Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Err... okay, Bodyline...

Okay, I was going to do a general review of the latest stuff from Bodyline but... I don't like a lot of it! Those who know Bodyline also know that their quality varies. They did a really beautiful print with these ponies on a carousel. If you look at my current banner you can see a square of the print there. Also there is another JSK currently on the Japanese website (but not the English one) which has a forest theme. The design is similar to their Love Nadia print but it has a halter neck and I definitely prefer the way this one has been constructed. Please put it on the English site Bodyline!

Back to some of the newer items featured on the English Bodyline site and first up we have this dress with a rose on it. Firstly, I hate the shirring panel on the front. It looks cheap and tacky. Then there is the way this panel connects with the skirt part- it looks scruffy. And why do the black and dark blue versions have that white line running down them? The rose itself looks like something you would find on a tattoo parlour wall. Is it just me, or is the back of the dress wonky? The front is not much better. I am trying really hard to say something nice about this dress but I am struggling. It looks like it has been thrown together and that Bodyline have been trying to cut back on spending.

Next we have this dress with a huge white panel down the front. My issue with this is that the panel is not a very nice shape. I think if they removed the white panel this dress would be a lovely simple option. The shape of the white panel kind of mimics an apron which just makes me think of maids or waitresses. It may work on thinner people, but I can imagine this looking a lot worse on somebody more curvy. If the panel is bunched up then it will probably look worse than it already does. I think the blue version is the best of a bad bunch.

I am probably going to regret saying this but I kind of like the hat! I would stick to the blue or pink hat though. Sadly, the hat is not sold separately (well, it was not when I checked last time). There is too much going on with this dress. Every little detail seems to have extra details piled on top. I don't mind the front of the collar. The sleeves would look better plain rather than having two layers of lace there. There are too many bows and I would get rid of the detailing around the buttons and the two lines of lace running down the dress. I would either keep the tartan pockets or the detailed bottom but I would not put the two together. The back is not too bad. I would use blue ribbon in the corset so the bad corset details were less obvious. I like the front of the collar but not the back. I hope you can detach it.

Finally we have this dress with what looks to be a frilly shower cap. Again we have a huge panel of shirring. Whilst I appreciate bigger girls need shirring, there is too much here. This dress looks a little droopy and lacks structure. There is not a lot else to say.

I have also decided not to enter the Bodyline design contest. It turns out that past non-winners have gone on the site only to find shockingly similar products to their own designs. Once you give Bodyline the design you surrender any ownership rights. It would be frustrating if Bodyline went on to make thousands after paying you very little (I think you just get given your finished product) especially if your design was not even chosen in the first place. If you lacked the skills to make the item yourself, then it may be a good choice to enter. I have not even finished my designs yet. I am going to finish the designs and then post pictures on here instead!

Monday, 26 July 2010

My Swablu Bracelet!

A really lovely American lolita on the EGL Sales Community was making Pokemon bracelets. I was thrilled to discover that she would be able to make me one with my favourite pokemon- Swablu! I am unsure how this will work in with my lolita wardrobe or if I will choose to only wear it with my casual clothing. Pokemon is a huge guilty pleasure of mine and I do try to keep anime and manga separate from lolita.

The bracelet was reasonably priced and it arrived very quickly. Usually postage between the USA and the UK averages around 2 weeks. This bracelet came in just over 1 week. Impressive! The construction was well thought out but sometimes Swablu ends up facing downwards. It is more to do with the shape of the figure. It was not meant for a bracelet so there was nothing to attach the string to. So she made it by tying invisible string around the bases of the wings. As you can see it is not very visible. I feel the bracelet deserves a 4.5/5.

Friday, 23 July 2010

The wonder that is Camden

If you are a lolita in England you can be somewhat limited when it comes to actual lolita shops. One day I want to save up and go to Paris to visit the actual Baby The Stars Shine Bright and Angelic Pretty shops (lucky French lolitas!). If you are living in England your best option is Camden in London. Camden is North/Central London and you will find Camden Town station on most standard tube maps.

Camden town is a haven for all things alternative. If you like punk and gothic fashions you could end up incredibly broke after a visit here. There is also a lot of vintage and retro shops plus some new age shops. Most of the Stables market smells like incense sticks. There are a lot of small food vendors offering a wide selection of different food from all over the world. If you are lucky you may see a celebrity popping into Gilgamesh (posh restaurant). Amy Winehouse's favourite pub the Hawley Arms is also in Camden. Camden is a place with so much variety so as lolita gradually expands, it was only natural that some lolita shops would start to appear in Camden.

