Friday, 3 September 2010

Circle Lenses- yay or nay?

I have been having a massive debate with myself about whether I think circle lenses are cute or creepy. Circle lenses have become very popular amongst the lolita community because they open up the eyes and make them doll-like. Or maybe even like the eyes in Japanese animes. But it is not just lolitas that are picking up on this trend. I blame Lady Gaga's Bad Romance video...

I don't know what to make of Lady Gaga in this picture. She definitely looks like a cartoon but is this a good thing? This is probably a good example of circle lenses. There are worse images I could have chosen. EDIT- Okay, Lady Gaga's eyes were done with CGI but I am keeping the picture because it gives a similar wide eyed appearance. See! Even Lady Gaga doesn't damage her eyes with these lenses!

You need to be very careful with circle lenses. For starters they can really damage your eye sight. I am unsure if you can get circle lenses with spectacle prescriptions. I think it is a bit like trying on somebody else's glasses and if you wear these lenses for a long time then you will eventually damage the eye. Also there is a trend for getting the lenses with the biggest diameter possible. Wouldn't that make blinking and closing your eyes more difficult? Do these lenses tire out your eyes?

I am kind of curious to try circle lenses but only once just to see what they are like. The results vary from person to person. I have seen people wearing the exact same design in the past where some have looked cute and others have looked freaky. I wonder what I would look like.

There are so many designs to choose from. I have been hearing good things about a company called Geo. They seem to be one of the bigger suppliers. I am not going to go for anything crazy like flames or mecha inspired ones. I will probably just get ones that boost my natural eye colour. Super Nudy 2tone ones look like a simple option. If I ever decide to take the plunge I shall share my experiences here.


  1. I would be very cautious over them because it's too easy to pick up an infection and you can't be sure over non medical glassware if it was made and packaged in sterile area.
    Regards Caroline (Mc1 @ NEO)

  2. I'd say; NOWAY. Really! For one, it's unhandy, and if you don't need them, why use them? It's superficial if you ask me!
    And especially if it can hurt your eyes, why would you even do it?!

  3. This is why the entry has been tagged Crazy Trends because most people look incredibly daft and I don't see the point in damaging your eyes. If I was to try them I would need some sort of confirmation that they were sterile and I would need to see lots of positive reviews. But that is quite difficult. Plus I would NEVER buy them off ebay. I don't care how cheap they are on there.

  4. I've never seen these lenses on anyone else but Lady Gaga in this video so I can't really tell but somehow they look very unattractive to me. And if there is a chance of damaging your sight or getting infections I'd avoid these lenses. Bleach your hair and dye it candy pink or anything, if it damages your hair you can chop it off and grow new hair. But you can't grow new eyes.

  5. I'm sorry, but I hate seeing posts like this!

    It's proposterous that people would think that a specific sort of contact lens will damage your eyes!

    People wear prescription lenses all the time. Contact lenses have been about for decades and during that time they have gotten better and better. The main composite of lenses is actually water, much like our own eyes.

    There are risks with anything if you are not careful! Lenses are easily cleaned and looked after. All you need is a contact lens solution (readily available from supermarkets) and a contact lens case (which often come with the lenses). As long as you have clean hands when you put the lenses in and you make sure the lenses are cleaned in the solution, there are no problems.

    Many many many people wear circle lenses and it isn't a new thing because of Lady Gaga. The Koreans have been wearing them for years, Geo brand lenses are from Korea and are the most trusted and sought after lens brand for circle lenses. When you look through Japanese fashion magazines, the majority (if not all) of the models will be wearing lenses.

    Most lenses are available in prescription as well.

    Other than this, circle lens only refers to the pattern on the lens. The circle is on the outer edge and is used to make your eyes appear bigger and more doll like. Wearing larger diameter lenses does not make it harder to blink or see- the coloured parts of the lens do not cover the pupil and the lenses are not hard.

    Very few people sell them on Ebay, it's the worst possible place you could look anyway.
    You're best off looking for a store such as Pinky Paradise or My Candy Eyes. Failing those (as they are based outside the UK) there is a UK based shop called FOTD Looks (they have a facebook and website) and they stock authentic Geo lenses along with a few other brands.

    Basically, I guess what I'm saying is contact lenses in general are only dangerous if you are incredibly stupid!


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