Friday, 31 December 2010

Things I would like to see in 2011

A majority of these things are unlikely to happen but in an ideal world I would like to see the following in 2011-

Innocent World becoming more accessible for international fans- There are a lot of brands that I would love to have better access to but at the top of my list is Innocent World. Their classical pieces are beautiful and I was recently coveting one of their bags. I was really excited to hear Innocent World was selling stuff at an event I attended but I was left disappointed after discovering just one skirt and a very small selection of accessories.

Metamorphose attending Hyper Japan next October- I was really excited to be able to actually physically buy brand items instead of ordering online so that I could see what I was getting first. All of my favourite brands attended this last year except for Metamorphose. I appreciate they don’t have the same appeal as Baby or AP, but I think Meta could do with attending next year. I have found that some brand items which do not look good online can look a whole lot better when you see them in person and I firmly believe this is the case with a lot of Meta items.

Angelic Pretty prints that do not look identical- Since starting this blog one of my least favourite tasks, is reviewing the latest AP print. After a while the prints start to blend and they all look the same. AP is just one of those brands who can churn out anything and still see it sell out but it lacks originality. I would love for AP to come out with something surprising but I accept this probably will not happen.

Less teddy bear prints- I have nothing against teddy bear prints but there has not been a single print this year featuring teddy bears which I have looked at and have instantly wanted to buy.

To finally get one of the dresses from my wish list- I want to be more careful with my money but I can’t help it- I really want to get one of my dream pieces!

Bodyline’s website becoming more reliable- I do not want a repeat of the sale madness I suffered. Bodyline’s website is appalling at the best of times but the sale in September showed just how unreliable the browser was. The Japanese website is faster. I am so jealous! Also, I want Bodyline to renew their security certificate which was expired the last time I tried to order. I went ahead and ordered anyway but for other people this could be a concern.

A Baby and Pullip collaboration- I loved the AP collaboration dolls but imagine if they were wearing iconic Baby or Alice and the Pirates items? I think they would look amazing!

More vertical stripes- I have seen some great pieces which use vertical lines very well and I am now convinced that there should be more.

More affordable bags- I am a huge fan of bags but what I do not like is the brand prices. If I desire a brand bag, I tend to look at tote bags because I know they are in my price range. I got a really huge shock when I saw a Taobao bag selling for under £20 which was almost identical to a brand bag. The quality was apparently just as good according to reviews. If a good quality replica can be sold for this price, it really hammers home the point that brand could be selling their bags cheaper. Yes, I know it is brand and you expect to pay more but I am left wondering if it is worth it. It looks like I will be sticking to tote bags for now.

To attend lots of brilliant meets and generally improve myself- I had a lot of fun in 2010 and in 2011 I want to meet even more people and experience a lot more. I also want to get to know the friends I have made better. I hope to put myself out there more and to put extra effort in to my outfits. Also I would love to get a Lolita valentine but at the moment I don’t think I have done enough to merit getting one. And I would love to make valentines for others too. There are lots of people I want to make these for but I never got around to doing it. I want that to change!

If I am really lucky maybe at least one of my wishes will come true.

EDIT- And because I totally forgot to mention it before- HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Angelic Pretty's French Cafe

This is probably going to be my last print review of 2010! Here is the latest from Angelic Pretty (and once again please excuse the picture I have used. You can view this picture on the Japanese AP website) and it is inspired by France. French themes seem to have been popular recently in both mainstream and lolita fashion. I have spotted Eiffel Towers everywhere in shops and it doesn't seem that long ago that I was reviewing AP's Fantastic Dolly. So AP have now done a print inspired by French Cafe culture.

After Holy Night Story I predicted that Angelic Pretty would soon be back to the sugary pastels, so the colours used here were a pleasant surprise (but it is not Spring yet which will inevitably see the pastels return en masse). I think this set has an Emily Temple Cute feel to it, especially in blue and red.

