Wednesday, 29 September 2010

My coat dilemma

For a while I was a lone lolita. I kept myself to myself and mainly wore lolita around the house. In fact, it is only recently that I decided to become more involved with the community and other lolitas. This has worked out really great but I find myself needing to weatherproof my lolita a lot more. This time last year I was mainly inside so this will be my first Winter where I may need to be out in the cold for meets and other stuff. I have already purchased some cardigans for the annoying transitional phase where it is hot one minute and cold the next. Now I need to focus on a coat.

This coat needs to meet the following criteria-
1. I have to like it (obviously)
2. It will have to be able to work with my wardrobe and I don't just mean with one or two dresses. The more items the coat matches, the better.
3. It would ideally need to look good with both sweet and classic lolita (I think the colour cream would possibly the best halfway mark between the two styles)
4. It has to be heavy endurance because I don't know if or when I will be able to by another coat
5. Sadly it needs to be off-brand because I simply can't afford a brand coat.

The sad thing is, I have already found a coat I really want. But it is from Innocent World an 44940 yen. A quick check on tells me this will set me back approx £340 and that is excluding shipping. Plus, I don't think Innocent World do international orders so I would have to use a shipping service and obviously that coasts extra. My budget is severely limited (about £100 but this is worst case scenario. A lot depends on how much I spend at Hyper Japan this weekend). And here is a picture of the coat-
What I like about this coat is that it is simple. There are no bunny ears, heart shaped pockets or overly cute features. It is just a plain and simple coat which would suit my current wardrobe and it is easy to wear it outside of my loli stuff. The site shows that this coat can be worn many different ways. Plus if you pay a bit extra you can get this matching cape-

It is times like these that I wish I could just spend a load of money and not have to worry one bit. I have seen other coats that are getting released this year and I have not been too impressed with the other brand ones. I have not checked Baby's coats yet but there is not much point when I can't afford one.

So I have been madly searching off-brand sites in the hope of discovering a good strong coat that fits my main ideals. After much fruitless searching I came up with 2 coats. There was a third coat but it wont be available until mid November (plus it is custom made which adds even more time) and I would prefer to have a coat before then.

The first coat is a Fanplusfriend one. Out of all the coats on this site I think this was my favourite-
The good thing is that the fur bits can be removed. The site says the material is heavy and the making estimate is 2 weeks (I predict it would probably be a bit longer than they say but I thought 2 weeks was quite a quick time). My only real issue is possibly the deep red colour. Out of the colour options deep red is my favourite but I am doubtful that it will go with some of my stuff. Currently my wardrobe is mainly baby pink and sax blue but I am starting to veer more towards classic lolita and this coat would suit classic. Would this coat go with sugary sweet colours? I don't know.

The second coat is from Quiteland and the design is called Celebi! Like the Pokemon! This coat has more details on it. I can't remember if the bows are detachable or not. I like the design of this coat. Plus, I like the cream colour the best which would suit both my sweet and classic items. I think I prefer this coat slightly more than the fanplusfriend one. But this coat will take longer to make.
I am still really clueless about what coat I am going to pick. I am open to other coat suggestions. I suppose I don't really need to rush it. I know it is not very lolita but for now I am making do with wearing a biker jacket and a coat I purchased from new look last year.

And whilst I am on the subject of Innocent World...

I REALLY want this bag.

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  1. Innocent world does ship over seas!
    Hit 'shopping guide''s got a good walk though.
    Here's a straight up link to the order's sorta buried in the 'shopping guide'
    Also I'd like to note that come spring, coats will make their way to the sales racks and lucky packs. It might be worth saving a waiting...good luck!


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