Thursday, 31 July 2014

Stocking Shock Tricorn Review- Positive

Today I am going to review the tricorn I recently purchased from Stocking Shock (A.K.A Peacockalorum). You can order from their etsy store, but I placed my order through here-
The Etsy store can be found here-

Ordering Process

The website is quite easy to navigate and the layout is simple. The payment buttons are big and easy to spot. However, it is not immediately obvious how long your items will take to make and I ended up having to go on the Etsy store to get a rough time estimate. The other issue is I am unsure how good the seller is at communication. During my order, I got the Paypal email and then didn't hear anything at all until the item was shipped. I was hoping to at least get some acknowledgement from the seller that they had seen my order and were in the process of making it. So communication could have been a bit better. My hat took approximately 2 weeks to make, which is what I expected from reading her Etsy information. I get the impression that the owner prefers orders to be placed through Etsy, as that is where you get the best information.


As Stocking Shock is a UK seller, it took just one day for my hat to arrive. I had been given a tracking number as well but in the end I didn't really need it. It will probably prove more useful to those in different countries! I suppose it is nice to have that extra peace of mind though.

The hat was packaged in a sturdy cardboard box and was taped up very well. It was very secure. I did give the box a gentle shake to see if the contents moved about inside, and they didn't. That may be because the box size was a bit of a tight squeeze to fit my hat in. But thankfully, the hat arrived safely and wasn't squished.

Inside the box, the hat was wrapped in a layer of bubble wrap and then a further layer of tissue paper. I love the colour of the tissue paper!

And here is the hat! I ordered the Dauphine hat in ivory with cream lace and ribbon. It costs £30 plus shipping and I think for the price you get a decent quality hat. I ordered this hat after seeing Sammi model it at Frock On last year, so I had a rough idea about what to expect. I noticed the colour seemed a bit darker on the website pictures,  but I was happy to see my hat was the colour I wanted. Stocking Shock offer a wide variety of colours, so there are many different combinations you could make.

The ribbon rose is such a beautiful shape. The ribbon used is of a good quality, as is the lace. I love the feather too.

I did notice a slight crease in the ribbon here, but with the style of hat I guess this is to be expected. It is not really noticeable.

The hat is secured in place with this plastic comb at the back. At first I was worried that the plastic comb wouldn't be enough to hold it in place but the comb is very firm, and it felt quite secure on my head. I do wonder if the comb may feel a little uncomfortable after a while, as it is very stiff. I found I was able to place the hat on my head very easily and it didn't move about. The sizing of the hat is good as well.

The stitching is very neat and I couldn't see any flaws with it at all. The lace sits nicely along the hat rim. It does sit a little strangely on the corners, but not enough to really stand out or look bad. Overall, I would say the hat construction is of a good standard.

Although I already have stuff from Stocking Shock, this was the first time that I had placed an order online through their store (previously I have either been given their stuff as presents or brought from conventions). Aside from the quietness of the seller, this was a very positive experience. The item was made in the time frame I expected and was packaged very well. As for the hat itself, I am very happy with it and I feel it has been made very well. Tricorn hats can be expensive too, so I think the £30 and shipping price tag was worth it. I would definitely recommend Stocking Shock, but it might be worth placing orders through the Etsy store instead, as I found out afterwards that the Etsy store was more informative.

Monday, 28 July 2014

Love Drug ~Sonnet~ Romantic Irony Entering For Juliet by Baby the Stars Shine Bright

Today I am having a look at the latest print from Baby the Stars Shine Bright. As you can see from the post title, this series has a very long-winded name, so from now on I will just be calling it Love Drug for short. This series includes- 6 dresses (2 non-printed, one with gobelin print), a skirt, 7 hair accessories, socks, tights, 2 blouses, a corset, a shawl and a gillet.