The OP (shown in pink in the picture) has a line of lace running across the bodice which has ribbon threaded through. I am not sure what this lace is called but I heard it being called ladder lace somewhere so that is what I will call it! I think ladder lace is very pretty and on this dress we have one simple line of it with some red ribbon threaded through. There is a tiny bow sat upon this line of lace which I think is pointless. I dislike the bodice because there are 2 lines running up it (which is more visible on the red and blue dresses) and it sort of looks divided in to two parts. It doesn't work well with the print and there is a bit of a harsh break. It doesn't flow very well. There is a large bow on the waist which would probably look better if it was disguising the break in the bodice instead. The skirt part looks very puffed up as if it can hold a large petticoat. All of the dresses look as though they can be puffed up a lot but this dress looks like it can puff out the most.

My favourite dress is the one shown in red, the most simple of the dresses. Unlike the OP shown in pink, there is no awkward break in the print on the bodice. There is a large bow on the bodice. The bow looks a little too big but I think this dress needs this bow because otherwise the dress would be too plain. The top half appears to fit well and once again the skirt is roomy.

Finally, there is the dress shown in blue. Like the pink OP, this dress has a line of ladder lace and the small bow. Usually I don't like bib style details on the bodice but on this dress it is a bit less obvious. Bibs can look young and childish and whilst I still dislike the bib used, I think it is an improvement. The straps are a little too thin in my opinion. Once again, the skirt is spacious.

On first glance I thought the black item in the picture was another dress but it is a skirt with an apron. I suppose this is very appropriate for a cafe theme. Sadly I think if I wore this I would be too aware of the fact I was wearing an apron. This apron almost fits the theme a bit too well. The other skirt is too casual and short for my personal taste.

The socks are simple with just a few pictures dotted around the bottom part. What I don't like is the stripes around the foot area. There are no stripes featured in the print. The stripes are only going to get hidden by shoes so it was a bit pointless including them. I still think they are cute though.

As you would expect with a cafe theme, the print features cute little cakes, biscuits and crockery. I like the strawberry jam pot the most. The strangest part of the print is probably the egg cup because the rest of the items have a sweet theme.

The set is very pretty and I love the dress shown in red. I think the set works best with the red or blue colour. I am a little bit bored of cafe themes right now. AP only recently released Little Bear's Cafe but I think French Cafe is better. This series has a lot of strong points with just a few details here and there that I am a bit unsure of. Would I buy it? Probably not, but I still like it.

Monday, 27 December 2010

Outfit Post 18th December 2010

I finally got around to uploading some photos! I said I would post some images from my lolita meet on the 18th but sadly it got cancelled. I was really unprepared and the transport was bad so I ended up taking a few photos in the back garden before taking shelter.

As you can see my coat from Bodyline was keeping me very warm and toasty. I think this coat had just the right sort of thickness. I was warm but not boiling hot. And now for a picture of a snow soaked me sat in the kitchen!

I may be smiling but you can see I am not impressed. I almost decided not to post this photo because my hair looks so bad! I am wearing my favourite Bodyline skirt. I do have the matching bag (not shown) and the bow but I chose a different bow because it was incredibly hard to shape it. It sticks out at an odd angle. So I used a pink bow that came with a dress I got from GLP in Camden. Also, I am wearing a necklace which my friend Saija made for me!

I was also wearing the luna nails I made but I had to remove them because somehow I managed to trap a nerve under one of my real nails. So sadly, they have since been destroyed but I hope to make another set.

Hopefully 2011 will see me attending even more meets and I would love to keep improving this blog. Fingers crossed!

Friday, 24 December 2010

Happy Christmas!

I have a hectic few days ahead of me so before I get carried away by the festivities, I just wanted to wish a Happy Christmas to all my blog followers and visitors! I can't believe how quickly Christmas has come around. I wont be around for a few days so I hope everybody has a great time. Have fun!

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Luna's Lucky Pack Diary Part 1

I thought I would share my personal lucky pack experiences with everybody so that those who had never ordered a lucky pack can get some insight to the experience. If you are new to my blog, I basically tried to order the Metamorphose one which have since sold out. So here is a run-down on what happened.

Friday the 17th Dec-

After saving my spare money for the last couple of months, I had just about enough to purchase a lucky pack. Considering how unreliable I am with money, I was proud of myself. I was getting a little impatient because Meta gave the release date a bit earlier last Winter and even wondered if they were doing one. I watched on as some of my dream pieces got sold which is one of the hardest things to have to do. Just when I was considering giving up and buying something else, I checked the Meta blog on Friday and realised they had finally been announced! After weeks of blog stalking, it was announced the big day would be the 20th of December- in other words, there was not a lot of time to prepare.

