Friday, 31 December 2010

Things I would like to see in 2011

A majority of these things are unlikely to happen but in an ideal world I would like to see the following in 2011-

Innocent World becoming more accessible for international fans- There are a lot of brands that I would love to have better access to but at the top of my list is Innocent World. Their classical pieces are beautiful and I was recently coveting one of their bags. I was really excited to hear Innocent World was selling stuff at an event I attended but I was left disappointed after discovering just one skirt and a very small selection of accessories.

Metamorphose attending Hyper Japan next October- I was really excited to be able to actually physically buy brand items instead of ordering online so that I could see what I was getting first. All of my favourite brands attended this last year except for Metamorphose. I appreciate they don’t have the same appeal as Baby or AP, but I think Meta could do with attending next year. I have found that some brand items which do not look good online can look a whole lot better when you see them in person and I firmly believe this is the case with a lot of Meta items.

Angelic Pretty prints that do not look identical- Since starting this blog one of my least favourite tasks, is reviewing the latest AP print. After a while the prints start to blend and they all look the same. AP is just one of those brands who can churn out anything and still see it sell out but it lacks originality. I would love for AP to come out with something surprising but I accept this probably will not happen.

Less teddy bear prints- I have nothing against teddy bear prints but there has not been a single print this year featuring teddy bears which I have looked at and have instantly wanted to buy.

To finally get one of the dresses from my wish list- I want to be more careful with my money but I can’t help it- I really want to get one of my dream pieces!

Bodyline’s website becoming more reliable- I do not want a repeat of the sale madness I suffered. Bodyline’s website is appalling at the best of times but the sale in September showed just how unreliable the browser was. The Japanese website is faster. I am so jealous! Also, I want Bodyline to renew their security certificate which was expired the last time I tried to order. I went ahead and ordered anyway but for other people this could be a concern.

A Baby and Pullip collaboration- I loved the AP collaboration dolls but imagine if they were wearing iconic Baby or Alice and the Pirates items? I think they would look amazing!

More vertical stripes- I have seen some great pieces which use vertical lines very well and I am now convinced that there should be more.

More affordable bags- I am a huge fan of bags but what I do not like is the brand prices. If I desire a brand bag, I tend to look at tote bags because I know they are in my price range. I got a really huge shock when I saw a Taobao bag selling for under £20 which was almost identical to a brand bag. The quality was apparently just as good according to reviews. If a good quality replica can be sold for this price, it really hammers home the point that brand could be selling their bags cheaper. Yes, I know it is brand and you expect to pay more but I am left wondering if it is worth it. It looks like I will be sticking to tote bags for now.

To attend lots of brilliant meets and generally improve myself- I had a lot of fun in 2010 and in 2011 I want to meet even more people and experience a lot more. I also want to get to know the friends I have made better. I hope to put myself out there more and to put extra effort in to my outfits. Also I would love to get a Lolita valentine but at the moment I don’t think I have done enough to merit getting one. And I would love to make valentines for others too. There are lots of people I want to make these for but I never got around to doing it. I want that to change!

If I am really lucky maybe at least one of my wishes will come true.

EDIT- And because I totally forgot to mention it before- HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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