Thursday, 9 September 2010

My latest Bodyline Haul

The Bodyline sale massacre is finally over! My package arrived today! I can now breathe a huge sigh of relief. I don't think I need to review the Bodyline sale. If you have read my previous entries you will know exactly what I think of Bodyline and their dodgy server. I think Bodyline is still advertising their sale so you too can still be part of the slowest, most annoying online experience ever! Yesterday I got hit with a very nasty customs charge for this item so I have been feeling incredibly stressed out. It is a good thing a sale was on because at least it was kind of worth the effort I put in. It is just a shame that some of my savings ended up going towards customs. So here are the items I got-

The 2 cardigans are the same LO62 ones just in two different colours. In the sale these will set you back $19 each. The shoes are SHOES184 which currently cost just $19. Just $19 dollars for cute shoes. That really is a bargain. The items fitted well (you can only buy the cardigans in a size medium) despite the lack of size choice. There is a little bit of stretch but if you have wide shoulders you will want to give these a miss. The cardigans were wrapped in the infamous Bodyline bags. I was a little disappointed that the shoes were so flimsily protected. They were wrapped in tissue paper with what looked like sturdy drinking straws stretching the inside so they did not get flattened. Thankfully the shoes were absolutely fine. Just be careful if you plan on ordering more than one pair. I fear they may bash against each other in the post.

The shoes are very cute and were in perfect condition. There were no scratches or scuff marks. I have fairly wide feet but my feet fitted into the shoes just fine. There is a little bit of room for my toes to wiggle but I didn't want to risk getting the next smallest size. I don't think they were available anyway. Bodyline fans seem to be targeting the shoe section whilst they are cheap. I believe that Bodyline shoes can be just as good as brand ones. In fact, they don't look a lot different. I bought these shoes in red to go with my pink dresses. I really hate struggling to match different shades of pink and red goes really well with pink. I think it made sense to get the red shoes and I am happy with my choice.

Here is a close-up of the sleeve lace on the cardigans. It is not the nicest of lace but I have seen worse. The cardigans themselves whilst thin, are actually quite warm. I got these cardigans for the in-between weather conditions. At the moment it is too hot for a coat, which is something else I will need to buy in the near future.

The plan for the black cardigan is to use it for some"bitter-sweet" co-ordinates. I know some people hate this term (it is basically sweet but with the use of black) but I don't know what else to call it! I am thinking of wearing this with the Metamorphose Old Emblem skirt I have with black shoes and possibly a black headbow too. I now have an Old Emblem hair comb coming but I have the black bow as a back-up just in case it doesn't arrive in time. The pink on my Old Emblem skirt is more a dusty pink so it wont go with the baby pink cardigan. I may try doing a post showing the possible full outfit so I may ask you to tell me what you think. The pink cardigan is mainly going to be used with my sax blue pieces but I will use it with pink stuff if I think it matches.

I am very pleased with my items. I just wish I didn't have to put up with the sales stress. I don't recommend using Bodyline during sales time. This must be how it feels when lolitas order lucky packs all at the same time. Seeing as Bodyline will probably not do anything to ease the site traffic I suggest that when the next sale is on some lolitas should wait a day or two. I bet they will be forced to extend the sale again. After all, it is just clothes so it is not worth getting upset over.


  1. Customs charges are a pain and the allowances haven't been updated in decades as I frequently import stuff back from Canada and the States.I agree with you on the shoe colour red goes well with most pinks whereas there seems to be hundred of different pinks that don't! I like the serrated-edge on the backs btw.

    Regards Caroline (Mc1 @ NEO) of the Quoted scene

  2. The plan now is to buy pink shoes to go with my sax blue pieces! Matching colours is difficult. I would rather wear red shoes with pink. I don't care if that makes me sound lazy- at least it matches!

  3. I have been looking at Bodyline, so far it's the only online brand I can reasonably afford! :'P

    I have to get my dad to order online stuff for me, and so I have to make sure that the site is respectable, etc. I don't mind it being slow though.

    Thanks for the reviews! It's helping to read of your experiences, hopefully I can actually buy a lolita outfit one day! :p Is the quality good? :) xx

  4. The quality varies from piece to piece. If you search around you can find reviews of specific Bodyline pieces on the net. So if you really like a piece but are unsure, just have a look and you may find other lolitas who have bought it :)

    In general though, I think that Bodyline is good quality. Sometimes they bring out some odd designs but I am yet to experience problems with the clothes.

  5. I have the same pink cardi and I have been so very pleased with it so far and have worn it several times. It has held up very well, but the ribbons seem like they are beginning to come loose so that's something to watch for. Though it serves it's purpose and it's cute so I couldn't be happier with it. Have a nice day.~

  6. Lovely haul!
    I was wondering if the sale on Bodyline is still going on, 'cause under the picture it still says "☞'Cause the server is not stability,the sale activity will be extended.
    Mr yan's so sorry for the inconvenience."
    But I don't know the regular prices so I can't tell ...

  7. Hi! Ive been planning on buying Bodyline, but have a bit of a dilemma with their shoe sizing... As you've bought some shoes from there, I was wondering if you could help with sizing. Im a size 5, but all their shoes are like 180, 200, and things like that, and I don't have a clue what that is in England. As far as I can tell, theres no guide... Do you know what their sizing is?
    Thanks for reading all this! Emery

    1. To get your Japanese shoe size, you basically measure your feet in centimetres. Your Bodyline shoe size is the number of centimetres with a '0' added on the end. HOWEVER! When you measure your feet, you also include any half centimetres, so if for example your feet measure 23 and a half centimetres, then you add a '5' on the end instead of a '0'. That would give you the shoe size 235.

      My feet are 24.5cm long and that makes my shoe size a 245 (but I have very wide feet, so I always go up a size and get a 250).

      I really hope that made some sense!


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