Angel Pretty

The first shop of note is on the main road and is near the bridge going across the river. Angel Pretty (as you may have already guessed) is an Angelic Pretty rip-off from China. It is a small shop and probably the quietist lolita shop. The woman in the shop when I went was very friendly to me and is happy to give you advice on how you should wear various items. The dresses were very crammed together but mainly consisted of sweet and punky tartan designs (interesting mix). I was not as impressed with the dresses. Quite a few of the dresses had glittery strands running through them and I try to stay away from these dresses because sometimes other lolitas can be a bit dismissive and write them off as cosplay lolita (in other words not proper lolita). However, the punk lolita dresses seemed to be of better quality. I did not buy any dresses from here but the material at first glance appears quite heavy and thick. If you wanted something to wear in winter this may be a good option. The head pieces were cute. I got myself a pink one which had a 3D candy motif and ruffled pink gingham on it. The lady let me try these on and helped me to place them correctly. Dotted around the shop was some jewellery which was mainly pearls. This style of jewellery is actually readily available in Camden but beware of the prices. You may be better off going to your nearest Claire's. I also got a pink band with a piano key print. Most of the bags had a musical theme which although is popular, the shop could probably do with a wider selection.


Ignore the entrance to the Stables Market where Gilgamesh is and carry on past a display of rugs. Take your next left. GLP will be situated on the right. GLP is my favourite of all the shops because I really love the sales assistant! She will keep your friends occupied whilst you try on numerous dresses. One of the first things I shall mention is that this shop has men's clothing in it. The male clothing mainly sticks to visual kei, punk and gothic. One of my friends is after a velvet jacket they had. The great thing is that GLP does not rotate the stockas often as other shops. If you were to pop in a month later they are likely to still have the same item available (unless it is popular). GLP stocks Secret Shop socks which will set you back £10 for a pair. These socks are popular because they do brand replicas. There is also a shoe stand but you have to be careful with the sizes. If your feet are bigger than average you will be disappointed. The shoes are quite sweet and there were some cupcake style shoes (similar to the ones I am wearing in my London trip post). If you are after sweeter styles, head up the stairs which are dotted with Angelic Pretty replica bags and you will find the sweet section. I picked up a horse and cart dress in pink for £65 which came with a blouse underneath and a headbow. The headbow was a little wonky so I wear it off-centre so it looks nicer. I love the dress itself. The material is thick and the sewing quality was fine. A lot of these dresses can be short in length. They sit a little bit above the knee. Also the ribbon corset detail could have been a little better. One of the things I love about GLP is that sometimes you get men interested in the dresses. A man will come out the dressing room wearing a dress and not a single person in the shop bats an eyelid!

Sai Sai

A bit further on is Sai Sai. Sai Sai has moved locations but it is in a similar area to GLP so you should be able to find it. Sai Sai is GLP's sister shop and it carries similar stock. However, Sai Sai is considerably bigger than GLP. If you only have time to go to one shop, go to Sai Sai. You can even pick up a few Japanese magazines here. The atmosphere is not as warm and intimate as GLP but the staff seem relatively friendly. This shop is likely to have more people in it.

I also recommend that you check out the other Camden markets whilst you are here. Hello Kitty is a very popular stall theme here. Artbox is a good place for quirky stationary and homewares. The only market I would not recommend is the market which has the massive Camden Market green banner at the entrance. Not only is it crowded, but the shops are not as varied.

If you fancy a break from shopping the canal here is also very pretty. There are a couple of cafes along here which would make a nice place to have a little rest. It is quite peaceful watching the boats go through the docks.

Here is the dress I got from GLP. Sorry for the grumpy face- I was having a bad day! I wish there was room for a little more poof in the skirt but I still adore this dress.

If you are planning to go to Camden you will need the best part of a day to go around. Sometimes I head there after attending the MCM Expo to pop into a few select shops. To sum up Camden in one word- different.

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Luna shall be back soon!

It was my birthday yesterday! I am now 22! Things have been a little bit hectic and I have a lot to do. But you can expect normal posts again very soon :) I just wanted to say that I got lots of lovely birthday wishes from various different places so thank you all. It means a lot to know that so many people care! Hope all is well with you all and see you soon

Luna xxx

Monday, 19 July 2010

Luna's jewellery inspiration.

