to do something very simple but then I had a sudden brainstorm and these are the resulting nails. In the end, I did a holly design with 3D berries. This photo was taken about a day after I did them so they don't look as nice here! Anyway, the nails came about because ages ago, when I was still using clay to make nail pieces, I decided I would make some cherry nails to match a skirt I had. However, I sold the skirt on and I was left with these red balls. So I used them for holly berries instead! I did the leaves and black background with nail pens and it took FOREVER to do. The berries were quite small so they didn't really get in the way like other 3D nails do. The berries were coated with clear polish to give it a more realistic berry look.

And now on to the lolita presents I got. I didn't get much lolita stuff this time because a lot of people gave me money to help pay off my Starry Night Theater dress (and I am now all paid up!) and usually only my husband is brave enough to buy me lolita! But I did get some very nice stuff...

My husband got me these Bodyline shoes. I didn't have any white coloured shoes so these should be very useful. I already own this style of shoe in red, so I knew straight away that I would like them. Even my mother-in-law recognised the design! Out of all my Bodyline shoes, this design is my favourite. They are simple, but with a cute bow. I find them very easy to wear. So I was very happy indeed!

The other thing I was given were these cute Bodyline socks. They have macarons on them! They are so pretty and socks are always a welcome addition to my wardrobe. They are pink and white.

I also got given some basic items such as some new black tights (always useful), make-up and nail polish. I am very grateful for all of the wonderful presents I received. I especially love how my friend Jo got me the best children's book ever-

It is the book we found when a group of us went to London in November! Now I can treasure this story forever.

But I think the stand out present has to be this one from my husband-

I got given a copy of my favourite painting by Edgar Degas! I got to see the real thing earlier this year, which was a huge deal for me because I have been a fan of Degas since I was little. Now I have a copy! I am absolutely ecstatic! It is so beautiful. Now I get to see it every single day.

I have not had many chances to dress in lolita recently because of Christmas (apart from the outfits which are viewable on my Lookbook) and also, because we finally got around to getting a wardrobe! It is from Ikea and it is so huge that we had to put it in the living room. It is the only place it would fit. So I have been busy sorting out my wardrobe and using the space as best I can. A few people have asked me to do a wardrobe post and there should be a post coming soon!

So I wish you all a Happy New Year for Sunday! Stay safe and have fun!

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Merry Christmas and a Happy 2012!

I just want to wish all my wonderful readers and followers a very Merry Christmas! And so, I present my very dodgy looking Christmas card! I have never been that good with technology!

I will be taking a mini break during the festive season to spend time with friends and family. I don't know yet if I will be doing any posts next week but we will see how things go. Things will be back to normal in January. So, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Here is hoping for a brilliant 2012!

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Love Ring Present Box by BABY

Today I will be taking a look at Love Ring Present Box by BABY. This series has 2 dresses, a skirt, a shirt, a headbow, a hat, socks, a bag and various accessories. 

This is the Amy JSK. I thought the bodice didn't have a lot of structure to it. It looks a bit droopy and in the picture you can see folds of loose material. This is not helped by the shape of the sleeves. Although this dress is described as a JSK, the sleeves are almost like that on an OP and they look like they are falling downwards. The sleeves do appear very stretchy and will probably be useful for a plus-sized lolita, but I think this is going to look too big on smaller wearers. There is a very large waist bow, placed to one side and it does suit the gift theme. The bow appears to be well structured, but I think the middle part is a bit too wide and if it had been narrower, the bow would have a nicer plumper shape. The lace on the bow is pretty and firm, although some will say it is too OTT. You can detach the bow if you desire. I like how the bodice is solid colour instead of a continuation of the print part because I think it is a good idea to break up the print a bit and also gives a contrast to the lace colour. The bodice has a small lace bib, which is very detailed. It is cute, but I think it would have been good if the bib was a bit wider. The bib is topped with a ribbon bow, which has a pretty shape. The neckline and the bottom of the sleeves are lined with quality lace, and the neckline even has lace in the shape of card suits (although I don't quite understand how playing cards fit the theme) which is very pretty.