This is the Long JSK. The short bodice seems reasonably well fitted, but the overall shape is a bit simple. I'm not really a fan of the neckline. Gold ribbon has been used for the straps. The straps do look pretty, although I would have tied the ribbons facing outwards, not frontwards. My main concern though, is despite the good ribbon quality, the straps look very flimsy. The waist area has a soft lacy bow. I think the floppy style of bow is a good choice for this dress, as it seems to work well with the rest of the dress. The lace used for the bow is very pretty. The bow size is a bit big, but suits the dress. The bow is also detachable if you dislike it or would like to move it about, although I personally feel the bow attached to one side is the best look. I think the bow helps to 'soften' the rest of the dress. The chest area has a line of wide lace running across it. The lace does match up with the waist bow, but for some reason I seem to dislike it. Perhaps it is where it is placed. Above the line of lace, there are 3 gold bows. The bows use the same pretty gold lace as the straps and the shape is nice too. However, 3 bows of that size is just too much for that small area. They are so crowded and look like they are fighting for space. One bow would have been enough. The little panel that the gold bows sit on is decorated with tulle and gold braid. This is a very pretty idea, but I don't feel it has been executed that well. The back has a panel of shirring, which is concealed by a ribbon corset, keeping things looking neat. Once again, Baby have gone for their long dress style that they really seem to favour at the moment. The skirt has a good length to it and it flares outwards very well. It definitely has a good shape to it and avoids looking sack-like. It appears as if it will hold a decent amount of petticoat too. The main skirt is kept very simple in design and the print is displayed very well. The bottom hem is then finished off with a thin line of gold braid and multiple layers of lace. The lace is layered well, but I don't feel Baby have used the nicest lace. The lace comes across as quite cheap looking, although maybe it will look nicer in person. I just feel that Baby have used much nicer lace in the past and I was a bit disappointed when I saw this lace.

And here we have the Corset JSK. The bodice shape is very pretty and the bodice is very well fitted. The straps are a suitable width but are very plain in design.

Boring straps aside, I really love the bodice on this dress. I loved the pointed waist line and the gold braid helps to make the line look neat. The bodice features a ribbon corset on either side. This has been done using beautiful soft tulle ribbon. The ribbon is so light and romantic looking. The ribbon is well spaced out and never looks too bunched together. My only real concern is that the ribbon is held in place by flimsy looking lace loops which could break or fray quite easily. The middle panel of the corset is topped with 3 metal clasps. The clasps are well spread out and they work very well with the print beneath them. The clasp design is very pretty too. The neckline is lined with good quality lace with a very detailed design. The lace helps to soften the neckline a bit too. The neckline is then topped off with a gold tulle ribbon bow. The bow is a nice shape and size, and sits well on the dress. I personally could take or leave the bow. I think I would prefer the bodice without the bow, but I don't mind it being there either.

The back has a panel of shirring which is concealed neatly by a ribbon corset. The skirt appears to be a good length. Although in the stock photos the skirt seems to have a good, strong shape and avoids looking too shapeless, I think I prefer the shape of the skirt on the other JSK. This skirt isn't too bad though and it will still flare outwards a lot. It appears as if it will accommodate a reasonable amount of petticoat too. The print is displayed fairly okay, but the bottom is a little obscured because of the gathering. Underneath the print, the bottom has been slightly gathered. The shape created is very pretty, although as mentioned, it does obscure the bottom of the print a bit. The top layer if lace at the bottom is very pretty. However, the bottom of this dress still has 3 layers of that lace I dislike. I really do feel a softer, more solid looking lace would have been a better choice. If the very bottom layer of lace had been removed from this dress, I don't think it would have looked as bad though.

This is the OP. The bodice shape looks good and seems to fit well. The short printed part of the sleeves are pretty and have a cute amount of puff to them, but without looking too sweet. I like the soft, tulle bows on them too. As for the longer lace part, it doesn't appeal to me personally, but I think it has been executed well. The cuffs made of layered lace are very pretty and have a nice shape to them. The lace used matches up well with the bottom hem. I think it is a shame that Baby didn't make the lace parts detachable, because at least then you would have the choice to wear them either way. It is a bit hard to give a verdict on the bodice details, as most of them are concealed by those massive gold bows. The 3 gold bows are too big with long ribbon tails and the end result is cluttered and messy looking. The gold lace is pretty, but I think the way it has been used cheapens the design. On either side of the bows there appears to be 2 lines of lace running up both sides of the bodice. The lace is pretty, but it doesn't sit very well on the dress, as the bows get in the way. It just further adds to the clutter. On a more positive note, I do like the neckline detail though. There is a sheer lace panel topped with criss-crossed gold braid. It is such an interesting detail and it gives the dress a bit of a historical feel. The lace from the bodice continues along the neckline and the inside of the sleeves. It is nice lace, although it looks as though it might tickle the wearer a little! On the back, the bottom half of the bodice is solid and then there is a lace panel on the top half. I would highly recommend choosing your underwear carefully if you get this dress. The back is topped with a ribbon corset, despite there being no shirring. I suppose the ribbon will help give a bit of size flexibility, if you wanted to make the dress smaller, but otherwise it doesn't really offer a wide size range. I just feel the back looks a complete mess. The stock photos show the skirt has a good length and a strong A-line shape. If nothing else, I am glad these longer Baby dresses are looking a lot less shapeless now. The dress flares outwards quite well and has plenty of volume to it. The skirt design is kept quite simple and the print is displayed well. The bottom hem is then finished off with a line of gold braid and layers of the same lace used before.