After checking the details, it occurs to me that Meta had not specified AM or PM after the time given. I find a world clock and to my horror I discover I would either be purchasing the pack at 3.30pm Sunday (good) or 3.30am on the Monday (not so good). I prayed that I would get off lightly and order it mid-afternoon on Sunday.

Saturday the 18th Dec-

Another friend claims I am mad wanting to buy a lucky pack from Meta and says "What if you get Dark Secret?". I explain my plan to purchase a light coloured pack which should not include any Dark Secret.

Sunday the 19th Dec-

The big day dawns. The nerves by this point are really kicking in. My husband James purchases ginger drinks in an attempt to settle my growing stomach upset (probably caused by stress).

Hovering around the Meta site to see if now is the crucial time. It is not. I let out a lot of strong words which I probably should not repeat. I look at James and demand that he sets his alarm clock for 3am.

Monday the 20th Dec-

James suggests that it is probably better to stay up all night instead of going to sleep just for an hour or two. The alarm clock is set in the living room just in case. We sit and watch Christmas special repeats on BBC3. We are completely freezing and I could fall asleep at any moment. I start to wonder if this is a good idea but I stick to the plan.

I load up the computer and start lurking around the Meta site half an hour before they are released. I pray that the computer does not crash at the vital moment.

3.30am (lucky pack time!)-
I watch the clock counting down those last vital seconds. My mouse is hovering over the refresh button. Suddenly I spring in to action. There are 75 dark coloured packs and 35 light coloured packs. Despite the difference in availability, I stick to my original plan and go for the light coloured pack. To save time I fill in the details and got James to watch me type so I wouldn't waste time checking for mistakes. I regret not signing up to become a Meta member beforehand and so decide to register at the same time. I say that I am paying with paypal and finish filling in details. The order looks to be complete but James asks why I was not sent to Paypal to pay for the pack. Everything seems okay. Or so we thought.

After the first ordering attempt I start feeling incredibly sick so we crash out on the living room floor instead of properly going to bed. We think everything is okay. Then James' ipod flashes and James gets an email.

"Erm... it is saying we ticked a box we were meant to leave clear. They have cancelled our order and we need to do it again" says James, looking nervous.

Panic ensues.

I start screaming at James, asking why this computer is taking so long to ****ing load.

We make it back on to the Meta page, which by this stage I am sick to death of seeing. All the details are re-entered. Thankfully the light pack is still in stock (although the exact quantity is replaced with "in stock" in Japanese). We are taken to the paypal page and pay in full. Everything this time appears to be correct. I get so stressed I felt like I was about to throw up everywhere.

Monday the 20th Dec-
There have been no more cancellations during the night and no refunded payments. It looks as though the ordeal is finally over. I can finally calm down again after getting less than 4 hours sleep. I go on EGL and ask about when people usually get the 2nd confirmation email and am relieved by the response I get.

And that is pretty much the stage I am up to right now. The pack has been paid for and there has been no refunding. I was unprepared for just how stressed I would feel. I spent a lot of Monday walking about like a zombie because I was suffering from almost flu-like symptoms. My next task is getting the email from Meta regarding the tracking and send date. Hopefully there will be no problems with the notoriously dodgy post (I actually had to report somebody last year). Trust me, if they lose my lucky pack they will definitely feel my wrath! I have to say that lucky packs are not for the faint hearted. If you are not too bothered by lucky packs then it is safe to say that you shouldn't get one. Lucky packs take dedication and sleep deprivation!

Sunday, 19 December 2010

The Lucky Pack adventure continues!

My loli meet yesterday got cancelled because we have had lots of snow and the transport was messed up! Anyway, you can expect a proper update from me soon but today I am feeling a little distracted.

So if you have not heard already, Meta's lucky packs have been announced. Sadly, they have not specified AM or PM which means I will either be buying it at 3.30pm today or 3.30am in the morning. I know which one I prefer! I will be writing up a diary of my experience so stay tuned and wish me luck!

I want an LP soooooooo bad!

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Dance of the Black Cats by AatP

Today I will be talking about the new series by Alice and the Pirates. This series is called Kuroneko no Dance or Dance of the Black Cats. So far I have seen two dresses, a skirt and a necklace.

