Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Luna's Lucky Pack Diary Part 3

Okay! Hopefully this will be the last entry before I finally get my pack. My action plan is to video myself opening the pack and take lots of photos too. Then I will post it on here, provide a link on EGL or the Lucky Pack community that was recently created and maybe post it on www.myasianfashion.com as well.

So today I got an email from Meta! They were very apologetic towards me and kindly informed me that my pack is being shipped. I don't have a shipping email as of yet but I saw that some girls got their tracking the day after it got sent out. I will look in my husband's inbox tomorrow to see if I have had a further response. I have heard some horror stories about people getting black listed by Meta but they were genuinely very helpful in my email. Maybe some people just worded their emails a bit wrong and Meta took it the wrong way?

I have been watching the sales community with interest. Already there are a lot of the pink bling bags available for sale or trade. In fact, I don't think I have seen a black bag on sale yet apart from one girl. I wonder if the 2nd half of the lucky pack batch has the black bags? That is good news for me because that is the bag I wanted! Before any information about the Meta packs came out at all, I predicted there would be a lot of those rose printed dresses. I think it is called Old Rose? My prediction has come true and I am predicting that this will be the dress I get in my lucky pack. I don't mind this dress. I would perhaps prefer to get a solid colour JSK instead but if I get the rose dress I will keep it. I am really excited!

Please stay tuned for my lucky pack video. You will be able to see my initial reactions to the contents and I will try to show lots of close-ups too. It is great to finally stop worrying!


  1. Hurrah, well hopefully you'll get it soon!

  2. Fingers crossed for you!

  3. Hey if you get a solid color/not the old rose let me know and maybe we can work out a trade :)

  4. I also have my tracking number now. It is in Osaka and making its way to England! YES!!!!! :D


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