Thursday, 30 September 2010

Hyper Japan anticipation

This Saturday I shall be attending Hyper Japan If you are also attending then I look forward to seeing you there! The weekend kicks off tomorrow. I am really excited about it. There are even people coming over from other countries to go to this event.

Hyper Japan is a big deal for English lolitas. Many American lolitas may be wondering why this is such an interesting event for us English lolitas. Well, for starters this will be the very first time that most of the brands attending will be in the UK. The featured brands will be selling items via the Kera shop and Baby will even have their own pop-up shop. Yes, we can buy stuff online but to be able to physically see these items and have a browse is incredible. If the event is a success then chances are these brands may choose to visit us again. It will give the brands the chance to see how popular they are in England.

Kera magazine will be holding a fashion show on the stage. There was a modelling competition and the lucky models get to keep their outfits afterwards. Lolita clothes are expensive so I think this is a great prize. Misako Aoki will also be there (she is a Japanese lolita who has modelled for various companies including Baby). I have seen videos of her and she comes across as polite, cute and somebody who has a passion for fashion. Also on stage will be a lolita who I am very keen to meet. Her user name online is pixie-late and I have been secretly admiring her from afar. On forums she gives the impression that she is easy to approach and friendly so I will be trying to have a chat with her.

But it is not just a lolita haven. There will be cosplaying, para para dancing, tourism information, food demonstrations, manga workshops and lots more. PLUS Square Enix are attending! Square Enix do the Final Fantasy games (my husband James loves Final Fantasy) and the Dragon Quest games (which in my opinion, deserve more love!).

I think this is the first time Hyper Japan have held an event like this. Here is hoping the weekend is a huge success!

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