And here we have part of the print close up. This series comes in ivory, pink, mint, bordeaux and black. All 4 colours seem to work with the print. It is a bit difficult to pick a favourite, but I quite like the colour I used for the OP photo in this post. As for the print itself, it is grand enough to match the OTT dress designs. The use of gold is bold and the frames are large. This print is not for the faint-hearted. I really like the cherubs dancing and the flowers around the main frame. I also like the Romeo and Juliet scenes inside the frames, but I am not sure I like that the pictures are on black and white. It looks a bit dull in comparison to the bold use of colours elsewhere in the print. I think at the very least, the frame pictures could have been done in muted colours instead of monochrome. I'm also a bit undecided about the very top of the print with the draping curtains. The design works very well with the Corset JSK, but maybe not so much with the other 2 dresses. 

I don't really understand the gillet from this series. In all the photos I have seen of it, it looks too fussy worn over the dresses. It adds too much bulk and I don't think it is the nicest shape either. I am not against over-garments such as over-skirts or even peignoirs, but I don't think this gillet works as well as those. It is also quite expensive for what you get. And when worn with this specific series, which is already rich with detail, it just looks too OTT. Even with a more simpler design I still don't feel it would work. Maybe somebody will find a creative use for it, but I personally don't get the point of it.

So this is yet another OTT longer dress offering from Baby. Whilst I think the dress shapes have improved, I don't think the print lives up to expectation. I am also very unsure about the lace used throughout this series. I also feel like Baby has been a bit too repetitive as of late and I am looking forward to discussing something a bit different. Would I buy this series? No, I wouldn't. If I did, I would choose the Corset JSK but I am undecided on what colour. Overall, this is not my sort of thing at all. I expect that this series will sell quite well, but I don't understand the appeal.

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Birthday Haul and a Valentines Thank you!

It was my birthday on Monday and I have lots of lovely new lolita-related things to review, but first things first, I need to write a thank you! I got a birthday valentine on Lolita Valentines on Sunday and I just wanted to say it was really appreciated. I have a strong feeling I know who made it, but whoever it was, thank you!

I am number 10-

So I had a really great time. I went on multiple adventures in both London and Oxford and got to see lots of lovely friends. I didn't dress up in lolita or anything because the UK is currently in the middle of a heatwave. Layering up in heavy frills is the last thing I feel like doing right now and I have been surviving on ice lollies.

But I thought people might like to see what I got and maybe do a bit of reviewing here and there.

First up, I got Gothic Lolita Punk from my friends Jo and Chris. I have not had a proper chance to read it yet, but after flicking through, it mainly seems to be a picture book which showcases well known lolita artists. There are familiar names such as Kira Imai, but some lesser known ones too. Although I may not follow the art tutorials, it is interesting finding out the process behind the art work. It is also quite fun to quickly flick through and admire the art. I think it is a shame that so few artists are represented in the book, but maybe that is because it is such a niche style that there are so few well-known artists.

I also got some Chocomint accessories and an Angelic Pretty ring from my husband James. I thought the kiss earrings would look cute with my Sugar Hearts skirt. They are the right sort of style and colour. The earrings are very heavy and maybe not for everyday wear. I have also decided to keep them wrapped up safely in bubble wrap because I fear I may break them! The design is very cute though. The felt stars have a 2 way clip on the back, just like their bigger 2 way clips. You can see the clip poking out very slightly, but it is only from certain angles. The felt has been cut well with no fluffy edges and the stitching is very neat. I have been looking to get an AP Sugar Hearts ring for ages, so I am ecstatic that James managed to get me one! The ring is typical of any AP jewellery. The ring is thick plastic and very firm.