Here is the first dress. Some people have been calling this a One-Piece but Baby has called it a JSK so I will be calling it JSK version one.
Initially, I was very impressed with this design but I have since decided I prefer the 2nd JSK. One of the first things you notice is that this dress falls off the shoulders. It is similar to one of the Twinkle Journey JSKs Meta did. I think the design works a little bit better on the Alice and the Pirates one. There is a bit more puffiness in the sleeves and more stretch room which will help lolitas with wider shoulders. I also feel this design looks a little less awkward than the Twinkle Journey one. However, it will still cause a lot of problems if you wanted to wear a blouse underneath and I know there are a few lolitas out there who don't like bare shoulders. I also noticed there is a bit of looseness on the bodice. This could cause fitting problems on some, especially if the person wearing it has a small bust because there will be loose material hanging. I do like the way the lace has been used, especially around the top of the bodice. There is a row of rose lace and then some gathered lace underneath. It suits the off-the shoulder style. There is also rose lace running along the two thin shoulder straps. The gathering in the skirt suits the bendy keyboard on the print and I think this is one part of the design that triumphs over the 2nd JSK.

Then we have the 2nd version of the JSK.
I love the slight heart shape of the bodice but the lace looks a little untidy. The bodice on this one fits a little better and the corset part really helps. The ribbon on the corset does not look too shiny. The corset is actually in two parts so it ties up at both the front and the back. I am guessing this helps to accommodate somebody with a bit more weight on their waist. I would have preferred it if this corset only tied up at the back so it looks a bit neater but it is great that this dress fits a lot of sizes. The waist on this dress goes up to a surprising 90cm. The stock photos appear to show that you can remove the corset if you so desired. I think rose buttons would look better because the ones used look a bit out of place. I prefer this JSK to the first one but my main reason for this is that I think this 2nd design would be easier to wear.

And then there is the skirt. I think it would look better with a little less gathering. It doesn't show off the print as well as the dresses. The waist band might have looked better if it was a solid colour instead of the print. The print tricks the eye in to thinking the waist band is uneven.

Here is part of the print close up. I think it is great that the keyboard bends instead of going in a straight line. Prints using horizontal lines can make you appear larger but by using a bendy keyboard, it doesn't look so bad and as I said before, it works really well with the gathering on the skirt. I like the bronze/brown colour of the instruments and in my opinion it looks stunning on the bordeaux colour. The green and black colourways look good but for me, the bordeaux colour looks the most special. At first I didn't get the cat reference in the name but if you look at the keyboard, it has some muddy paw prints on it. I feel a bit indifferent to cat prints so I like having a cat print that doesn't actually have a cat on it! The flowers are also a nice touch.

I was very tempted to get some of this series (fingers crossed, I will get some money over Christmas). The 2nd JSK is top of my list but I wouldn't mind getting the skirt. I do really like this series but the 1st JSK's design looks hard to wear. Overall, a good series but a few details let it down.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Strawberry Nails Forever...

They are finally finished! The strawberries alone took me 2 and a half hours. I felt like a zombie after completing these.

The strawberries are a little on the large side (I wanted them to stand out and get noticed!) and a few got a little dented because certain family members decided to pick them up before I cooked them (*cough* Ros and James) but I still like them! I felt the strawberries were enough of a statement so these nails don't have any mini gems on them but the pink nail polish had a slight hint of glitter.

The plan is to wear these with my Bodyline dress with the strawberries. I am not sure when I am next going to wear this dress but at least my nails are sorted.

Monday, 13 December 2010

Border print skirts

I was browsing Closet Child the other day and clicked on the Metamorphose tag to see what was available. The first thing I saw was the words "March of the duck" and I gasped with anticipation. Then I took a look at the picture underneath and this is what I saw.

Yes, it is a March of the Duck skirt but made entirely of the square part of the pattern. I admit that I really want March of the Duck because I love the ducks. However, I can't stand the square part of the print (one friend compared it to graph paper you use in maths lessons) and here we have a skirt made entirely of the worst part of the print! The whole reason for me wanting this print is because I love the ducks and nothing else. The really strange thing is that this skirt was sold in less than a day whereas more popular prints have lasted on the site for at least a couple of days. I suppose it could make a nice underskirt but I wonder if anybody has worn this skirt by itself?

