Wednesday, 12 January 2011

A Camden update

I thought I would give everybody a little update on all things Camden seeing as I attended a meet last weekend. I met up with some friends for a J-Fashion meet. I had a really great time! I didn't take a lot of photos this time but I have this group shot of us taken by my husband James. Despite getting up extra early, I still managed to run out of time so I quickly pulled on my Meta Old Emblem skirt and chucked a leather jacket on top because it was cold but not cold enough for my Bodyline coat.

Meta Old Emblem seems to be my fail-safe skirt now. If I am unsure of an outfit, this skirt is always there as a back-up. I think I need to get myself more organised and take more risks!

I did a post about Camden a while ago here-

But since this post a lot of things have changed in Camden so this post will serve as an update.

Angel Pretty moves location

Angel Pretty moved location a while ago and was replaced with a tights shop. Some people believed it had completely closed down but instead it moved to the Lock Village Market. Note I said Lock Village Market and NOT the Lock Market. When the Canal Market suffered from a huge fire a few years ago, it was replaced with the Lock Village Market. When entering this market you should see some very cool motorbike seats and probably people sat on them eating. Angel Pretty is hidden away a little but it is right on the edge and if you can see the motorbike seats, you are in the right area. The path Angel Pretty is down is the furthest path to the left. I am sorry I can't be any more helpful with my directions.

As for the stock, it is similar to the stock they used to sell. Angel Pretty had a few questionable dresses that should probably be avoided and these are still present. There is also a lot of short skirts or tutus. The previous Angel Pretty had more of a sweet feel to it but they are stocking more gothic and punk items now. I didn't spot as many Taobao items this time but there were still a few recognisable items available. I spotted a blouse for £20 and the quality appeared to be a little better. The dresses take up most of the stock but there are some good accessories available now. I even picked up some duck earrings!

Sorry, I just can't resist ducks!

Cyber Dog are stocking 6% Doki Doki accessories

A lot of people reading this will not need an introduction to 6% Doki Doki. If you don't know who they are, they are a Japanese company that sells accessories, some of which are highly popular with lolitas. There is a certain metallic star hair clip they did which was a best seller and I have been trying to get hold of one for ages. Sadly, the star clip was not available this time but there were a few rings, clips and little bits on display. To find their display you will need to take the escalators downstairs. On one side of the escalator you will see a make-up display and the 6% Doki Doki stuff is on the opposite side to the make-up. It is kept in a glass cabinet and there is a cashier till nearby. I think you need to ask the staff to open the case for you. Cyber Dog is full of clubbing and raving clothing and the music is so loud you can actually feel it!

GLP/Sai Sai are selling more replicas

Contrary to popular belief, both of these sister shops are still open. They have not combined. Sai Sai moved location a little bit. It is now nearer to the main outside food court and seating area. It is in roughly the same area as before. GLP remains in the same location. In the past there have been a couple of replicas in these shops amongst their own merchandise. It used to mainly be Secret Shop shoe/sock replicas but there are now more replicas coming in, including dresses and coats. By far the most popular replica is the Milky Chan replica. It was everywhere in GLP. There were Baby replicas too. GLP seem to be using K-Star for most of their replicas. I don't know much about K-Star but I am assuming it is a Chinese Taobao brand.

A 3D Nail Bar has opened

I have recently tried to make my own deco nails so I am very excited about this new nail bar! They stock a couple of supplies but most of the stock is pre-made deco nails. I looked at one set of nails which which cost £35. The quality appears to be good. You can buy pre-made nails that you stick on yourself or you can get your nails done in the shop. As I went in there was one girl having her nails done. It was very interesting watching how it is done. The address number is 406 (basement area) of the Stables Market. It is a small shop tucked away in a corner. If you don't know it is there, it is easy to miss. They also have a website

This concludes my latest Camden update. I hope the new information is helpful for any future Camden visitors.

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