The waist straps are very well hidden from the front. I did like how they have these cute teddy shaped buttons! The back of the bodice has a very generous panel of shirring which is covered by a ribbon corset. However, the shirring panel looks very obvious due to the spacing of the ribbon and also the use of lace on both sides of the shirring. The skirt shape is quite straight and could have done with being a bit rounder, so that it suits a sweet shape. It does look like it will flare outwards a lot, so it will accommodate a lot of petticoat underneath. The skirt part has been kept quite plain, which means the print is displayed well and not obscured. The bottom hem has a ruffle of the solid colour material, which I think finishes the dress well because there is already a lot of lace on the bodice part.
This is the Patty JSK. The bodice on this dress appears a lot better and more well fitted. The bodice has a raised panel which gives the bodice extra depth and more texture. It will also suit small busted girls by adding more volume. There is a lot of lace surrounding the panel. The lace quality looks good, but I felt the design of lace used was a bit dull. The panel is topped by a large bow, which has a nice shape to it. The bow has heart shaped lace running through the middle, and then more lace around the edge. There is a lot of lace there, which wont appeal to everybody.
The main part of the bodice has a ribbon corset. The ribbon doesn't look too shiny and the corset is well spaced. However, what concerns me, is the way the ribbon is attached. As this picture shows, there are 2 lines of lace, which the ribbon is attached to. It looks a little flimsy, as though it could easily break.

The straps could do with being a little thicker, but they are lined well with lace (yes, even more lace!). The back has a panel of shirring, concealed by a ribbon corset. It looks a lot better than the other JSK. The skirt on this dress still looks a little bit straight and angular, but it has a nice subtle shape and looks less harsh. You will probably fit a good amount of petticoat underneath, but you wont create a shape to rival an OTT Angelic Pretty dress. But that might actually be a good thing, as OTT appears to be slowly going out of fashion anyway. The skirt is plain, which is good for displaying the print. The bottom hem has more of the good quality, but dull looking lace. 

And this is the print close-up. It comes in off-white/red, pink/mint, brown/mint and black/red. I worry that the pink/mint might look a bit washed out because there are a lot of pale colours in the print. I think my favourite is the black/red colourway. At first I thought this print was full of dull looking boxes. But actually, the boxes have a lot of detail going on. If you look closely, you will see the girl in the print is even wearing the Amy JSK! I love the bows on top of the boxes, especially the gingham ribbon, which has a lot of detail and shape. I like how the ribbons which make up the square pattern have been made to look as though they have shine and are overlapping each other, like how real ribbon would look. However, the pattern does remind me of a table cloth!

I was a bit amused by the hat. In the off-white/red colourway, I can't help but feel this hat looks a bit like what an England football supporter would wear! It definitely looks a little like the St George Cross. I think it looks a little silly, and I am glad there is a headbow option too.

Overall, I am not that impressed by this series. I think that both dresses have their positive points, but they also have their negative points. Whilst the print is cute, I don't find it that exciting. It is just underwhelming.

Monday, 19 December 2011

Fantasy Christmas Gifts

As much as I love to daydream, I am not made of money. But sometimes I do like to imagine of all the things I could do if I was rich and I will browse loads of websites to admire their pretty items. So let's just say I was able to buy whatever I wanted and decided to treat some of my friends this Christmas... what would I buy them? So today I am going to show what I would buy some of my local group and best loli friends if I didn't have to worry about money, sizing, availability and nasty customs fees. I should point out that this post is purely for fun and I am going on what these people already own, their wishlists and what I think they will like.

1. Dreamy Dollhouse salopette by AP 2. Sugar Hearts wristcuffs by AP 3. Hummingbird Bakery cupcakes 4. Sugar hearts bracelet by AP 5. AP Milky Chan scarf 6. Milky chan bangle 7. AP cape from their 2011 collection

Sammi got her dream print Milky Chan earlier this year, so I included some matching items for her. I also know she ordered the Sugar Hearts skirt so I included matching items for the same reason. I put the Dreamy Dollhouse salopette on there because when I first saw Sammi wearing a salopette I remember thinking that she looked amazing in them! Not many people can pull off salopettes, but they really suit Sammi. The AP cape is there because I remember us both saying how cute it was on Facebook. And finally, I would want to give Sammi a massive box of Hummingbird Bakery cupcakes because we enjoyed getting cakes from there back in June. I have the Hummingbird Bakery cookbook but I failed miserably at making some of the more complicated items, so I would definitely buy these in to avoid disappointment. Plus, I can't compete with the Queen of Desserts- Beau's Mum!