I appreciate we are living in hard economic times but border print skirts don't work with a lot of prints. I approve of the way that Meta is not wasting material but why a skirt? Due to the square/duck ratio, Meta must have had a lot of squares left over once the ducks had run out. Meta could have used this to make extra head bows or maybe a simple tote bag that people could customise.

However, I don't think all border print skirts look bad. One girl on EGL got this in her Meta lucky pack (and I apologise for using your photo).

This is from the Swan Lake print Meta did. It is very simple but for a 10,000 yen lucky pack, I would have loved to have got this, especially seeing as a lot of people got that leopard print skirt. It is not on the same level as the main part of the print but personally, I like it. Compare this skirt to the March of the Duck skirt above. I know which one I would choose.

Friday, 10 December 2010

The start of my deco nail adventure

I totally forgot to mention my nails!

A few weeks ago I purchased some Polymer clay. My original intention was to make some earrings from a tutorial I found but instead I have found myself making some deco nails!

As it stands, I have only finished one set of nails (a second set is almost complete). I have made these luna inspired nails for a lolita meet I am attending next Saturday.

As you can see they are a bit on the large side but I still love them! I am hoping that when it comes to taking them off I can try and save them so I can wear them again. I am feeling a little worried about how I am going to go about everyday tasks but since when have deco nails been practical? The outfit I am wearing has a lot of stars on it so I am making a bit of a running theme. It was originally meant to be horse themed but I found out that I don't have enough horsey items.

It is the second set of nails I am making which have caused a lot of problems. Polymer clay is so easy to use compared to acrylics but it can be incredibly tedious. I have not used moulds or anything and I have tried to make sure that the shapes are the same size. So the ones going on the thumbs have to be the same size etc. For this second pair of nails I have made some very plump strawberries. I was working with 3 different clay colours and just for that one set of nails I spent 2 and a half hours sculpting the clay. I could have made it a bit easier by leaving out the yellow seeds but I thought they looked cuter with seeds in. So I was working with these tiny bits of yellow clay so small I couldn't pick them up. I had to use a cocktail stick to push the yellow bits into the holes I had made. When I have finished these nails and post a picture it will probably make more sense why I got so stressed out.

Despite how long I have spent on 2 pairs of nails I will only wear a few times, I am very pleased with the results. Considering this is my first time decorating nails, I am really pleased with the results. The luna nails look a lot better in person and I can't wait to wear them. I am going to continue with the clay but I plan to buy a couple of ready made pieces like mini waffles and cookies to make things that little bit easier. is the best place to buy deco bits. Eventually I want to move on to acrylics but this probably wont be for a while yet.

However, there is one problem. The harsh Winter weather has totally sapped the moisture out of my hands so they have gone all cracked and sore. England has suffered from a bad cold spell and even my gloves couldn't save my poor hands. I have one week to get my hands in a better state so I can show off my nails worn. Hopefully they will be less red by the meet!

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Meta's Melody Poodle

Before I start reviewing the latest Meta print I thought I would mention an event they are holding today. There is a special sale going on for Honey Picnic exclusively on the English website. I was undecided about Honey Picnic. I didn't find anything that I dislike about it but it was hardly on my wish list either. However, the 10000 yen price is very tempting. That is less than £100 and is very cheap. If this sale is not successful I can't help but wonder if I will be getting Honey Picnic in the lucky pack I intend to buy. Or are Meta doing this special sale instead of lucky packs? (I hope not. I passed on a skirt I wanted because I have been saving for a lucky pack)

Anyway! Back on to today's post! Metamorphose have a new set up for reserve called Melody Poodle so I am reviewing the dresses.

This is the High Waisted Pinafore dress. The problem is that with such a busy print, you can't really see all the bows and details this dress has at first. I thought at first it was just because I am using the black colourway picture but I have seen the pink version as well and although it looks a little better, I found I was having the same problem. Metamorphose have included the original dress sketch and judging by this sketch, this dress probably looks better when you see it in person. I dislike the use of lace on the shoulder straps because it is a bit too much. This dress has a lot of bows on it but a majority of the bows are small and they blend in so it doesn't detract attention away from the print. the scalloping at the bottom also looks pretty. Personally, I don't think the black version does this dress design justice. If I was going to pick black for this set, I would try one of the other dresses.