I also got given this pink cardigan from James. I already reviewed the same cardigan in red before on this blog. The colour is a bit more salmon pink than pure pink but it will still match a lot of things in my wardrobe. I still think it is very cute.

James also got me these Bodyline chiffon blouses in black and pink. In recent times, my Bodyline items have arrived with small stains and stuff on them. This time around there were no such stains, but my black blouse was missing one of the sleeve bows. So in the end I took the other bow off to make it look even. That aside, the blouses were just fine and there was nothing wrong with the pink blouse at all. The pink blouse is again a bit more salmon pink than sugary pink, but in this case I actually prefer that.

The front ruffle is very generous. I found it made my bust area look a bit bigger! The ruffles really stick out and are full of volume. They have been generously gathered. I quite like the effect, but I think if they had been gathered any more then it would have been too OTT. There were a few loose threads, but otherwise the sewing is neat with no major issues. The buttons are a bit simple in design but are a reasonably good quality.

The sleeves are very stretchy. I found there was plenty of room in the sleeves and they felt very comfortable. The elastic isn't too tight. The pink bows are a slightly different colour but not too noticeable. I think the sleeves are perfect and they are super comfortable.

The back has a ribbon corset on the back, which will help make the blouse a bit smaller if need be. I worry the lace hoops holding the ribbon in place may fray or become damaged, but this seems to be quite a typical design for lots of brands.

Being chiffon, the material is a bit see-through. If I were intending to wear this blouse with a camisole underneath (instead of under a JSK) then I would need to cut these labels out. If you didn't know the labels were there, then maybe you wouldn't notice them, but I am still considering cutting them out.

And here is a very poor worn picture of the blouse with a camisole underneath! I apologise for the bad picture. I took it whilst my husband was at work, so I had to do a mirror shot. I think it looks really pretty when worn. I think the website's size listings were pretty accurate. The materials feel really soft too. It is just as comfortable as some of my other chiffon blouses and feels so light.

I would like to thank all of the people who sent me birthday messages on facebook and elsewhere. They were all very much appreciated. I had a really great long weekend and I feel so grateful to know so many wonderful people. Thank you all. And I hope my blouse review was helpful!

Monday, 21 July 2014

Lucienne Dream by Angelic Pretty

Today I will be taking a look at Lucienne Dream by Angelic Pretty. This series includes 2 dresses, a skirt, 2 hair accessories, socks and a pair of gloves.

This is the OP. The bodice is seemingly well fitted, although I find some of the bodice shapes a bit weird, as if they could have been done a bit better. The main part of the bodice is a bit too square and block-looking. The heart shaped neckline is cute though. I think the sleeves could do with being a slight bit shorter and with a bit more puff to them. The sleeve design is also very basic looking. There is a waist bow, which is a bit big. It looks okay, but I think if it had been a bit smaller it would have looked better. The bow shape is cute though and looks very perky. It sits brilliantly on the dress.

The bodice is made up of different panels. The main part of the bodice is solid coloured and it seems to work better on some colour ways than others. I feel the pink and black versions work a bit better than the other 2. I can't quite put my finger on it, but something about the solid colour just doesn't feel quite right with the other 2 colours. The main bodice part is finished off with a nice heart shaped neckline, which is topped off with a thin line of gold lace. The gold lace has been used neatly and it matches up well with the use of gold on the skirt. There are also solid coloured "straps" which give the illusion of this dress being a JSK. The straps are gathered and have a nice amount of texture, with a cute shape too. However, they do make the shoulder area look wider too. There is then a sheer tulle panel, which meets the solid coloured neck ruffle. I feel the bodice maybe has too many different materials going on here. The neck ruffle is very cute though. I think the pleats have been done very neatly and the lace blends in perfectly. The neck area is finished off with a cute small bow. Keeping everything the same colour here helps to keep it neat.

The back is kept plain and there is no shirring. The stock photos show that the skirt has plenty of volume and flares outwards beautifully. It has a wonderful full, rounded bell shape to it. It will hold plenty of petticoat underneath. Aside from the lace, which is paired with the print anyway, the skirt is kept simple in design. So the print design is displayed really well. The bottom hem is finished off with a neat line of pleats, which matches up well with the neck ruffle.

