Monday, 20 September 2010

A meet-up in Oxford

A random Saturday in Oxford... perfect for meeting some other lolitas! I was really happy to meet new people who live in the area. Here we all are!

From left to right- me, Sammi, Nicola, Jenni and Rainy. Just out of sight was Sammi's gorgeous little boy Cameron (so cute!) and my long-suffering husband who ended up being the bag holder/photographer. Sammi and I are wearing Bodyline pieces, Nicola made her own skirt (and she is only 14! I wish I had her skills!), Jenni is in Moi Meme Moitie and Rainy is in Metamorphose.

After the group had assembled at the train station we went for a Chinese buffet. Oxford has quite a few little Chinese areas including supermarkets and many restaurants. Nicola and Sammi took us to one which I had never been to before. Sadly I don't remember the name! I have been past this place before but have never been inside. The low prices were a pleasant surprise (cheap stuff in Oxford is rare without resorting to Burger King) and the food was delicious. We could eat as much as we want so we piled our plates up. The restaurant was quiet which was perfect for talking and getting to know the group.

Afterwards we walked towards the Alice shop which I now seem to visit on a very regular basis. Word of warning- this shop is tiny so it is not wide petticoat friendly. Thankfully the shop was quieter than usual. Our photos were taken by curious people throughout the day but we were mostly photographed around this area. I think they mistook us for shop promoters. Here I am by the rabbit sign I always pose with.

The plan was to go inside Christ Church for photographs. I think we were a little put-off by the scaffolding on the outside. Someday I will do a proper photoshoot here. So we took a little detour and walked along the river instead, where we got confronted by hungry geese. Thankfully the river at Oxford is really pretty and you have the punters going by.

My favourite picture! See the guy on the punt? It turns out Nicola knows him. She got a little embarrassed. One of us shouted "We love you Louie!" really loudly. He said thank you in return. Thankfully I think Nicola saw the funny side.

Afterwards we walked into town again and visited Mr Simms' sweet shop. This sweet shop is definitely the best in the area. Although you can get a free sample of fudge if you pass the fudge kitchen. We didn't end up going in that direction so no free fudge for me! We bombarded our noses in smelly bath shop Lush. The staff were very interested in our clothes and kept recommending sweet products to match.

As the day ended we popped into Yo! Sushi for an afternoon snack. I ate some Dorayaki which are pancakes with custard filling. It had a really nice raspberry sauce with it too. At the risk of sounding a little bit mad, I am was highly amused watching the sushi whizzing by on the conveyor belt. It reminds me of this old game show where you had to remember items as they passed on a conveyor belt. I resisted the urge to shout "and here comes a cuddly toy!" in a silly game show voice.

And so we went home feeling very pleased with how the day went. All of the girls were very friendly and polite. No bitchiness to be found here! The group was about the right size for the location. In my opinion this is how all lolita meet-ups should be. It was a shame we missed out on the Christ Church visit but everybody said they had a good time. You can't really ask for any more than that.

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  1. Whats your facebook name. I am a well Cosplayer, and would like to well see some Lolitas


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