Friday, 7 January 2011

Royal Rose by Metamorphose

LP update- my pack is now awaiting clearance at customs. I have a horrible feeling I am about to get a nasty custom charge! At least my pack is now in the UK.

Metamorphose have announced a new series called Royal Rose (well, actually there is a bit of a typo on Meta's site so it is actually called Roayal Rose!). There are 3 dresses, 1 skirt, some socks, a bonnet and a head bow.

Unfortunately at the time of typing this, there is no proper picture of the first dress so it is hard to review it. It is described as a circular pinafore dress so I am assuming this means a rounder shaped skirt. Meta have also said this dress is going to be longer so it is suitable for taller lolitas! I doubt it will be a lot longer but it is good that Meta are at least trying to accommodate taller lolitas. The draft of the dress shows it is a simple design. A wider skirt would be good to show off more of the print (which you can see below) and the shoulders appear to have some stretch in them. There is not a lot else that I can say about this dress right now so I shall sum up by saying I think this dress could be pretty!

Then there is the 2nd dress which thankfully has a picture! The first thing I noticed was the lace. There is a lot of it and I think the width of the lace is too wide. Plus, I don't think every tier needs to have lace running along it. I think it is a shame because I think the rest of the dress is pretty. The waist on this dress is slightly lower. Speaking as a girl who is short but with a long back, this sort of style would be ideal for me and I am sure I am not the only girl in this sort of position. The bodice has a bit of gathering and from a distance it looks like a fake bow. I should be glad it is not a bow because with all that lace it would be too much. And then on the shoulders we have even more lace! This dress is quite disappointing in my opinion.

And then we have the final dress. Just so everybody can see all the details, I am posting the draft picture too-

Whilst this is quite a busy dress, I was surprised to find myself liking it! I usually dislike too many details. I prefer the skirt shape on this one to the first dress (although I think I need to wait and see the actual product). Instead of that wide lace there is a ruffle of the print fabric so already I think this dress is better than the second dress. There is a bow at the waist which appears to have pearls dropping from it. Sadly, this detail does not show up on the black dress so it seems a bit pointless. It will probably look better on the other colours but there is a lot of detailing on the bodice so at first glance most people will probably be focusing on this area. My favourite detail on this dress is the rose brooch. The roses on the print are pink so the red rose brooch pops out. I think the sleeves on this dress are a bit too fussy. Looking at the draft picture you can see there are 2 sets of straps and some ruffling running along the puffy sleeves. The ruffles look a bit strange and the thin straps are a bit hidden so they don't really do anything for this dress. On the black colour these details blend in and the burgundy version probably does not look too bad. However, the shoulder details will probably be more visible on the off-white version. The shoulders are not enough to put me off this dress and there is a pretty back bustle too (not shown here).

These are the socks. They do look pretty but the roses don't stand out very much so they are subtle.

And finally a close-up of the print. I adore this print. I love how detailed the roses are and the colours compliment the golden chain. I love how the charms spell out Meta! There is also a diamond pattern in the background which doesn't distract too much from the roses.

For such a beautiful print, I am a little disappointed with what Meta did with it. For now, I am waiting to see if the first dress looks any better. I love the print so much that I am probably willing to overlook a few of my least favourite details. The problem is, I am 1cm too big for the first and last dress which means I can only get the lace covered one!


  1. alice+fururun have a duck print skirt in by crown label. Thought of you when I saw it :)

  2. The 5000yen one? Yes, I saw it! That is the print I have been trying to get hold of but I am unsure if I want it in sax blue. I bought myself a dress before I saw it but I may see if it is still there in February.


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