This is the JSK. The bodice looks a bit lumpy in some of the photos and the bodice shape is quite simple and maybe a bit boring. It looks very square, with lots of straight lines. The straps are a good width. AP maybe could have gotten away with making them a bit thinner. The strap design is very interesting though. They have a line of pleats, which gives it an interesting texture and also gives them a bit more depth. The lace used on the straps is of a good quality, but I don't think I would have bothered with it. The straps would have looked just fine with just the pleats. The waist bow is again a bit on the big side. It does have a good shape and sits nicely on the dress though. The bodice features a ribbon corset design. The ribbon is threaded using gold eyelets, which are generally well concealed by the ribbon anyway. I think the eyelets are a good, reliable way of attaching the ribbon without being too flimsy. The ribbon has been spaced out well and doesn't look too bunched together. The ribbon appears to be of a good quality too, and only has a slight sheen to it. Either side of the ribbon corset, there are multiple lines of lace running up the bodice. I like the design and I am glad AP used thin lace, as wider lace would not have suited this design. It does line up weirdly with the strap lace though and again, I do feel it would have been better if they hadn't used lace at all on the straps. The back has a panel of shirring which is concealed well by a ribbon corset. The stock photos show that the skirt is full and has plenty of volume. It flares out really well and creates a lovely bell shape. The skirt design is again kept simple, apart from the lace used as part of the print, so the print is displayed very well. The bottom hem is finished off with pretty crown themed lace. I do feel though, that a line of solid coloured pleats could have looked a bit better. 

And there isn't a print close up available for this series! This series is available in pink, blue, brown and black. I have found that for the OP I prefer the pink, but for the JSK I like the brown version the best. The black is a standard colour, although I feel it looks a bit harsh. I am not a fan of the blue at all, as I feel the shade of blue they used is far too dark. As I mentioned above, the skirts feature lace, which very cleverly make the chain for the bird cages. It is a really lovely idea and I think it works well. And as for the printed bird cages, they have been drawn so beautifully. I really love the cage designs. However, I am finding it difficult to really fall in love with these series. I think the reason for that is I think the bird cages in the print are placed too close together. They need to be spread out a bit more, or maybe the lace and bows used for the chains need to be thinner. Something about how they have been placed just feels a little odd. 

I also find this cage hair accessory a bit questionable. Something about the pearl bead design just feels a bit cheap. I also feel that the pearls do not match up that great with the print. Also, this headdress looks a bit messy and wonky. The bow at the top could also do with being a bit smaller. There is just something about the overall look of this piece that looks really off.

So overall, I think this series has some good ideas but I am not that impressed by the final result. It is a shame, because I do think the bird cages have been drawn so well. I don't think all the colours work together and some parts of the dress designs are a bit weak. So I wont be buying anything from this series. if I had to though, I would pick the JSK in brown. I think the print works best with the more muted colours. It is a shame, as I feel this series could have had a lot more potential.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

My Latest Taobao Haul- Picture Heavy

Before I start today's post, I would like to warn people that there is a small possibility that my Monday post might be late. It is my birthday! But hopefully if all goes to plan, you wont notice anything different.

A few weeks back I did a big Taobao order and today I shall be reviewing it. I used Taobao Spree again to place my order. I don't think it is worth me reviewing Taobao Spree again as I am clearly happy with the service they offer. However, if you do want to see my Taobao Spree review the last one is here- 

I going to list the names of the stores and give a link to the shop front. 

Kira Kira- Store link

I am starting off today with Kira Kira, which is a Taobao store that is slowly increasing in popularity. They do loads of cute hair accessories in a wide variety of colours. I was told that the items from this store would take about 2 weeks to make. I would definitely recommend this store, especially if you are looking to expand your hair accessory collection. 

The first thing I ordered was this navy blue rose clip with dangling pearls and bow. The Taobao listing was set out clearly and it was easy to work out which colour code I needed to order. Instead of listing things by their colour, they use an alphabet letter system, so if you see two that are a similar colour but are not sure which to order, the letter system means you know exactly which colour you are getting. As you can see the fake rose is of a good quality. I spotted no fabric fraying at all. The ribbon is a bit shiny, but there were no loose threads at all. I do think the ribbon bow could have been tied a bit neater, but apart from that I think this item is lovely.

