Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Sweets Street by Metamorphose (Crown Label)

Metamorphose have announced their latest Crown Label series- Sweets Street. This series has 3 dresses, 2 skirts, socks and 3 different head pieces.

So here is the first dress. The neckline is very different. It is meant to be this shape but at first I thought the material was too heavy and the neckline was being stretched out of shape. The lace looks neat and tidy, it is certainly an improvement on Meta's last series Royal Rose. The bodice on this dress has a fake bolero sort of shape. I think this detail is good. However if you have a large chest area, this shape is only going to make it look even bigger, especially with the bow there too. Meta are saying the bow is not detachable too. The sleeves are puffy and the waist on this dress is high. It looks fairly casual. I quite like the overall shape of the dress but it is not going to flatter everybody. It will probably swamp some people but the vertical lines in the print help to balance this.

The second dress is basic looking. The bodice on this dress is more fitted. I was surprised when I read how much this dress can stretch. The shirring on the back looked well hidden too. I don't like the 2 small bows above the waist bow but I think this dress needs them to add a bit of interest. The skirt part looks very spacious. The frill at the bottom is very pretty and I like how it contrasts with the brighter pink at the bottom of the print. My main criticism here is the line running around the mid-length of the skirt. It looks like it is too high up and also makes it look as though the skirt has been split in to 2 pieces. It doesn't help that there are vertical lines in the print and the lines become misaligned. The first dress has this design too but I feel it looks worse on this second dress.

Then we have the final dress. I do wish that brands would stop making these sort of bib shapes covered with ruffles of lace like this dress has. I dislike it a lot. The good news is that the bib is detachable. There are also 3 very cramped bows on the front of the bodice. It doesn't really need all 3 bows. The bows are a good size so 1 would have been enough, or maybe 2 bows at a push. The shape of the bodice looks like it will fit well and it is great that there is at least one dress which is not high waisted so there is some variety. Once again, it looks like there is a lot of room in the skirt. This time the skirt looks more rounded. There is also some gathering which adds interest. The bottom looks reasonably neat.

Here is one of the print close-ups. I would love it if just the top bit of the print with the tartan and the lines was made in to a dress without the French cafe scene. It would make a lovely simple dress. But the details shown here look fine. It is a bit tedious having yet another poodle and cafe theme (I am also beginning to think that lolita brands need to focus on another country because French themes are everywhere). At first it looks fairly simple but there are lots of hidden details. My favourite part is the little bush which is growing candy bows! I also like the large cupcake under the Eiffel Tower (which you can see in the third dress picture). As far as the colours go, I think the pink colour makes the print look like a picnic blanket. Out of the brown and the black, I prefer the black.

This time I have not included any pictures of the headpieces. There is a large head bow, a headband with 2 small bows and a round headdress. There are currently no photo samples of the round headdress on the site but by looking at the other 2, they are mainly made up of the check material. Hardly any of the bottom part of the print features on the large bow. The headband with the small bows only has the check part on it. It is worth checking out because it could make a nice basic piece.

I was a bit underwhelmed by this set. In my opinion, the first dress is the best and the second dress is my least favourite. There is nothing about this set that stands out as something I would really want. Also, it reminds me of some previous prints Meta have done. There are currently other similar prints that I would choose over this series but I do like the use of check print. I would like to get the headband but that is probably it.


  1. I actually really like this print, I like the third style the best, and the black colorway is my favorite so far.

  2. I don't know... it is just not my sort of thing. But I love the check part of the print. I definitely prefer the black.


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