1. AP Sugary Carnival 2. Some skull gloves 3. AP Jewelry Heart Ribbon bag 4. Sugar Hearts JSK by AP 5. Juicy Couture charm 6. Eyeball hairclips 7. Wonder Party JSK

Another AP fan! Michelle's picks are based on conversations I have been a part of, or witnessed on Facebook. I totally agree with Michelle about the heart ribbon bag. It is very cute! I know Michelle has been rating Juicy Couture charms. I have no idea why I chose the banana split charm for this post. I was browsing some charms and this one stood out. I like how Michelle's style is a mix of cute and creepy. That is why I included the eyeball clips (I blame Kyary!) and the skull gloves. The skull gloves actually have 3D bones so they may be a little difficult to wear, and I have completely forgotten the store I saw them in! The gloves are a reference to the infamous skull sock debacle. Let's just say that the company in question are total idiots! I would be hoping and praying that Michelle would at least like these gloves.


1. IW Gretel boots 2. AatP's St mephisto 3. blue rose hair clip 4. black veil 5. IW book bag 6. Rose Basket JSK by IW 7. Lady Rose dress by AP

I know Jenni likes Innocent World, so her item choices were heavily influenced by their website. I have seen her mention the book bag and Rose Basket before (I would love to own Rose Basket too. I promise I am not just getting things I like!). The Gretel Boots were a random choice I decided on myself. I would just go for them and hope Jenni likes them. We have discussed the upcoming St Mephisto replica before so I know she would like to own this. Jenni is the Moitie queen of our group but the hair clips are in fact from Taobao. Despite this, I have gone for Moitie inspired pieces. I also know Jenni has mentioned Lady Rose before, and I think the mint colour is very pretty. I know Jenni is not completely against AP, so I thought I would slip some in!


1. Meta Vintage Cherry dress 2. Zombie movie encylopedia 3. Tartan JSK 4. Record shaped bag 5. Bodyline strawberry bag 6. Vintage Record dress by Meta 7. Tartan headbow

Raine is my fellow Meta fan and I have tried to appeal to the retro look that Raine likes. I had to include Vintage Record by Meta and I thought a matching record shaped bag was needed. Raine is "gay for polka dots" (her words, not mine) so I think she would like the red strawberry bag by Bodyline. Just as long as I can still be the strawberry princess of the Ox lolis! I know Raine would like a tartan JSK and I think the one in the picture would appeal to Raine's usual style and there is a matching bow to compliment. To finish, there is the Zombie Movie Encyclopedia by Peter Dendle because Raine likes a good horror movie. I bet she will have watched most of the movies inside already, but maybe it will give her ideas of further movies to watch.

I am sorry for not making more of these for more people. I can assure you that a lot of you were included in my thoughts when I was fantasy shopping. I have really missed a lot of people recently because I have not been to any meets the last 2 months. That is mainly down to bad timing. I am hoping to see you all a lot more next year. I have really missed you all...

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Christmas Lolita

Christmas is very fast approaching and hopefully everybody is getting in to the festive spirit. I have already put my tree up (well, actually my husband did whilst I snoozed in front of the TV), Christmas cards are coming through the door and people are competing for the best Christmas lights display. So I have been thinking about how I can wear lolita over Christmas and make it suitable for this time of year.

Alice and the Pirates recently released their Drosselmeyer print (top left), which wouldn't look out of place on a tin of festive biscuits. It is very traditional looking and the more obvious Christmas colours such as red and green are available. Of course, you don't have to stick to traditional colours. I think Rose Candle by Baby (top right) looks beautiful in pink. My top choice for festive prints is Bunny Milk and Snow Strawberry by Baby (bottom left). I think the bunnies in the print are adorable and it is a bit unusual for a Christmas print to include strawberries. Of course, if I ever got this print, I would be avoiding the design with the little pom pom trim (a personal pet hate of mine!) but the pom poms do remind me of little snow balls, so it would be cute for a festive outfit. Christmas also reminds me of thick and heavier fabrics, such as velveteen. AP's Christmas Ornament (bottom right) comes to mind because chances are, this dress would be far too hot to wear in the warmer months.