A friend enquired about lolita jewellery recently and asked to see a few examples. At first, I was a little unsure about how I should do this. When it comes to lolita and jewellery, it is about one of the only things that is really unrestricted. If you walk into a branch of Claire's you could easily spot loads of jewellery that could work (it is lucky Claire's is so cheap then!). Lolita brands also have their own jewellery and will often make items that match their latest series.

Feeling a little bit stuck, I decided I would simply show images of jewellery I had found which I thought looked beautiful. I narrowed my choices down and split them into my 3 favourite lolita styles. Although these pieces could easily work with other lolita styles as well.

First up, we have the sweet style jewellery. My theme here was "All Things Cute". As you can see a lot of the pieces I have picked are sugary overload!
1. Bodyline star and musical note bracelet (still available) 2. Angelic Pretty Dreamy Bunny bangle 3. Angelic Pretty Magical Pony necklace 4. Ribbon Bow ring by Baby the Stars Shine Bright 5. Innocent World Forest Animal necklace (still available) 6. Hairband unknown etsy.com shop 7. Cake Ring by Meow Box (still available) 8. RavinMaven berry ring 9. Angelic Pretty Jewelry Jelly Ring 10. RavinMaven ice cream ring 11. unknown etsy shop. If you know who made the items which are unknown then please contact me.

Next I decided to get some pictures of jewellery that would suit the country lolita look. I chose gingham and lots of berries.
1. Baby the Stars Shine Bright gingham bow bracelet (still available) 2. Ring by Buttons by Lou Lou 3. craftjuice.com cherry ring 4. unknown strawberry ring 5. unknown gingham hair band

Finally, I looked up some gothic jewellery (I am always torn between sweet and gothic lolita). I looked up pieces that had obvious gothic points like skulls and black but I tried to make sure they had a bit of lolita influence. Gothic jewellery is easy to get hold of so I wanted to show some jewellery which has something a little special about it. I prefer my gothic jewellery to not look too bulky which you sometimes get with western gothic jewellery so I tried to also make sure I picked pieces that looked a little more elegant.
1. debarabia.co.uk lolita mini crown cuff (available) 2. decarabia.co.uk lovers of sin brooch (temporarily out of stock) 3. SerendipityLicious skull cameo 4. ghostlovejewelry necklace

Obviously, these are just a few examples and I have only shown examples from my favourite lolita styles. I have been trying to find some jewellery with moons and stars on it. I have quite a few people who call me Luna now and I have become obsessed with moons and stars. Also, I am cancer the crab which is ruled by the moon so it seems appropriate. If I find any good pieces I will do another post.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

A Day Out in London!

With my friends all over the place right now it was exciting to see at least a few of them on a trip to London yesterday. As you can see in the picture, I was wearing my Alice co-ordinate that I was meant to wear last Saturday. I got some very strange looks but also some lovely compliments. Here is the outfit run down-

Spade head band- handmade
Shirt- GLP (it came with a JSK but I decided it was nice enough to wear alone)
Alice skirt- Bodyline (possibly still available)
Socks- Bodyline
Shoes- Unknown
Charm bracelets (not visible)- Claires

I noticed that I did not have a suitable matching hair piece. In the end I cut out a red spade from a piece of felt and stuck it to a hair band. At first it looks more like an upside-down heart but it is in fact a spade. I was thinking of making another one with a bolder outline next time.

We went to this waffle shack near Bayswater tube station. Although the waffle did taste amazing, a lot of our group was getting a little fed up. Why? Because we had to wait 40 minutes and the food smell made us all hungry! This waffle place is in the direction of Hyde Park. If you ever go there, be prepared to wait...

We headed to Hyde Park. For James and myself it felt a little strange. We had out honeymoon here and we went past the road that our hotel was on. It brought back a lot of memories. Sometimes I think it is a shame I can't go to London more often even if I only have James for company. That holiday was the best holiday of my entire life despite not having air-con in our room.

Afterwards we did a little shopping. The best shop we visited was Japan Centre ( www.japancentre.com ) on Lower Regent Street. You take exit 3 from Piccadilly Circus and just walk forward along the road. Japan Centre is on the left. I got myself some Ramune soda and 2 Japanese language fashion magazines. I chose Popteen and Cutie over other more obvious ones (Kera and the Gothic Lolita bible were also available) because I wanted to see something different. I have not had a chance to read them yet. You can get some very cute homeware from here including bento boxes and accessories. It is also an interesting place to eat.

