Thursday, 16 September 2010

Tarot Card by Alice and the Pirates

Coming soon to the reservations page is the latest from Alice and the Pirates featuring tarot cards. As soon as I saw the title I got really excited. There are so many different tarot cards (I wish somebody would make lolita ones!) with all sorts of art work on them. They can be very intricate and detailed. There is also a sense of mystery about them as with most items that try to predict the future. With this in mind, I feel tarot cards sort of suit lolita. I own tarot cards and I think it is really fun to predict the future. In the past some of my readings have come true. Spooky!

Anyway, to the collection! Let's have a look-

The photo above is the first version of the JSK. The sleeves are relatively simple and look as though they have a bit of stretch room. The problem I have with this dress is the black leather looking material. I have got nothing against ero loli but this leather material seems to stick out a lot. It almost looks cheap. If you see the lace close up it is rose lace and I love it. But I think on this dress the lace may get a little itchy.I also think that some more detail around the waist would be better because the pattern all of a sudden comes to an abrupt stop. I am very unsure about this version. I think that if you wore it in a certain way it may look like a costume rather than lolita.

Above is the 2nd version of the JSK. I definitely prefer this one. Sadly because it looks quite fitted, I think it may be harder to fit in. This does not look very bust friendly. The lace panel on the front would help to even out a bottom heavy girl. It gives the illusion of a bigger bust. The lace, although the same as the first JSK, looks like it would itch a lot less on this version. The skirt part on both dresses look relatively the same. The only difference is a line of lace breaking up the pattern. The 2nd version has a bow at the waist which I think looks better than having nothing there. I think the shape of the skirt looks slightly nicer here too.

The skirt is more or less the same. What I like about the skirt is that there are rose shaped buttons on the fastening. The skirt looks a little on the short side. You may have noticed the dummy is wearing the skirt slightly lower than where the waist is thinnest.

Here is a close-up of the print. From a distance you may not notice these are actually tarot cards. I recognise the names on the cards so at least Baby did a little research. The roses are a nice touch and then you have the brand name on there as well.

I really don't know what to make of this collection. I keep changing my mind about certain things. I think I was expecting something more from such a promising idea. That is not to say that this is in any way a bad collection. I would still wear it. I would love to do actual tarot readings whilst wearing this.


  1. It's a bit tooooo red for me. It's not a nice dark red if you ask me :/

  2. Yeah, I know what you mean. I would like it to be darker. I just used the red ones because they didn't have pictures of some of the other colours.


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