This is my only concern about season-specific prints. Would you wear them the whole year around? Or would they gather dust in the back of your closet? Easter prints generally are not that difficult to wear at other times of the year but with Christmas prints it is a little difficult. You are expected to take down your Christmas tree by the 12th day of Christmas and generally, people get sick to death of Christmas by January. There is just something a bit odd about wearing a Christmas themed print at any other time! Maybe it would be better to buy something which hints at a Christmas theme instead of an actual Christmas print. I have already mentioned green and red, and perhaps a solid coloured dress in a deep green or red would look lovely. A simple tartan dress would be another option. Or instead, you could just wear festive accessories, which could work out cheaper.

I like the idea of using holly and ivy in my hair. It is very traditional and reminds me of those Christmas wreaths you can make. What I especially love about the hair band in the top left is that the berries have been frosted, making it all the more suitable for a Winter theme. The great thing is, it doesn't have to cost a lot and you could even use real holly instead of fake, if you desired. I always start craving ear muffs when it gets to this time of year. I have been tempted by styles like the Baby ear muffs (bottom left) which would definitely match the coat with fake fur trim that I have from Bodyline. Fake fur is always fun to wear and good for keeping warm. Ear muffs come in lots of different shapes and designs now, so there is lots of variety. I also think that around Christmas time, you can get away with a lot more. A cheesy Santa hat or a decoration you would stick on a gift are not normally things I would team with lolita but at this time of year, I just think "Go for it!". If I wanted something a bit quick and easy, I could tie a ribbon in to my hair. Ribbons are readily available. I even save the ribbons off the presents I get.

An easy way to nod at the Christmas theme is with jewellery. As soon as I saw the AP Country of Sweets re-release I thought the Gingerbread jewellery would be perfect for Christmas, and it is cute too! I also love wearing stars at Christmas and statement pieces with lots of pretty jewels. For the classic lolita, something like this deer ring would look perfect.

Of course, I would love to try some festive nail art this year. It is easy enough to remove when needed and helps to brighten up an outfit. My absolute favourite is the candy cane nails at the bottom! I will be searching "Christmas nails" on Youtube. Nail art has been very popular lately and there are channels and websites dedicated to nail art tutorials.

I have only really scratched at the surface of possible Christmas lolita ideas. I am sure my readers will be able to think of lots of other wonderful ideas to add to outfits. The most important thing is to have a bit of fun!

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Drosselmeyer's Wonder Box by AatP

Today I will be doing a very festive print discussion with the latest from Alice and the Pirates. It is called Drosselmeyer's Wonder Box. This series includes 3 dresses, a bustier, a skirt, a shirt, a headbow, a hat, socks and a necklace.

This is the OP. The bodice looks like it is a good shape and nips in nicely at the waist. There is a large white yoke part, which I think would look better if it didn't go the whole way across because the sleeves look a bit 'cut off'. However, the yoke is decorated very prettily with nice quality rose shaped lace and the collar part looks very decorative, but hopefully not too tickly on the neck. The brown buttons are a bit plain but are nice and shiny. The edge of the yoke has a line of ribbon with a hint of gold, which gives the tartan part a nice tidy edge. There is a bow on the front, placed just below the yoke. The bow is a good size (not too big, but also not too small) and it is nicely shaped. The bow also has 2 plain gold chains hanging from it, but they don't really add much to the design and look a bit plain. The bow is detachable. The sleeves are very straight and could maybe do with being a tiny little bit puffier to stop it looking too flat. The back has no shirring and there is not much detail to discuss. There is another line of ribbon around the waist, but I don't think this works so well here because the shiny texture of the ribbon shows up quite a bit here. The skirt shape is quite A-line in appearance which is good for classic. I actually believe this series could work with sweet lolita too, so the shape of the skirt shape may not appeal as much to some. The main part of the skirt is quite plain, so the print is displayed beautifully. The bottom hem is finished off with more of the ribbon used on other parts of the dress and then also, there is some very soft looking material so the bottom doesn't end to harshly.