On the back, the clip is attached to a simple alligator clip, which I prefer anyway as barrette clips can be a bit fiddly. There is just the tiniest of glue marks on the back but it is not noticeable. In fact, looking back at this picture, I can't even see where the glue spot is!

I also got this pink and white bow clip. Again, the roses are of a decent quality. This time the ribbon used is grosgrain ribbon, which is matte. I am not too keen on the 2 random pearls attached to the ribbon on the outer edges, as I find the placement a bit odd.

The pearl chain and glass charms are spaced out evenly and dangle nicely. The lace used is very pretty too. I love the lace design.

And finally from Kira Kira, I got this beautiful white hair piece with side veil. The listing was a little confusing as it gave the option of either head band customisation or overall customisation. So I wasn't really sure what the difference between the two options was. I opted for overall customisation, which it turns out was the option I wanted anyway. The head band is a good size for an adult head and it feels very comfortable to wear.

The veil material is soft and the tiers are layered well. I love the way they hang down, but I think the veil could have done with being slightly longer. It still looks amazing when worn though. The top tier of the veil has small dotted pearls all over it (you can see one of the pearls in the photo above) which is a really lovely detail. The lace used is of a reasonably good quality. The flower design of the lace matches up well with the floral design.

The veil is topped with a small pearl chain with a bow and cross charm. The cross charm is so pretty. I actually think the bow is a bit too bulky for where it is though. 

The large clusters of fake roses is maybe a bit OTT for some but I think the end result is amazing. Again, there is no fraying fabric on the roses. I did notice that one of the petals had fallen out of place so I will probably have to sew that, but that was the only issue I had with this veil.

And if the roses and veil were not OTT enough, the base is like a lacy headdress too! This veil is not for the faint hearted! The lace used is of a same level of quality as the other items I ordered. The ribbon used is again a little shiny, but I don't think matte ribbon would have worked as well in this instance. 

So overall, I do feel that you get good value for money with Kira Kira. They have some very lovely OTT pieces, but also some more simple stuff. There is a good range of sweet and classic items. Some of the designs definitely remind me of Japanese brand items. I think I will be ordering again from Kira Kira, as their items make good wardrobe fillers.

Rococo Soul- Store Link 

Next up is the gloves I purchased from Rococo Soul. Unfortunately I got the last pair of gloves! But keep an eye out, because maybe Rococo Soul will release more gloves in the future. The lace used is of a fairly good quality. I have been searching for gloves for quite some time and out of all the ones I have seen, these gloves are some of the best I have seen. I love the frothy looking lace wrist parts too.

Although the ribbon is a little bent in this picture, that is easily fixed. I really love the crown bow brooch on these. The ribbon used is soft and has a lovely slight shimmer to it. The crown part is lovely too, with no missing rhinestones, although I have a feeling I have seen these crowns used elsewhere. I swear I have seen a crown necklace using the same crown. The rhinestones help perk up the ribbon bow too, without looking too OTT. The pearl chain is a nice finishing touch.

Then I tried the gloves on and they fitted perfectly. The material feels so soft against my skin. Sometimes lace gloves can feel a bit scratchy, but that is not a problem with these gloves at all. I could see myself wearing these gloves comfortably for a very long time. I am about a glove size 7, which I think is about perfect for these gloves. The material is a bit stretchy, but I wouldn't risk it if your hand is much bigger than a 7.

Lele- Store Link

These butterfly clips from Lele were a bit of an impulse buy, but they were so cheap and for the price I paid I was happy with what I received. The butterflies are on simple alligator clips. They are easy to use and seem to stay in place well. The colours are vibrant. The butterflies are quite realistic looking and the wings have plenty of detail to them. I even got given a free orange butterfly ring with my order. It was a shame that they didn't give me a ring in a matching colour, but it was still lovely to get a little something extra.

Infanta- Store Link

I also ordered a navy blue blouse from Infanta. This blouse is their Fairy Dance design. I have heard online that Infanta blouses run a bit small, so I deliberately went up a size. Although I get the impression I would have fitted my usual size, I am glad that I did go a size up. It certainly didn't look too big on me and it felt quite comfortable. The chiffon is very soft and feels like it is of a good quality. The buttons are a bit simple in design, but for the cheap price I am not complaining about it. 

