Monday, 17 January 2011

Closet Child Jan 2011 order- neutral feedback

Due to some very hard saving, I was able to buy a second hand brand dress as well as my lucky pack. So I went on Closet Child because I had a good experience with them when I ordered my Meta Old Emblem skirt from them. Whilst my experience this time was relatively positive, there was a slight drawback which is why the title says neutral feedback.

So I ordered my dress but at the same time I decided I really wanted this hair clip.

Some of you will already know how popular these star hair clips have been. They have been everywhere. I was shocked to find this Chocomint version was in stock on Closet Child. I quickly snapped up one in both colours alongside my dress. The dress was instantly removed from the website but the clips stayed put. This is what initially made me feel suspicious.

So after a few days I had not heard back from Closet Child. I am convinced the English speaking staff only work part-time. A few days after the order I got a message saying the star clips had sold out! It is so frustrating! I was watching the site a few days after the order and the clips were removed 2 days afterwards. I was fuming! I thought I had finally gotten hold of this clip which I have been searching desperately for, and then they go and tell me that actually, they hadn't put them aside and somebody else purchased them!

I decided to continue the order with just the dress but I am still searching for the star clip. And this is the dress I went for-

Wonder Cookie by Angelic Pretty. This is my first AP dress! As usual, Closet Child marked down the value so I didn't get hit with customs. The package also arrived quicker than expected. I was watching the tracking which said it was still in Tokyo and the following day I got a nice surprise when my order was delivered on the same day as my lucky pack. Very fast! The dress was well packaged too in a sturdy box. Closet Child had a lot of Wonder Cookie stuff on their site over the last few weeks. I decided to go for the white colourway and the condition was rated as 3/5. And just like my last order, I think 3/5 was quite a low rating for what I got. The dress was like new. I will need to get the iron out, but you expect wrinkles and creases after posting.

I got the halterneck style which has these little cookies on the front. I think they are really cute!

I didn't realise that the waist ties have a crease so the end looks like a heart shape. I wish the print was on both sides of the ties. You can also see the tea cups on the lace. There was no obvious yellowing or age anywhere. I was impressed.

The back ribbon and the shirring can be seen here. The ribbon is shiny but not as shiny as it appears in this photo.

I was also pleased to see that the fabric swatch and spare button were included. Apart from the removed tags, the dress really is like new.

Wonder Cookie was never right up at the top of my dream dress wish list, but I have always liked this print and so I had to get it. It was a close call- I almost got Strawberry Ribbon instead but I think I have purchased too many strawberry items recently!

So I am 100% ecstatic with my dress but this time Closet Child loses points for the star clip issues. And I would like to finish by saying that I really want to buy the matching white Wonder Cookie head bow. I have seen it online for 50 euros which I think is a little steep. If anybody knows where I can find a better price or if you have the bow and are looking to sell it- I REALLY WANT IT!!!!!!! So please bear me in mind if you spot it. I also would like the star clips if you can find them. I don't mind if it is the Chocomint or 6% Doki Doki version and I am happy with any colour. I will probably post a WTB post on EGL Sales sometime. Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


  1. Wonder Cookie is such a great print! Glad you managed to snag it through Closet Child and as your first AP dress too =)

  2. Thank you! I have loved Wonder Cookie since it first came out. It is a shame about the star clips but I love my dress.


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