This is the Clara JSK (or the military JSK as I have been calling it). I absolutely love the shape of the bodice, which is very nicely fitted and has a low scoop neckline which would be perfect for wearing with a blouse with some nice ruffle detailing around the collar! The belt emphasises the waist well and I usually find that having a solid coloured belt is good when wearing a tartan dress. It helps to stop the tartan from looking too over-whelming and a bit easier to wear. I am also loving the stripes and button detailing down the front. It fits in well with the print theme and I like the crest picture on the buttons. The material around the neckline is folded over to look like a collar, which gives the bodice extra depth and I think it looks very smart. To stop the military theme looking too harsh, the collar part is finished with beautiful rose lace, which adds a feminine touch. The sleeve width suits the shape of the dress well and are not too thin. The back has a panel of shirring which is covered by a ribbon corset. The ribbon used is black, which I think stands out a little bit more than the wearer would want, but I think in this case this is a minor issue. The skirt part on this dress is the straightest in this series, but I think that it suits this particular dress. I would definitely recommend an A-line petticoat here. The simple skirt means that the print is displayed well. The bottom hem is finished off with some fairly wide, but good quality lace.

This is the Mary JSK. I think the bodice on this dress looks a little strange. I don't know whether the bodice appears too low down or whether it just has very long straps. Either way, I can imagine the neckline might cut across the chest area and look a bit peculiar on some wearers. I am not sure I would be comfortable with how this dress would sit on me. The top of the bodice has a band of velveteen material. The material looks very soft and luxurious, but I think the overall shape could have been nicer. The velveteen is topped with a line of ribbon and a bow in the middle. The bow is small and cute and I think it is definitely needed there. The velveteen part is finished with a line of pretty lace. I actually would have liked to have seen a waist bow on this dress. If you had a detachable bow at the waist, then at least you would have more options. The waist ties are quite well concealed from the front view and so the waist does look a bit bare. The back has a panel and shirring concealed by a ribbon corset and this time, the ribbon blends in better. However, there are 2 lines of bright white lace on either side of the shirring, so you can still see the panel there. The skirt part still has quite a classic shape, but it does look rounder and will probably flare outwards quite a bit, so if you wanted to sweeten this series up, this dress could be a good option. Again, the skirt part has been kept relatively plain so you can see the print better. The lace along the bottom hem is quite wide, but I do like the use of ladder lace, which you can thread ribbon through.

Here is the print close-up. It is available in Canaria yellow, emerald green, cardinal red and navy. As this is a very Christmas themed set, I think the green and red look the best, with green being my absolute favourite. The navy is also quite pretty but I think the yellow looks horrible! I adore the toys on this print because they are all very old-fashioned. it is quite nostalgic. But I do find the teddy bear with the moustache and beady eyes a bit creepy (what is it with Baby/AatP and creepy bears lately?). I like the arches because they are very detailed, especially with the crowns. A personal favourite of mine is the shields and medals which appear at the top.

My current obsession with military in lolita shows no sign of slowing down. I really like this military style hat! I especially like the gold chain detail. The problem I have with this particular hat is that I don't think it would match a lot of items, so its uses might be a bit limited.

I really like the socks from this series! I think the idea of using medals is a bit different and I like the way it is laid out on this sock. I would really like a pair of these for my Meta Old Emblem skirt.

Although this series wont be appearing on my wishlist, I do find this set very appealing. I really like the military JSK design. And I would definitely like to get the socks. However, I would be very reluctant to actually buy this and the reason is that because this print is quite festive, I would be worried that I would only end up wearing this dress around Christmas time. The Christmas influence is quite strong. I reckon there will be lots of outfit posts with this set over the Winter, but after that the popularity might fizzle out a bit. I just don't think this series is strong enough to compete with AP's Twinkle Carnival this festive season.

Monday, 12 December 2011

So, I joined Lookbook...