We also went to cybercandy ( www.cybercandy.co.uk ) who import a load of sweets and snacks from all over the world. I got myself a Hostess Twinkie which is like a cake filled with cream. Although Americans will be familiar with this snack, we do not have this here in the UK. So when it gets mentioned on the Simpsons or Family Guy, I was curious. Other delights included popping candy chocolate, froth monster (ramune flavoured), hi chew sweets, wonka nerds (which are now rare in the UK) and country exclusive versions of well known items such as pop tarts, breakfast cereals, kitkats and skittles. Cybercandy may not have as much stock but the variety is better than Japan Centre and it is not just resticted to Asian delights. Cyber Candy is on Garrick Street near Leicester Square and Covent Garden.

Feeling incredibly worn out, we went to a place called Ed's in Soho (near Old Compton Street). Soho is quite a seedy area but none of our group have an issue with this. Ed's is designed like a 50's diner and is quite small. The food is very American but quite inspired too. I got jalapeno jelly with my chicken and it tasted great. The only real issue is the prices which seemed expensive. But this is London. If you are ever in London be prepared for high prices. Everything in the city can cost a lot so do your research if your funds are limited.

I found a random bead shop on Earlham street. It is literally filled with all sorts of beads for jewellery making. I was unable to find any moon shapes but there is a wide selection. If you like making jewellery then you should go visit this shop.

Sadly, there was no time to go to Camden to visit the lolita shops there. I have shopped in them before so I have enough information to write a guide on them another time. Camden is amazing. If you like lolita fashion but do not want to stand out too much then Camden is the place for you. It specialises in all things alternative and is a bit of a shopping mecca for goths/punks/emos. Also worth a visit is Chinatown, which we went past but did not visit this time. Although the name suggests all things Chinese, you can pick up Japanese stuff here too.

Anyway, I am feeling a little dead to the world right now so I think I shall go and rest!

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Bodyline are having a design contest apparently...

I am currently working on a jewellery post and I shall be in London on Saturday. I am very busy at the moment. Also, it is my birthday on Wednesday 21st so I shall be off to the beach :D Please bear with me as I get settled into a posting schedule.

Anyway! Back on topic, I visited the Bodyline home page bodyline.co.jp and apparently they are having a design contest. There is also a model competition going on. I personally don't fancy the idea of the modelling contest. I just seem to lack confidence. Plus I consider myself quite average looking. But the design contest definitely sounds right up my street!

The trouble is, Bodyline have not really provided much information. They have included an email address which oddly includes the word paypal in it. Are you going to suddenly be lumbered with a paypal invoice you didn't realise you were signing up for? Are international entries allowed? They say they are going to send winning designs out to you but will they have the larger size options available? There is no information! I appreciate that Bodyline has trouble with their English and other non-Japanese languages but if we enter and find out our design can't be included or that you are going to get an item in their regular small size then there are going to be some unhappy lolitas!

Another issue is Bodyline in general. Bodyline are not really considered a proper lolita brand. Although Bodyline are capable of creating some beautiful pieces, they are also famous for getting pieces totally wrong. For every Bodyline lover, there is a hater. If you look hard enough you will find loads of people love slagging off this company. So if you were to enter, would you be happy with the end result? Can Bodyline truely understand your vision? What looked great in your planning stages may not turn out so good when you see it made.

If I am allowed to enter I will probably have a go just to see how well I do. I have no idea what I will design yet. By the looks of it, you need to design a skirt. I want to design a piece that will totally rock the Bodyline staff but also show the wider community that Bodyline can achieve greatness. I would love to spy on lolita communities and see what they have to say.

So, any information would be great!

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

The Dream In A Midsummer Night

Go to http://www.babyssb.co.jp/ and then click on the reserve page. At the bottom you shall find a link to this beautiful dress.

I have always thought that Alice and the Pirates was a very special brand. Their pieces are always stunning and it is rare for them to get a piece wrong. In a lovely dream world where money is not an issue, I would snap this dress up in an instant.

I think if the blue was a tiny little bit darker I would choose this colour over the black. It is not as vibrant as previous blues and it does not "pop out" as much. Personally, I think the white waist ribbon would have looked nicer if it was the same pale blue or purple seen in the print. You want the ribbon to stand out a bit but I am not sure that white was the best choice.

Shape-wise, I definitely prefer the black dress. It looks a little more graceful. I like how the straps are wider. Usually I prefer wider straps because they are less likely to slip off your shoulders. The bottom edge is also more interesting on the black version. By the looks of it, it is velvet (which would explain the headbow also featured on the page).

