Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Victoria Princess by Metamorphose

Just a mini update on Bodyline- I have since had my tracking number given to me! It turns out the order is already here in England and Bodyline only sent it yesterday. I may get it this afternoon so I will post pictures when I can.

Metamorphose have released some images for their Winter Collection. This includes the new set Victoria Princess. Victoria Princess is a very classic looking set but the black version could make an interesting gothic co-ordinate. Here is a picture of a possible co-ordinate-

As you can see the print is very busy. I actually think this would look better if it was not worn head to toe. A block coloured cardigan or blouse would help to break it up a little. As you can see the model is also wearing plain white socks instead of the patterned socks that are part of the set. The skirt pictured has been constructed beautifully. I think it is stunning. I am undecided on the blouse though. I don't think this pattern looks good with long sleeves. However, there is also a bustier (see below) available which I think would be easier to wear. The picture also shows a bonnet. A more simple rose corsage is also available. The bonnet looks a bit floppy and limp. I would have liked to see something a little more sturdy.

At the moment not many pictures of the print are available. Above is the black version. And now I would like to bring an interesting part of the set to your attention-

Metamorphose have decided to include a mermaid style skirt. I really want to see how this is going to turn out. I am hoping this piece has white panels rather than completely covered in the pattern. I have not seen many mermaid skirts apart from with aristocrat styles. I really hope Metamorphose pulls this off. It is a bit of a risk. Metamorphose will also be releasing a velveteen set with block colours which I think would look better than with the Victoria Princess pattern. It may turn out to be really ugly but I am fascinated by Meta's choice.

And here is the bustier I mentioned. I also think this piece would suit the velveteen set better but I am going to give it a chance and wait for the photos. I think this a lot better than the blouse. It will be easier to pull off this look with a plain long sleeved blouse underneath.

I have been so focused on the mermaid skirt but I thought I should show what the JSK looks like. The One-piece is not as good as this. I prefer the JSK over the separate skirt and blouse combo. It looks stunning and I think this is the best colour. I hope classic lolitas pick this JSK.

Well, not all of the images have been released yet. Some bits could turn out to be epic fails. The mermaid skirt could definitely go wither way. The pieces seem to vary in prettiness. I recommend picking pieces from this set carefully. It could work well with block coloured items to break the pattern up but to wear it as a whole outfit may be too much.

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