I am not really sure why, but I signed up to Lookbook at the weekend. You can already see my Lookbook badge on the right hand side of this blog, or you can find me here-

You have to be very careful because there are no capitals in my username. Apparently, somebody has already taken Luna_Rain. It wouldn't surprise me if it was me creating an account ages ago, which I simply forgot about!

Basically, it is somewhere else for me to post my lolita outfits but at the same time I will be posting my non-lolita stuff too. So there will be stuff on there which wont be appearing on this blog. It will also be useful if anybody wants to give me concrit, because sometimes I forget to post on Daily Lolita and here! My lookbook is quite empty at the moment but hopefully it will fill up some more in the next few months.

If you want me to become your fan or if you know somebody who you think I will like, then do let me know. I have already fanned a few people but there are still loads more people out there to look through!

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Twinkle Carnival by AP

Today I shall be looking at Twinkle Carnival by Angelic Pretty. This is a small series with 2 JSKs, a skirt and socks, with some other matching items available on the website. This series is already on the website but I am guessing it will have mainly sold out by the time I have written this.

This is the Halter style JSK. The bodice looks very shapely and well fitted. The material has lots of folds, which gives it extra texture and stops it looking too flat. In the middle there is the criss-crossed ribbon. The ribbon is satin, but thankfully, it doesn't look too shiny. The ribbon looks tidy and is well-spaced. The neckline has a line of chiffon, topped with thin lace. The main focus here is the chiffon, which is just the right width to go along this neckline and looks pretty. I am glad this is a JSK and not a OP, because with a blouse underneath the JSK, I don't need to worry about that chiffon getting itchy! I like the halter-neck straps, which are a decent length and make this dress very versatile.

The back has shirring which is well concealed by a ribbon corset. The chiffon from the neckline ends at either side of the shirring panel, which you would think would draw attention to the shirring. Actually, it doesn't look too bad! As you can see, the back has lots of chiffon, due to the chiffon bustle back. The chiffon layers are well spaced out. The layers are draped softly, so it doesn't stick out too harshly. The skirt part is very rounded and will accommodate loads of petticoat underneath. The length does look a bit short, but the chiffon along the bottom hem gives a bit of extra length. Where the main dress meets the chiffon, the edges are lined smartly with pretty lace. It looks very neat and tidy. Overall, the dress is simple but it shows off the print brilliantly.

This is the Switching JSK. The bodice is a pretty shape and does not appear to have a lot of loose, baggy material.

I was very impressed with the waist bow. It is incredibly detailed for something which usually is not given a lot of attention. I like the way it is folded to give extra movement and the pearls are a nice addition. I am a little unsure about the chiffon right in the middle of the bow because when it is all bunched up like that it doesn't look like the same pretty chiffon like on the rest of the dress.

I am not really a fan of the low scoop neck and chiffon panel on the front. If you have a big chest, that could sit very awkwardly. I also think the sleeves look very odd. The material is crinkly (and reminds me of those crinkle fries) and looks too fussy. I also feel like the chiffon has randomly been stuck on the sleeves.

I also think the back of the dress looks a bit... odd. There is a panel of shirring, which is not covered up, but at the top there is ribbon criss-crossing between the 2 straps. It would be nicer if the ribbon was lower down to cover up the shirring. I just think the ribbon looks a bit odd so high up like that. The skirt part is lovely and round. It also appears longer in length than the other JSK. The skirt is quite plain which shows the print better. The bottom hem is finished off with some very thin lace and 2 layers of chiffon.

There is no real "print close-up" for this series available on the website but pictures like these are very clear and gives you a good idea of how it looks. If I could sum up the golden horse in one word, it would be... beautiful! I simply adore the horses and little stars and twinkles. The print may be simple, but the overall effect is huge. It is like a maturer version of Sugary Carnival. The dresses and skirts are available in white, pink and black.

I am also lusting after the socks quite badly. I like how the poles have subtle card suit details to it. They are very decorative. The interesting thing about the socks is that they have a wider range of colours- ivory, pink, wine, brown and black. I think AP were expecting the socks to be very popular, especially if people can't afford the dresses right now. And all the colours appear to have sold out already (no surprises there!).

