Monday, 10 January 2011

Twinkle Dreaming Princess by Baby

So, Baby the Stars Shine Bright have a new series up for reserve called Tinkle Dreaming Princess. This series has 2 dresses, a skirt, a mini hat, a head bow and socks.

First up is the first JSK. One of the most interesting points is the use of gold coloured lace! Whilst some may not like the inclusion of glittery golden lace, I quite like it. If you are going to use sparkly lace then Baby have probably come up with one of the better uses for it. If you dislike the gold lace then you probably wont like the thin lines of gold running along the bodice either. The use of gold looks quite simple on the bodice, especially compared to some more lacy designs. The part I don't like is the loose flap of material. You have a simple bodice and then over the top, Baby have placed this flap and a thick line of lace. I think this spoils the design a little bit. The bow is cute and has a little logo charm dangling from it but in the photo it looks too close to the arm pit area. If the bow is detachable, I would move it a tiny bit more towards the middle. The back of the bodice has a corset design and the shirring is fairly well hidden. The back looked slightly uneven in the photograph (not seen here). On the skirt is a line of lace with pink ribbon threaded through it and 2 small bows. It blends in well which is good for a dreamy theme. The skirt looks like it could hold a good amount of poof. It doesn't look as wide and rounded as recent Angelic Pretty dresses but I prefer this Baby design because it is more subtle.

This is the second dress which has a more casual feel. It sort of reminds me of a nightdress. The skirt on this dress looks a bit more floaty and light than the first dress. The bow on the bodice is large. I think it works because the rest of the dress is simple. However, the lace on the bow sticks out quite a bit. I like a little thickness in my shoulder straps so they are less likely to fall off but the straps look better on this dress than the first one. The back on this dress looks a bit neater (again, I have not included the picture. Please check the Baby website's reserve page to see what I am talking about) and there are no bulky waist ties, just a thinner line of material. As far as I can tell, this dress does not include any of the gold lace and it is replaced with a more simple style. I think the gold lace will be a huge deciding factor for a lot of people. Despite the use of tiers in the skirt, the shape does not look that lumpy, which is a bonus in my opinion.

This is the mini hat. The material looks a bit puffed up. I am not sure if it is just this photo, but the hat looks slightly wonky. If you look at the shape of the gold circle on top, the line looks a little wavy. This is probably down to the puffy material. The bow is simple and I like having a little charm on mini hats. This hat will probably work better with the first dress because it is lined with more of the gold. I dislike the way the hat has been constructed. If you removed the Baby charm, I would never have guessed Baby had made this.

The socks are very pretty. I would probably choose the white or pink socks.

And finally, the print close-up. This dress comes in cream, pink, navy or black. I think this print will look really beautiful in the navy colour, especially seeing as this print has a dreamy night time feel. The colours fit the title of the print. I especially love the fluffy clouds and the windows hidden behind the table.

I would love to have the second dress in the navy colour. This is my sort of print. Although it is sweet, it is not as childish as for example, a nursery rhyme print. I think this would suit older sweet lolitas who love the sweet style but feel a little old for some of the cuter prints. I want!


  1. I love the black colorway! This print really does have that dreamy fairytale feel.

  2. I agree! I can't wait to see it in navy. I think it looks better with the darker colours.


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