It was this second dress that grabbed my attention. This time the picture shows the Salmon Cream colour (interesting colour name there!) and I think it goes brilliantly with the brown parts. This dress looks a bit more classic than the other two dresses. I would even wear this dress outside of lolita. Sadly, it was not meant to be... the waist is slightly too small for me >.<>

And the last dress is the tiered pinafore dress. I think this design works better than the other pinafore dress but why are there two sets of straps? I would prefer one pair of wider straps instead of two sets of thin straps. This dress also has less bows (not that you can see them here...). Although there are less bows these ones are bigger. Given the choice, I think I would rather have less bows even if they are bigger. I dislike how every tier has a line of ruffle on it. It looks fine on the back but I can't help wondering how it will look on the pink and Salmon Cream.

And here is a print close-up. It is a very busy print and there is a lot going on. I don't usually like poodles but the ones on this print look fine. I like the use of roses and bows and I think the chair is appealing. My favourite part is the butterflies. I didn't even notice them at first glance. I don't really understand what butterflies have to do with the theme but I am glad they got included. I think the print works best in the Salmon Cream colour and the worst with the black. The colours make a huge difference with this print. The Salmon Cream looks classic and the pink looks more sweet.

My opinion on this series is a bit divided. It is all down to the details Meta have used. Given the choice I would pick the third dress or the second dress if I could remove the tulle. I would choose the recent chess print Meta did over this print but if I got this print I would still be happy.

Monday, 6 December 2010

New Angelic Pretty Pullip dolls.

I know AP and Pullip have worked together before but I believe these dolls are new. Check them out!

I was alerted to these on the blog Wonderland For Dolls and by a friend on MAF and I just had to post them. I think these dolls are better than the first AP/Pullip collaboration. I simply love Pullip in Starry Night Theatre, especially the socks and the little wand. My second favourite is the Sugary Carnival one on the left (I believe this one is Byul?). I think the wig detail is amazing. She looks like an ice cream! The only part I am unsure on is the bag she is carrying. I don't think this detail came out very well. Finally there is the Dal one. I have always preferred Dal because I like her pouty face. I don't like her outfit as much as the other two but her little bunny bag is cute.

There is also a Little Pullip and Little Dal being released this time. I love Marionette Girl! I would love to own the dress but I am always 1 inch too big and the version I fit in never seems to be on sale *sniff*. I do like Pullip in Marionette Girl but some parts look a bit strange. I don't think the crown looks that good. I would have liked to have seen the headband with the card suits on it instead. The way it ties around the neck looks a bit awkward, especially when you compare it to the Dal beside her. The wig looks a bit straggly too. Dal looks so cute in her bunny coat! It really suits Dal. It looks like her outfit has been put together a bit better. I think Dal wins out of the two little dolls.

I have never really known what I think of these sort of dolls. I know some lolitas go mad for them. Whilst I do want to get one I don't want to carry one around with me at meets. I think I would be too scared of getting them dirty. I liked it when Pullip collaborated with the Rozen Maiden anime (a guilty pleasure of mine) and I want to get the Dal Hina Ichigo doll because I love Hina Ichigo's character. But Volks have also collaborated with Rozen Maiden and although they cost approximately £1000 their version is really beautiful. But Pullip is a more affordable option and I think I would buy a Pullip. I want Hina Ichigo but also a non-anime related one. For the non-anime one, I would love the Starry Night Theatre Pullip above!

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Happy International Lolita Day!!!!

Today is International Lolita Day! It makes me want to put on my favourite clothes and pose with a giant lollipop! I was meant to be attending a meet today but it got moved back a few weeks. I hope that everybody going to meets has a good time today. If you are in the UK I hope you are able to brave the snow (I live in one of the few places in the UK which was not completely covered by snow this week. We only had 1cm). Have a great day everybody!

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Baby X AatP X Kuragehime

Baby and Alice and the Pirates are collaborating with Kuragehime (Jellyfish Princess). Apparently Kuragehime is an anime and manga. I have not heard of this before so I may have to go and check this out. Today I am focusing on the three dresses.

