Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Bodyline, you and me are about to fall out big time!

To Bodyline and Mr Yan,

You have always been the mass lolita divider. Some people love your affordable prices, others believe your dresses are simply not good enough. Although I have criticised some of your pieces I still love you. I have even defended you. Please keep on bringing lolita to the wider community at affordable prices. But...

PLEASE do something about your dreadful website! I have seen some slow websites in my time but you take the prize for being the slowest. Yes, I appreciate that today is a sale day but my husband has just spent 4 hours ordering just 3 items for me and he has STILL not finished. The second the lolitas spot a sale that is it. Your website just stops functioning. So I am begging you to please sort out your server. There is clearly a lot of demand for your stuff and so you should be prepared for the masses of lolitas who only want to get some bargains.

I still love you. Well, at least I will if I get my order. I desperately need a cardigan before Hyper Japan next month. My cold shoulders will be on your conscience if I don't get that cardi! Sorry if I sound a little crazy. It has been a long and hectic afternoon.

Lots of Love (hopefully),

Luna-chan xxx


  1. I was getting so pissed off at it! I did finally make my order though....I just hope they're not too slow on shipping items out, it only took 4 days for my last bodyline order to arrive, but I am preparing myself for a much longer wait...

  2. Congratulations! Mine is estimated to arrive on the 5th but I don't have the tracking email yet. Their shipping is usually very fast (I once had my items just 2 days later) so here is hoping they are relatively quick this time.

  3. .... The website is sooo slow. Just give us the Japanese website but then translated? Atleast that one works!

  4. I have never tried the Japanese website. Are you allowed to do international orders on there?


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