So overall, I think this is going to be a brilliant series! I have not been this excited about an AP print for quite some time. I love the halter-neck JSK the most and I think the ivory colour is my favourite (although I would happy with any colour). My only worry is that since typing this discussion up, I have seen unflattering pictures where the material on both dresses looks very shiny and it doesn't look as appealing as the stock photos. I will definitely be keeping an eye out for that when people start posting their outfits online. However, I still feel very strongly about this series and I have made a note about the halter-neck JSK and skirt on my wishlist (just in case!). I definitely approve, for now at least!

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

I got Melty Moon!

I have wanted it ever since it first appeared on the Angelic Pretty website and it has been top of my accessory wishlist ever since, and I FINALLY got a Melty Moon Ring! I used Japonica Market again and the service was just as good as last time, so I wont repeat my review again. The main difference about this order was that instead of doing a Buy It Now, I had to bid this time. When I got outbid, I sent an email and asked for my maximum bid to be increased. I thought I would have to re-submit the order form and have to send another deposit but my bid was increased without having to do anything else. So I was very impressed! This might have been because my maximum big was not increased by a large amount. My only regret is that I probably spent a bit too much (and I am a little embarrassed to admit how much it cost me in the end!) and because the shipping to me is worked out by cost of the item and not weight, I did end up getting hit quite badly with the shipping price. However, I was prepared to go that extra mile to get something I really wanted and so I was prepared to pay more. Overall cost aside, this has been a very positive experience.

The item was very well packaged.

There were so many layers of bubble wrap! The ring was securely wrapped and I had trouble getting in to it.

Finally, I got to the ring! The ring is absolutely perfect and just what I was expecting. I could not be any happier! I also got given a free Angelic Pretty sticker, which is very cute.

I had to try it on straight away. The yellow and the pink rings were my top colour choices, so I got quite lucky. Although I wont be able to buy it at the moment, in the future I will be looking for the matching necklace in pink or yellow. I have recently missed out on the yellow necklace twice, once because I found it too late and once because I had already spent out on the ring.

If anybody does spot the necklace in pink or yellow, do let me know!

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Decoration Dream by Angelic Pretty

Today I will be taking a look at Decoration Dream by AP. This set is already available. The set has 3 dresses, an apron style skirt, a bonnet, a head bow and socks.

This is the OP. I was a bit disappointed with the bodice shape. It is very square in appearance and it also looks as though there is a lot of baggy loose material. So it may not fit well. However, the sleeves are nicely shaped with their slightly puffy appearance. The sleeves are finished with very cute star lace and some very shiny bows. The bows are a bit too shiny for me. I also like the square neckline and neck ties. There is a waist bow, which is large, but it is nicely shaped and looks quite sturdy. If you dislike large bows, then you can detach it, but I think the dress looks plain with it removed. I like the semi-circles of lace, but I dislike the decoration used on the flap of material on top of it. The flap has this cheap looking zig-zag lace on it. This is finished off with a small ribbon bow. I was disappointed with the back of the bodice because it has a massive shirring panel and it is very exposed and obvious. There is nothing there to conceal it. The skirt part is very rounded and has a pretty shape to it. It will hold a decent amount of petticoat underneath. The skirt has been kept plain, but that helps show off the print better. The bottom hem is finished off with more of that ugly zig-zag trim, but right at the bottom there is some cute cake lace.

This is the first JSK. The bodice shape is thankfully better than the OP. However, I think the details on this bodice don't look very well thought-out. The ribbon is a very beautiful shape and I like the folding to give it extra depth, but the bow is very shiny. The ribbon is satin, but it looks cheap on this dress. I dislike the panel of 3 layers of lace. It is very busy and fussy.

Thankfully, the lace panel is detachable! I think the dress looks better with it removed. The back of the bodice has a panel of shirring concealed by a ribbon corset. It looks a lot tidier than the back of the OP. This skirt is very similar to the OP- rounded, spacious and plain, so you can see the print better. Luckily, the bottom hem has none of that horrible zig-zag trim and just has the cake lace at the bottom.