The sleeves have an elasticated band, which helps it to fit better. I was a bit concerned the sleeves may not drape nicely because of it, but it actually doesn't look too bad (see below). The lace has a very pretty design, but I feel it is a little too wide.

The off-shoulder design will probably not suit everybody (especially those with a wide shoulder) but I still think it is a good design. The neck ruffles sit nicely. I couldn't see any loose threads anywhere and the construction was good.

There is a ribbon corset on the back, which gives a bit of size flexibility. Due to going a size up, I found I had to lace myself quite tightly. 

Here is one photo of how the arms drape.

And here is another, with my arm a bit further down. Out of all the photos, I think this last one is the closest to what the colour looks like in person. I do feel the blouse sleeves could have draped a bit better, but it looks better in person than it does in my photos. The sleeves are meant to be 3-quarter length, which can be a tricky length. I personally think it looks good and you can tell it is meant to be that length, instead of giving the illusion of the blouse being too short. But with the stretchy band I found I could push the sleeves up a bit and it had a nice effect. The blouse is a bit see-through (I am actually wearing a top underneath the blouse in these photos) so it will require a camisole or to be worn underneath a JSK.

Little Dipper- Store link

Finally, I ordered a navy blue underskirt from Little Dipper. I think that technically it is meant to be a skirt or petticoat? But a lot of lolitas have been using them as an underskirt. It is good to know I do have the option of wearing it as a normal skirt though. It is a very versatile piece. This underskirt works out at roughly £25 and for the quality I do feel this is worth it.

Little Dipper have 2 listings for this underskirt. One appears to just have one length and the other has a variety of different lengths. I told my Taobao agent my waist measurement, just in case, so that I knew for sure that it would fit. I ordered the navy blue underskirt with the 60cm length. This photograph shows the most accurate colour for the skirt in real life. I can't get over how full and full of volume the skirt is. But despite its weight, it still flared out well when I stuck petticoats underneath it and it created a really pretty shape. Sadly, I forgot to take worn photos of the skirt though. The materials are lovely and soft. The length was definitely accurate. I actually found this skirt a bit too bulky to wear underneath the dress I was planning to use it with, but I feel that is more down to my choice of dress, rather than a problem with the skirt. As this is my first underskirt, I think I need to learn how to layer it properly and experiment a bit with it.

The waist band is fully elasticated. When I put it on I found it very stretchy with plenty of room to spare. However, it is worth noting that the elastic is very strong and I found it clung to me quite tightly. If you are somebody who suffers from digestive problems or has a sensitive stomach, you might find this skirt digs in a little too much.

And here is a shot of the ruffles at the bottom of the skirt. The stitching has been done so neatly and there were no loose threads anywhere. The ruffles are neatly layered and have lots of shape and movement to them. It certainly creates a very dramatic effect. 

So overall, I think this was a very successful Taobao order. There isn't anything in the order that I am unhappy with and the quality is well worth the price paid. Taobao Spree and my favourite agent Cici were wonderful, as usual. Once again, my Taobao order didn't get hit by customs either. I was surprised by that, considering I got EMS shipping and my package was so big! This order has just encouraged me to place even more Taobao orders in the future. Once you get the hang of it, Taobao is definitely a good option for getting cheap lolita items.

Monday, 14 July 2014

Wonder Story Comes in the Rose Blooming Night by Baby the Stars Shine Bright

Today I am taking a look at Wonder Story Comes in the Rose Blooming Night by Baby the Stars Shine Bright (what is it with Baby and their long-winded print names...). This series includes 2 dresses, a skirt, a bag, 5 hair accessories, 2 blouses and tights. There is also an additional non-printed dress set.

