Thursday, 13 January 2011

Luna's Lucky Pack Diary Part 4 FINAL!

I have spent the last week watching my lucky pack tracking and today I finally arrived! However, there was a little more stress to come. My package got held up in customs for 4 working days. I knew straight away I had a nasty customs charge coming. The damage was £42.60. Ouch. In the end James paid on my behalf so that is something else I need to pay back. My pack arrived at about 9.30am this morning. I had to wait until about 6 to open my pack so that James could video me opening it. Needless to say, it has been absolute torture all day. I really wanted to rip it open but I held out and now I have a video to show you all! So you can either watch the video so you can experience the opening with me or you can scroll down and view the photographs right away.

Just so the people watching the video don't ruin the surprise (although I pretty much got all my pack predictions correct!) I am going to post a link to my photo album instead of posting the photos.

If you want to watch the video first, then don't read beyond this point. I am about to discuss the contents.

As predicted, I got the Old Rose dress with matching detachable bow and bloomers. A lot of people got these items so I am not in the slightest bit surprised. I am quite happy with these items. I would have been happier with a solid colour JSK but I will probably wear my Old Rose dress so I have decided to keep all these items. The dress has a panel of shirring which is great news. I have not tried the dress on yet but I can tell it looks quite roomy. The rest of the dress details are very pretty. I was a little disappointed with the straps. The ends were loose. I think it is meant to look like this anyway but it looks a little untidy. Thankfully this will be tucked away and hidden from view. The built in petticoat is pretty standard for Meta. There is the dress lining and then a stiff lining so the skirt puffs out a little. I have got the same stiff lining in my Old Emblem skirt. It is a tiny bit scratchy but you get used to it. Most of the time it is kept away from your legs so I am not too phased by it.

I got the pink bling bag! I knew I wouldn't get the black version. It is a shame because I definitely would have liked the black bag. However, I am happy to keep my pink bag. It is still quite cool. I didn't realise how spacious these bags were. You can fit a lot inside and it also zips up to help keep your belongings safe. The lining is leopard print material. It is sort of like having a hidden wild side! It doesn't surprise me at all that Meta designed it this way. I love the emblem logo. I am undecided as to whether I prefer the emblem design or the swan design from the Summer lucky packs last year. If I had got the black version I would have been able to pair the bag with my Old Emblem skirt! I fully intend to use my bling bag. I quite like having such a glittery item!

The necklace I got was the one that I would have preferred. I have been watching people opening their lucky packs and out of all the jewellery that I have seen so far, I think the necklace I got was the best. However, it doesn't really match the rest of the pack items! I am keeping this necklace. I am sure I will find a use for it. I like Meta's swan logo a lot.

Then there is the sheer chiffon blouse. This is the item I am most undecided about. It looks very flimsy and obviously I will need to wear something else with it or everybody will see my bra. It will probably look quite good under my new dress but I would have liked something a bit more practical. At the moment most of my wardrobe is skirts so obviously I am only going to be able to wear this blouse with a select number of items. I like the ruffly collar. I disliked the neck tie because it is quite thin so it just sits there not doing very much. Although I have taken the blouse out of the packet, I have not worn it yet so if anybody would like to offer a trade (preferably a UK lolita so UK people will get priority) then please contact me. The blouse has a few loose threads which just need gently cutting off. I may still decide to keep the blouse but I would like to see what offers I get.

Overall, I am happy with my pack. I would have liked some socks. A part of me wishes I had held out for the 10000yen packs. I like my dress despite a lot of other girls getting the same dress. There were no real surprises here. Would I recommend lucky packs? If you want some basic pieces to build up your wardrobe then I think a lucky pack is a good option. Although I had a lot of stress with my pack (see previous lucky pack diary entries!), I think I was quite an extreme case and most of the others had a lot less hassle than I did. You will need to be prepared for custom fees. £42.60 is quite bad. If a dream print of yours came up, then go for the dream print and not the lucky pack. Is Meta the best company to buy these from? The packs always get a bit of a mixed reaction. I was generally very happy but I spied some Baby the Stars Shine Bright lucky packs that I might try to get if I order lucky packs in the future. Meta can be a bit hit and miss so a lot of it depends on your feelings towards Meta's quality as a whole.

So, this concludes my lucky pack diary. Thank you for sticking with me to the end! My new Closet Child order also arrived today so expect an update on that soon. The dress I purchased was not a dream dress of mine but it did place on my wish list, so more on that next time.


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