I am going to start with my favourite dress from the collaboration. This is the Alice and the Pirates one.
I love the use of vertical stripes here. Vertical stripes are very good for making your figure appear slimmer. The waist is nipped in to help create a curvier hourglass figure. I find the overall shape of this dress very appealing. I also think this is a good use of monochrome. It is a really understated dress but somehow it manages to stick out and shine. On the back there is some black bustle detail which helps to break up the stripes. The shirring is cleverly disguised. It sort of blends in and you don't notice it. I am not really bothered about the corsage and pearls but the dress looks a bit too plain when you remove them. These are detachable so you have more options. It wouldn't be too hard to pin the corsage in your hair (and it would save you needing to buy the matching round headdress). I would then pin on a different corsage in a bright colour so it stands out.

Next up is my least favourite dress. Wow Baby, are you sure you used enough bows? Add on the pearls and lace and you have a very crowded dress. The end result is a dress which looks like a costume you would give a little girl to wear to a party. If this is what Jellyfish Princesses have to wear, I am going to have to give this a miss. Also the fabric looks very bumpy which makes it look cheaper. If you showed me this dress without letting me know it is Baby, I would have guessed it was made by an Ebay seller.

Baby have also released this dress. Is it just me or does this look like something Bodyline released? It looks similar to something I have seen before. That had polka dots and a scalloped hem too. I appreciate the use of scalloping. Jellyfish and scallops... it kind of carries on the sea theme. This dress is an improvement of the other one but it is a bit boring. It doesn't amaze me. It is very basic. For collaboration pieces I expect something a bit more special.

I think Alice and the Pirates have trumped Baby here. I would love to get hold of the stripy dress. The Baby dresses? I would maybe consider the polka dot one but I would avoid the bow overload dress.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Taming the Beast: Lolita Hair Tutorial Review Part 3- An annoying hair bow

Oh dear... I had a few problems with the latest tutorial in my series. My head has a double crown and to do this tutorial I had to try to brush my hair backwards. But my hair kept falling forwards and back into its parting! >_<

Today I am reviewing this tutorial-

Here is a photo of part of the progress

My hair was pinging out all over the place and as you can see the visible hair band has fallen out of place. Believe it or not, I did finally manage to complete this look and the bow looked okay. I reached for my camera and I realise I had moved it. I managed to find the camera about 10 minutes later but the style had already fallen out! I guess I suit styles which sit on the side more. So I have reviewed this tutorial as best as I can here.

How easy was the tutorial to follow?

I think you can already see how successful my attempt was! If you are able to brush your hair back into a high ponytail without any problems, then you will probably do a better than I did! The girl in the video makes it look so easy and it probably is easy. It just doesn't suit my hair. At first I thought the tutorial was only in the Asian girl's language but there is a translation running along the top. It would be helpful if the text was a bit bigger. The video makes it easy to see exactly what is going on and the translation is not too fast. It wouldn't be too hard to do this bow on the side of your head if you have the same problems as me. I may have a go at doing it on the side to see if the end result is better.

How Long did it take?

When you first do this tutorial, you will probably need to pause the video in places. It is a bit fiddly. I managed to finish my bow after spending about half an hour of trying to fix my mistakes.

How long did it stay in place?

10 MEASLY MINUTES! That was with lots of extra strength hair spray, pins and a little wax. I really hope you can do better than me.

Was the end result as expected?

Short answer- no. This style will vary a lot from person to person.

How to cheat

I came up with the idea of using extra hair bands so the hair is forced to split in to the two bow pieces you need. So after putting in the first hair tie and taking the piece out for the bow middle, I would add in an extra 2 hair bands close to the first band before putting the second hair band in. Or you could totally boycott this tutorial completely and buy a ready made hair bow. Lady Gaga has made these popular and you can find ready made ones in lots of different places. By just searching "lady gaga hair bow" on Ebay, I managed to find lots of bows. Some wig shops will have these and some large chain shops have them too. Or you could buy a hair extension and make your own.

Would you try this tutorial again?

No. I think this tutorial is perhaps a bit too much hassle when it is so easy to cheat (see above). Even Lady Gaga uses wigs! Even if Lady Gaga didn't use a wig to make her hair bow, the end result is very different which suggests that she used a different method. Whilst the tutorial's end result looks very sophisticated, I will be sticking to fake hair.

Rating out of 10- 4/10
It got a 4 because this tutorial will work better on some girls more than others.

I hope this review was helpful and I wish everybody success in following this style!

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