The print is... dreamy. It certainly lives up to its name. The butterflies are so beautiful and I love a lot of lolita dresses which have featured windows. This dress has both open and closed windows so there is a lot of detailed window frames. The colour of the pattern looks better on the blue dress in my opinion.

Also worth a mention is the bracelet with the cute butterfly on it. I am not sure the necklace works as well as the bracelet does, but I would definitely want both. But the best part of the jewellery is the butterflies on the right. I can't quite see if they are meant to be earrings or rings! They feature butterflies in flight and it seems you get 2 colour options- pink/gold and silver/blue.

Overall, the design is very classy. Oh, why do I have to be so broke!? I really want it!

Monday, 12 July 2010

Chasing Rabbits- Alice Day

At some point I am going to do a massive post about Oxford and all the great places you can visit. But today I am going to talk about Alice Day!

Alice Day is an event that is apparently held every year (I have lived in Oxfordshire all my life and have only just heard of it!) in the city of Oxford. It is basically a celebration of all things Alice in Wonderland and the museums hold little displays and performances.

Sadly, I was not dressed in lolita! I was feeling a bit unwell and so I was not really in the mood. My friends are going to get a shock next Saturday- I have decided that I will wear the full Alice co-ordinate then instead!

After a disappointing visit to the Ashmolean Museum (There was nothing really there!) my husband and I headed to the Oxford University Museum of Natural History. Whilst there we managed to catch some story telling and an Alice trail inside the actual museum, which is where I found this cute little rabbit! We had a look around the Museum and also the Pit Rivers Museum which is hidden away at the back and includes a lot of interesting artefacts. I also got this Alice bookmark-

It is made of gold and I am so sorry about the quality of this photo but even with the flash turned off it was too blurry. I can assure you all that it is very cute! Then we headed outside for a performance by the Curious Company. It was entitled Tea Party Cabaret-

I love the table! And Alice's dress was more amazing close-up. There will be some videos of this performance so if you are friends with me on Facebook you can see them there. Unfortunately I seem to be having problems uploading them here *grumbles*

Afterwards we went to get some picnic food and went to the botanical gardens where we enjoyed a game of hunt the snark. There was a band playing and we had a lot of mad characters interrupting our picnic. It was a performance by the Mad Dog Theatre company (the name is very appropriate) and I loved every second of it.

Sadly we did not get back to the town centre in time to see the Curious Company perform as the Red Queen and the Playing Card Sentries. I am sure it was just as fun as their earlier performances. We did however, manage a visit to the Alice shop. It has a lot of the Alice books, tea sets (I really wanted one!), amazing chess sets (insanely expensive!) and little bits and pieces. When we went inside it was very crowded and we could barely move. I purchased a little shopping bag with a lovely print. Visit www.aliceinwonderlandshop.co.uk for more information.

We went home early evening time feeling absolutely exhausted. As I mentioned, this event is apparently held every year and it is a fantastic opportunity for a good lolita meet-up. Oxford has a lot of lolita friendly shops and you can get a more detailed report some time in the future (I have written a long list of posts I need to do, so I can't say when this will be!).

I am definitely going to Alice Day next year!

Friday, 9 July 2010

A Few Little Tips For Summer

Here in the UK it would seem we are going through a dry spell this Summer. We have already had some scorching hot days. So to people in America 30 degrees centigrade may not sound much, but when you are used to British temperatures you soon start to melt in this heat! Getting hot means getting sweaty and sunburnt which do not go well with lolita. So I thought I would give advice aimed at lolitas (although non-lolitas may find it useful too!)

1. Blast yourself with icy cold water on the areas where you sweat a lot. This is also good for temporarily tightening any wobbly bits. In theory, you should sweat less.

2. Use a men's deodorant. Men varieties of deodorant tend to work better than female varieties. However, avoid ones with sport in the name or you will smell masculine.

3. Parasols are not sun protection! Although a lovely lolita parasol is good for shading you, the harmful rays WILL still get through. So don't go thinking you can't wear sun screen!

4. If sun screen gives you acne use a variety which is oil free. They tend to be more expensive but your face wont be as greasy.

5. Break the lolita rules! Those of you familiar with lolita will know that some lolitas stick to some pretty strict rules (Flashing your knee? Heaven forbid!) but in my opinion, as long as you are not breaking a load of rules in one go it should not matter if you break one or two rules. Don't want to wear a blouse under your JSK? Then don't!