This is the Heart JSK. The bodice seems fairly well fitted. The bodice shape is really interesting and I love the deep heart neckline. The neckline may not suit everybody though. The straps are a good width for the dress. They are lined with lace on the outside, but I'm not sure the lace used here is the best choice. It is pretty, but I think it is a little too wide and looks a little flat in comparison to the lace on the rest of the bodice. There is a waist bow, which is a good size and lined neatly with lace. However, the bow is a bit droopy looking and seems to sag a bit. The bodice design is very strong with plenty of detail, so I'm not sure the waist bow is really needed. As for the bodice, there is lace and gold braid used to create a heart shape on the bodice. The design is bold and interesting. The lace sits really well on the dress and has been done very neatly. The lace along the neckline help to emphasise the heart themed bodice well. I love the additional card suit lace along the neckline too, which matches the dress print well. Inside the lace heart, there is a line running up the front centre of the bodice, which is topped with alternating ribbon bows and buttons. Some may say the bow and button design is too clustered and OTT, but I think it looks good. The spacing has been done well. The only thing I would change is maybe to put an additional button underneath the third bow, just to fill in that empty bit of space at the bottom. The ribbon used for the bows is really pretty and I like the gold detailing. The bow shapes are cute too and a good size. The buttons used are very decorative, although I think it looks a bit strange having 2 pearly buttons and one clear button. I would have just had 3 pearly buttons. The back has a panel of shirring which is concealed neatly by a ribbon corset. The stock photos show the skirt has lots of volume and flares outwards well. It will accommodate plenty of petticoat. The overall skirt shape is okay, but I feel it could have been slightly more rounded. The skirt design is kept simple and the print is displayed beautifully. The bottom hem is then finished off with the standard lace Baby uses loads. Whilst this looks fine, I think it would have been cute to layer the card suit lace from the neckline over the other lace to make it more of a feature.

Here we have the Violetta JSK. The bodice is a nice shape and it seems to be well fitted. However, I do feel the neckline sits quite high. The straps are quite wide and could maybe do with being just the slightest bit narrower. They look a bit bulky. Luckily they are lined with very thin lace, which makes them more interesting but doesn't add too much bulk to the already wide straps. The neckline has pretty lace, although I feel it sits a bit awkwardly. The waist has an interesting pointed shape to it, which is lined very neatly with gold braid. The gold braid continues on the bodice and gives a panelled look to the bodice. I'm not too keen with the triangle shape on the bodice as I think it is a bit too narrow. The gold braid also crosses across the bust area. Hopefully the braid is not too tight, otherwise it may cut in to the bust area of a more bustier wearer. Some of the braid lines are lined neatly with pretty lace, which is a good thin width, so still looks tidy. Inside the triangle shape the gold braid is used to make a ribbon corset. The gold braid is spaced out well and doesn't look too crowded. However, I am a little concerned with the way the corset braid is held in place on the dress. It uses lace loops to attach, which look a bit flimsy and could easily get damaged. The top panel of the bodice is topped with a bow. The shape is okay and the size is good. I also like how neat the lace lining the bow looks. However, I am feeling undecided about where the bow has been placed. I'm just not sure it is the best location. It does look very perky and sits nicely though. The back has a panel of shirring which is concealed neatly with a ribbon corset. The stock photos show the skirt is very full and flares outwards loads. Overall, I like the slightly rounded shape of the skirt. But in some of the stock photos the skirt shape doesn't look as good and I wonder if it is because of the way the material attaches to the pointed waistline. The skirt design is kept simple, so the print is displayed really well. The bottom hem is then finished neatly with a line of gold braid and pretty lace. It is nice how the bottom hem matches up with the style of the bodice.

And finally, here is part of the print close up. This series is available in white, pink, sax blue and brown. As per usual, we have the standard Alice in Wonderland and sax blue combination. All 4 colours work with the print but I found myself most drawn to the pink because the pink colour way has such romantic, soft colours in it. I am also quite fond of the brown, which is unusual for me, but I still think I would have preferred black. As for the print itself, it is quite a standard Baby Alice in Wonderland print. I do feel this is one of their better Alice prints though. Playing cards and roses are maybe a bit overdone, but I think they have been drawn very well. The cards are layered nicely and the pictures on the cards feature pretty Alice pictures. I actually feel I would have liked normal playing cards instead of the Alice portrait ones though, so that the Alice theme was a bit more subtle. My favourite part of this print is the clusters of roses and sweets. I think they compliment the playing cards very well and are a good way to fill in any empty space at the bottom.

I have very mixed feelings about this series. There are aspects of the print that I like, but this print doesn't really do anything new with the overdone Alice in Wonderland theme. I would have been happy with a playing card and rose print without much Alice influence at all. However, I do think the Heart JSK is a very interesting design and if I had to buy this series I would get this dress in pink. The Violetta JSK is just a bit too average looking for me. As far as Alice series go, this one is pretty but nothing amazing.

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