This is the other JSK. I think this dress has the best bodice in this series. The bodice is nicely fitted and has a good shape to it. I love the use of lace, which looks lovely and frilly and also well placed. The lace running down the front is topped with different coloured bows. The ribbon material is still very shiny, but these small bows look cute and the colours go well with the dress. The waist ribbon is huge but considering its size, it is impressive how well it holds its shape. The waist bow is detachable and the good thing is, that when you removed it, the dress does not look too plain without it. The straps are a good width. The straps also very stretchy, so will be good for plus-sized lolitas.

The back of the bodice has a panel of shirring concealed by a ribbon corset. Again, this is a lot nicer than the OP. I am undecided about the bustle back on this dress. Instead of using a contrasting material (such as chiffon) like a lot of other dresses do, this bustle uses the same material as the main dress part, but uses the less crowded bit at the top of the print. Although it is good to try something different, there is a very harsh break in the print. I am unsure whether I like the sudden break in to the lesser crowded print part. The bustle shape is ok and nicely spaced. It doesn't flare backwards too much, so wont make the backside look too huge. The skirt part is identical to that on the OP. Sadly, this means there is more of that zig-zag trim which I really dislike. The main difference is this JSK has more gathering, but luckily this does not obscure the print too much.

And now, for the print close-up. I think this picture is a bit deceptive because the colours look a lot brighter and clearer. The print looks a bit more washed out when you look at it on the actual dresses. Whilst I love the cakes, it does remind me of Memorial Cake and to be honest, I prefer Memorial Cake over this series. The cakes are very cute and they are very decorative. My favourite parts are the smaller cupcakes and the horse cookies. Also, there are macarons, which I adore! As for the colour, I think the black colourway would best display the print, but I would probably choose yellow or sax.

This is the headbow. I like the way that this bow has been shaped. The folds make it interesting. It is quite large, but it does look just like the sort of decorative bow you would use when decorating something. It suits the series well. In my opinion, this bow looks a lot better than the bonnet that is part of this series.

My favourite part of the set is the socks. They remind me of Wonder Cookie (this set's design is not really that original) and if I didn't have the matching WC socks already, I would have considered getting these. The horse cookies look very cute on the socks and I love the pastel colours used.

Overall, I don't think is a series I would go for. Although I like the design on the 2nd JSK, in all honesty, I would prefer to buy another series instead of this one. I just don't love this print that much. The horse cookies are cute but I simply prefer the cake design used on Memorial Cake. I would probably choose the yellow for this series because MC does not come in yellow (and the yellow is pretty cute). I think this is going to be one of those series which grows on me the more I see it, but for now I will be giving it a miss. I do predict that this series will be popular but it may take a bit of time before people start to notice the set's potential.

F Yeah Lolita- back to blogger!

So today I am re-blogging the news that F Yeah Lolita has returned to Blogspot. There is a give-away going on with lots of cute goodies worth $75. Do go and check it out!

Friday, 2 December 2011

Happy International Lolita Day- Winter 2011!

It completely slipped my mind that it was International Lolita Day tomorrow! I hope you are all going to have a lovely day full of frills. Sadly, I am not doing anything special tomorrow. I will probably put on some nice clothes whilst I am going about my daily business!

Don't screw this up Bodyline!

I have been watching the Bodyline design contest entry winners every month, and I am a fan of the design that won for November.

This would not normally be my usual kind of style, but I think the dress and matching items are adorable! The designs might be heavily influenced by brand in some places, but wont it be interesting to see how Bodyline does this design? Sadly, we will probably have to wait about 6 months to see the final design. A massive well done to the person who made this. I think you have done a good job! I really hope the final product matches your artistic vision for the design.

This has got me debating whether I should enter the design contest again. I figured that if I submit a design now, it might be ready in time for my birthday in July. I was a bit disappointed when I saw there were items on Bodyline's website afterwards which appeared to have bits of my design, when I didn't even win the contest! That is my issue with it- once you submit that design, it is in Bodyline's hands and there is nothing you can do about it. I have actually got a few ideas in mind but this time, I am keeping my favourite designs back.

P.S- Bodyline, I have not seen a single price fall down for your December Christmas "sale". I think you need to look the word up in the dictionary. But thank you for reducing the air shipping fee!
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