6. It is pretty obvious, but if you can't handle the heat- don't wear gothic lolita!

7. Try and remember that brighter colours will attract more insects

8. If you are attending a meet-up, do a bit of research to see if there are any cafes in the area which do nice ice cream or desserts. I am always researching places where I can cool down and the information is so easy to get over the net now. Tomorrow I am off to Oxford for the day and I know a great ice cream place. I will also be visiting the Alice cafe. More on that next time!

9. Buy a portable mini fan. Here in England, I find that petrol stations are a good place to find these.

10. Suggest meeting somewhere like a river or the sea. The air will be cooler near water.

11. If you are staying in a hotel, pay extra for a room with air conditioning. Last August when my husband and I went on our honeymoon we were convinced we would not need any air-con. "This is England! There is no way the room will get that muggy!" we both thought (we spent the week in London doing all the things we usually don't get to do on day trips). But we were wrong. We chose the one week of the Summer where it was not raining and it was very hot. I barely slept the entire week and by the end of the week I was shattered. We learnt our lesson- pay extra for air-con because it is so worth it!

12. Carry a drink around with you in case there are no cafes in the area.

If you follow all these tips and still feel hot and sticky, then maybe you should just save lolita for the slightly colder days (it has got to rain some time). Nobody said being lolita was easy...

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Angelic Pretty Fantastic Dolly

I have just seen the newest Angelic Pretty set. It is called Fantastic Dolly and here it is! I must apologise for the sizing of this image. I will get my husband to try and fix it so it doesn't go into the right side quite as much!

It has a very retro 50's look to it, especially the red version. Polka dots and bold colours. If you wanted to wear this dress casually and not as part of a loli co-ordinate, then I think it would look very glamorous with some heels, with hair pinned up and a slick of red lipstick. I would also add a matching scarf. Not shown here is a lavender and pink colour version which I think is my favourite of the set.

One of my issues is that some of the styles look too short. There are pictures of these dresses being modelled and some are quite high up on the thighs. It could just have been the way it was being modelled. Quite a lot of Angelic Pretty prints have had short options recently. I am also not too keen on the neckline shown on the pink dress. It would not suit everybody and I think if I wore this style it would probably look a bit awkward. I like the bodice on the white one the best but would have the ribbon at the waist like the one in the red version. The waist ribbon on the white dress looks like it is not meant to be there and I don't like how it just hangs down the front like that. But I am sure you would be able to hide it around the back quite easily.

I like how the ribbons at the bottom are part of the print and not actual bows. Actual bows would be too much. The actual print is very pretty but not too dissimilar to other designs. Apparently the Eiffel Tower is on there somewhere. I must have missed that! I saw the Eiffel Tower socks though and they look amazing.

I have to say that although the dress is good overall, I don't think I would purchase it. It is just not my kind of style. I am not a massive fan of polka dots but I can see why Angelic Pretty have used them. I do think it will be popular but maybe not as popular as other dresses with a similar print. I guess we will have to wait and see!

I do NOT own these images. If I am asked to remove the images I will happily do so. If you own this image feel free to contact me.

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Welcome to Luna Rain!

Hello there! My name is Luna Rain and welcome to my blog about my experiences with lolita! I have been interested with lolita for a few years now but only started dressing lolita a year ago. I am living in Oxfordshire, England and I am currently 21 years old (Although I am 22 on the 21st of July!). I decided to start a lolita blog because I am passionate about the fashion and I thought the idea of doing a blog sounded fun! I would consider myself to still be very new to lolita and I will be sharing my experiences with you and you can see how I grow and develop. I also hope to share my opinions with you on various lolita topics and review lolita items from brand and off-brand shops. I like many of the different lolita styles but I would say that my main focus is sweet lolita. My favourite brand is Angelic Pretty, but Baby the Stars Shine Bright and Metamorphose come close.

I apologise for the picture above- I don't have a lot of good lolita pictures right now and so I ended up choosing one from an Expo I went to. I am holding up a certificate for a Vampire Academy from this book. I had my vampire name randomly picked out for me!

Lolita is a fashion that originated in Japan and has since spread to other countries. I am probably not the best person to describe lolita but for a more detailed introduction I suggest you visit this site- http://www.lolitafashion.org/index.php

Here are the sites for the brands I have mentioned-
Baby the Stars Shine Bright http://www.babyssb.co.jp/

I will try and update as much as possible. I am so excited because I have wanted to do this blog for ages! Please keep visiting and I hope to get to know more lolitas and people interested in the fashion!
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