Monday, 6 September 2010

An update on the Bodyline sale lunacy

So... after 24 hours I was finally able to pay for my goods. The next hurdle? Getting Bodyline to send me the tracking details. It is a very frustrating time. It could be that Bodyline have run out of my items and they need to cancel my order. Or they could just be getting held up. The trouble is, that whilst this is going on my money is tied to the order and I can't purchase other similar items just in case the order can be sent. I really don't know what to do. I can hardly complain to Bodyline- everybody will be having the same problem. Bodyline know about my order and it is up to them what happens next. I am so annoyed. There is a bag I want to buy on ebay which is probably gone now and I saw a cute red brand cardigan going cheap on the sales community page. Grr! It really puts me off placing further orders with them. I hope it arrives soon


  1. That stuff is frustrating and you sure have my sympathies.
    Regards Caroline

  2. Luckily it is now sorted. It turns out my order is already in the UK. Yay!


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