Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Bodyline's cute accessories

After all the problems that Bodyline had with their sale, they have not been able to release new products for a few weeks. I thought I would have a look on the website yesterday and they finally have some new stuff in! I was kind of hoping for some new dresses (there were 2 new dresses) but this update mainly consisted of charm accessories and some very odd feather fans and feather boas. Luckily their new charms are really cute!

These charms cost around $4 each which is still very cheap but a bit more than previous Bodyline accessories. A majority of the new charms are cute rabbits. I love how this first one with the slanted eyes is blushing slightly. I am trying to work out if this face is meant to be deliberately wonky or not. It is very off-centre. A very simple but cute design.

As well as bunny heads, there are some with star shaped bodies. This one has crosses for eyes so it is looking a bit dead. I like how the ears have patterned fabric inside them. Again the design is very simple but cute. as you can see this one comes in pink. Most of the charms come in cream or pink options.

But this next charm is by far my favourite of the entire lot. The rabbit is blushing and has a huge sweat drop running down its face. It reminds me of an anime character.

These charms would have a very wide appeal. Hopefully the wonky one is not a sign that these are poorly made and it is a one-off. It would be very tempting to add these to a Bodyline order. I am already thinking about who I can give these to for birthdays and stuff. I can think of several friends who would go mad over these. I myself wouldn't mind getting the one in the last picture.

Finally, I have included a picture of one of the two new Bodyline dresses. I would post the other one but to be honest... it was not very special (sorry!). This dress is listed at $87 and when the new items page first loaded I was like "What!? $87 for such a plain looking Bodyline dress?". The problem is, that when you enlarge the photo it is still hard to see the details but I can see it has a bustle front and appears to have a rose print on it. This is very good news for me because it means a design I was working on could be accepted because it could match. It may be some time yet before I finish my design contest entry but I am very hopeful.

The one thing I will say about this dress is that I don't like the flimsy halterneck straps. I would rather see more material or maybe totally strapless. To be honest I think even with all the details this dress has, $87 is probably a little too steep. I think this is currently the most expensive dress in the dress section. Even when you take the dresses included in the half price sale and double the amount to get the original price, they are still a tiny bit cheaper than this dress. Maybe Bodyline are expecting this dress to be a hit or it was designed by a contest winner. Hmm...

Anyway, the straps are worth checking out and you could buy a few of these without breaking the bank. And here is hoping they are not wonky!


  1. The charms look really cute (melts from the cute overload).
    Regarding the dress, I like simple black dresses but you're right, the strap does the design no favours neither flattering the design looking like a misplaced boot lace or the wearers shoulder area.
    It comes over to me as a 'bolt on' to a strapless dress.

    Regards Caroline (Mc1 @NEO)

  2. I totally agree with the boot lace comment. I would probably tuck the straps in and wear it strapless. I hope they make more charms like these. So cute <3


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