Wednesday, 10 August 2011

I want to be me

I was recently loosely involved in some online drama. There was this thread and the conversation moved towards the Oxfordshire Lolitas. One person responded to a lolita who asked what our group was like by singling out a few of us and giving “helpful advice” on what we were all like. Thankfully, I got off quite lightly this time but it did highlight something which I hadn’t really noticed before.

We are quite a mixed group of individuals but with certain members, you can see certain ongoing influences in their outfits. It could be a colour or a motif. Raine has her retro themes, Sammi and Beau are always wonderfully accessorised, Nicola is our resident handmade fan... I could go on. So I wondered what my ongoing influence was. Then I realised that instead of following a continual theme, my style reflected my moods. And I am happy that way because I have always felt that I have multiple personalities. So although my outfits might not always make other people happy, they make me happy. Surely, this is a good thing?

There have also been times in the past where I have witnessed a discussion about recent brand prints. One person will say they dislike a print only for somebody else to say “Actually, I just ordered that print...” It could have turned awkward, but instead nobody was offended. It is down to personal taste. It doesn’t matter how popular something is, somebody will always come along and dislike and slate it.

People think it is a little strange that my favourite wardrobe item is my March of the Duck skirt. The reason I like it so much, is because it reflects my personality. Ducks are my favourite animal and the ducks look playful. So wearing my duckie skirt cheers me up! Call me silly if you like, but you cannot take away how special I feel when I wear that print. I got that skirt because I chose to ignore what other people were saying and just go with my heart. I happen to think it looks pretty good!

It is important to be yourself and lolita fashion is no exception. Instead of going for the latest must-have, try asking your heart whether you truely love it, or whether you are just going along with what the crowd likes. If you want to add your own unique touch, give it a go. There is nothing wrong with being individual or doing something different, as long as it makes you happy.

It is possible to be yourself in lolita. So let your personality shine.


  1. Amen, sister! :D I think you just hit that 'be yourself' nail on the head. Plus, duckies are soooo cute! OwO I think you might have just made me like them a little more with the 'March of the Ducks' skirt. ♥ Thanks for posting.

  2. i always love the outfits you come up with, like the alice one. you put so much detail into it (like your awesome nails)and it looked lovely. dont let that person who wrote that bring you down, im not, instead im going to continue sewing and try to become better! dont let annons bring you down!

  3. Don't worry, I have no intention of letting anons bring me down! I actually thought it was funny when I got called a dark horse! I wish that everybody had the confidence to be themselves.


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