Friday, 21 January 2011

Ideas on how to sell lolita items better

Recently I have been debating having a clear out of both Lolita and non-lolita items. It is a new year, a fresh start and the extra money always come in handy. So this got me thinking about the best way to sell items, especially Lolita related ones. So these are the ideas I came up with to maximise your chances of selling all that stuff you no longer want. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Keep an eye out for people selling similar items or the exact same item- if you are unsure how to price your item, check out the competition. It will help give you an idea of how available your item is and how well it is selling. If you list your item at a higher price, chances are you will have a harder time selling it.

Remember that lolitas share information!- You want to sell something and let’s say it came from a lucky pack. A lot of lolitas share the contents of their lucky packs online and know how much they cost. So if your item came from a lucky pack then you probably should not be selling it at the original retail price because your potential buyers might know what you actually paid for it.

If you are listing on Ebay remember you can still post on EGL Sales- if you post on the sales community using the EA (ebay auction) tag then your items will probably get more views. The people on the EGL sales are the sort of people who will be interested in your Lolita items.

Sell slow sellers at the same time as best sellers- sometimes you get stuck with an item that you will struggle to shift. If you have an item that you think is highly likely to sell, then when you list this item you could add a note saying you are selling other items that may interest them. If somebody likes one of your items then they will be more likely to check out what else you are selling.

Btssb or Baby the Stars Shine Bright?- Remember that on EGL Sales there is a btssb and Baby the Stars Shine Bright tag (wouldn’t it be a good idea to just have one EGL? Just a thought...) so if you have a Baby item remember to use both tags. As for Ebay and other sites, you probably wont have enough room to put the full Baby name in the title so put “btssb” or “baby”. Using “Lolita” in the title is probably a good idea too. Also, if you are selling an Alice and the Pirates item, I don’t think it is unreasonable to also put “btssb” in the title too seeing as it is a Baby off-shoot.

Use your own pictures- on Ebay you only get the first picture for free. So the picture you use should make a big impression. Take your time when you photograph your items. Think about lighting, items in the background and particular details on the item. Also consider writing your username on a bit of paper and including it in the photo. This will serve as your proof of ownership! Using just a stock photo can be misleading, especially if you have used your item a lot. In the listing you could write a note about sending a message if people want more photos. That way you can get around paying for more photos. Of course, on EGL Sales a stock photo can be useful. Just try to make sure you show off your items as best you can in your own photos.

During the holidays the postal service will be disrupted- the postal service tends to get a backlog of items, especially during the Winter when it is snowing. So if this worries you, wait to sell your items until the holidays have passed. Also, be aware that for a few weeks after a holiday the post will probably still be slow. The last thing you want is negative feedback for being too slow to deliver.

Offer to ship your items abroad- the more countries you ship to, the bigger your audience. It is up to you to figure out your postage charges so that you don’t lose money.

ALWAYS get proof of postage- this is vital. If your item does not turn up you will need this to help prove that you shipped the item.

Always remain positive- Do you really hate the item that you are selling? Whatever you do, do not let on in your listing that you hate the item. Whilst some people may say this is a bit dishonest, you should always big up your items. Who is going to want to buy an item which is getting such a negative review?

Be available- make sure you are able to answer any questions. Reassuring your buyer is important. As a buyer who has experienced non-responsive sellers, I know how frustrating it is when you can’t get a response out of somebody. No matter how trivial a question seems, answer it. Possibly the most common question is measurements. Either measure the item yourself or look up the official measurements online. is a very helpful resource.

Take care of all of your clothes- even if you don’t want to sell an item now, you may do in the future so make the effort to look after everything you own.

Be honest- if an item has faults then give full details about them

If using auction sites be aware of all the fees- auction sites such as Ebay will charge you a listing fee so take advantage of special events where they remove these fees. Also bear in mind that auction sites will take a percentage of your profits. To avoid this, try using the EGL Sales Community instead.

Recycle- Whenever you get sent an item keep the packaging. Even if a box is completely covered with a store logo, just cover up the logos by sticking stickers over them or scribbling over them. It will cost you less than buying a new box. I have never purchased bubble wrap because I always save it from the packages I receive. A lot of packaging is still good enough to re-use.

And finally, remember the customer is always right! Even if you KNOW the customer is in the wrong, always appear ready to help.


  1. The importance of a great photograph of the garment cannot be emphasized enough as the customer can't see it in RL so need to be able to see clearly the how the piece looks to gauge if it will suit them.
    If you can run to two or three so much the better but they must show something different such as a detail shot or the reverse of the item.


  2. I hate poorly taken photos. I am not a brilliant photographer but I take extra care when I am selling items. Sadly I know how misleading photos can be. I had some dodgy stuff sent to me in the past which thankfully, I was able to send back.


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