Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Alternative Days Out

As much as I love tea parties and picnics, after a while they can start to lose their sparkle. Don't get me wrong, I still love these sort of events but surely there is more out there to do? What sort of activities are suitable for us young maidens? Are they considered lolita enough? It is very easy to get stuck in the tea party rut so I had a little think about what sort of lolita meet-ups I would like to see.

Berry Picking

When I was younger, my dad used to take me berry picking. I fell out with my dad and we never made up before he died so some of my happiest memories of him involve berry picking. Berry picking is relatively cheap and you get to take all the lovely fruit home with you! Perhaps you could have a competition to see who can bake the best item with what you take home. I really want to learn how to make my own jam. Obviously berry picking involves a lot of bending down and potentially muddy ground. I think if you wore one of your least favourite dresses and got some wellington boots, you would be able to pick berries relatively hassle free. Plus wellies come in lots of fantastic colours and patterns now so you could even match them to your outfit.

Cathedral/Stately Home Photo Shoot

When I pick up my Gothic Lolita bibles I lust over the fantastic photo shoots they do at historical buildings. The models look so elegant and pretty. The great thing is that almost any church will do. Go visit a church and have a good long look at the different features. Would that arch make a good backdrop for a photo? Are there any interesting statues/shapes/gargoyles? How could you use the aisle? There are endless possibilities. I know a lot of gothic lolitas like using graveyards for photo shoots but don't ignore inside the buildings. I like strolling around the gardens pretending to be in a Jane Austen novel. I am a bit of a daydreamer.


You are surrounded by beautiful, colourful tropical fish. By using a simple water feature on your camera, you can take stunning pictures. There is something very mysterious and magical about aquariums. Plus, you have something entertaining to look at too. Make use of all the unusual colours and you too could be Ariel.

Clothing swap party

If you know enough lolitas a clothing swap could be a fun way to get yourself a new wardrobe. Be realistic. If one person brings brand and everybody else brings Bodyline, this could leave to arguments. I suggest putting a limit on brand items. Part of the fun is finding random items you may not have considered wearing before. Or maybe you have envied an item your friend owns and now you have a chance to own that piece. With correct organising this could be a very successful meet idea.

Make-over party

This is an excuse to try new ideas and get feedback off other lolitas without the fear of posting it on the online communities. Get everybody to bring their make-up, hair stuff and maybe even some clothing. You could try an entirely new style without spending any money. Some lolitas like to bitch about lolitas who make mistakes. If you disagree with somebody's fashion choices then how about giving them a make-over instead of saying nasty things? These sort of parties are very girly and get a bit giggly. It is also good for a bit of bonding.

Beauty salon

Along the same lines as the last idea, you could go to a beauty salon and get a treatment done. It does not need to be expensive. You could get a cheap manicure done. Nail art comes in a lot of varieties and the possibilities are endless. Or you could get a professional to show you how to use heated hair appliances so you can do them at home.

And if you really want to hold a tea party...

Don't dismiss your local village or town hall. Yes, some of these places may not be very lolita but with a little decoration you can transform any room. Some tea rooms can be expensive and with a little hard work you can create your very own tea room. Get people to help decorate or volunteer their services for hostessing. Don't automatically dismiss any venue.

And these are just some suggestions. The possibilities are endless. Plus I have a confession to make... I don't even like tea! I think you should always try new things and get a bit of variety. You never know, you may even prefer these new ventures!


  1. I don't know if lolitas are crafty but since you mentioned clothing and accessories swapping I instantly thought about swapping items that you made. Decorated hairclips, little handbags/pouches/coin purses, bows, knitted gloves... Or what about a meeting where you make these things?

  2. I have heard of lolitas meeting up to make stuff. Sometimes I see people doing online craft swapping. You don't know what you are going to get but that is part of the fun!

  3. Oh, I know online craft swapping! It's my hobby number 1 :-)


  4. If you join Swap-bot, message me and I'll play with you :-D


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