Monday, 24 January 2011

Triple tart by Angelic Pretty

Today I shall be looking at Angelic Pretty's latest series called Triple Tart. At the time of posting, I don't believe this series was viewable on the Japanese website. Thankfully some magazine shots have been doing the rounds so I am able to do a review.

In this first picture we can see 3 dresses, a skirt, socks and a strawberry bag (As a huge strawberry fan, I am very excited about the bag). Sadly I can only really review the dresses worn by the models.

This print is basically broken in to two parts which is easier to view in the next photo below. You have the tart part at the bottom and the large gingham check part on the top half. My initial reaction to the tart part was positive. I love the lines of berries, cream and tart base. However, I dislike it being used with the gingham. Whilst there is nothing particularly wrong with the gingham I don't believe it works with the tart part. They clash a bit and there is too much going on. I think this set would have worked better if the gingham part was replaced with something more simple or even just a block colour. If you dislike the gingham, have a look at the skirt. It still has a bit of the gingham but not as much. Hopefully it wont be hard to find a complimenting block colour blouse.

The dress worn above looks to be the only one piece featured in this series. Personally, I would remove the apron. The apron is pretty, but with this sort of print it makes the outfit look like a cute waitress uniform. As far as aprons go, this one looks like it fits really well over the skirt and it is neat and tidy. Plus it helps to break up the tart and gingham. On the model the dress looks nicely fitted and the skirt has a lot of volume. The skirt is finished with a white ruffle which mimics whipped cream. Although the print is OTT, the dress details have been kept simple. The lace on the sleeves looks thin and simple. The main addition is the waist bow which appears to be constructed well. There probably is some detail around the neck area but the bust area is plain. I think this dress has been designed well but it might be a bit short if you are a tall lolita.

Then there is this dress which is one of the two JSKs. The skirt on this dress looks puffier. It will look great with OTT sweet style. The skirt also looks longer than the other dress so it is better suited for a larger petticoat. The skirt has a nice shape. The bodice doesn't look as tight fitting as the first dress. Although I dismissed the apron on the other dress, I admit that it helps to nip the waist in. The waist bow looks a little floppier on this dress and it blends in a lot. This dress has the same ruffle at the bottom as the first dress. The dresses in this series are all very similar with only a few small details changed each time. I would prefer a tiny bit more variety.

The second photo also shows off the socks quite well. I absolutely love them! You do get quite a lot of strawberry socks. What is good about these socks is they don't just have full strawberries but strawberry slices too. So they look a tiny bit different. I like how there is a chain of strawberries running all the way around. I will also be keeping an eye out for the strawberry bag. By the way, has anybody else noticed that the model's feet look a bit strange in the last photo?

So whilst I love the idea behind this dress and the way the dress has been constructed, I dislike the gingham. Considering that it takes up a huge part of the dress, I doubt I would want any of the dresses. I would possibly consider the skirt. In my opinion, the best part of this collection is the socks.

Photos originally from here If you own this Tumblr and wish for me to take these down, I will do so upon your request.


  1. I like gingham and I like tarts but somehow the two don't work together, The gingham sort of drowns out the print.

  2. They would both work separately but here they are clashing for your attention. It is a real shame because I adore the tart part.

  3. My first comment reminded me of something:
    I like gingham and I like tarts but which is best. There's only one way to find out...

  4. FIGHT!!!!

    It has been ages since I have seen Harry Hill. So funny!

  5. Same here, I wished the tart part and ginghan were separated ! Love both btw.
    The apron and headset make the Lolita looks like a Maid xD But actually, I like it xDD *no don't kill me pleeease !!*

    Can't wait to see it in real !

  6. I actually find myself liking the first co-ord (though maybe I wouldn't wear the wrist ruffles and headdress myself, something more toned down maybe)... I kind of like the toned-down waitress/maid look and I like the way the apron tones down the gingham and... well, I may just have to buy one secondhand. Or make one if I can get hands on the print... then I could make one without gingham!

    I do agree about the gingham, though... Although personally I'm just not a fan of gingham.


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