Thursday, 4 August 2011

Items of Desire- Re-Ment mystery boxes

Something that I enjoy outside of lolita is collecting things. I have a large Pokemon card collection and I like to collect designer vinyl toys like Dunnys. A lot of the item these are considered collector items rather than toys. One of the most exciting parts of collecting things is that sometimes collectables are packed in mystery boxes so you don't know what is going to be inside.

Recently, I have been craving items by Re-ment. I first came across Re-Ment when I visited a shop we have here in the UK called Artbox. They were placed next to the Dunny toys I was already collecting, so I picked up the box and had a look. I recall being amazed at how detailed the items looked. They would make lovely doll house furniture, but are cute enough just to collect by themselves. Since then, I have spotted several girls blogging about Re-Ment too. After seeing people showcasing these collectables, I really wanted them!

These are just a few of my favourites-

I have a strawberry obsession so naturally, I was drawn to this strawberry sweets themed collection!

I really want the Hello Kitty 3 coloured dango from this collection.

This collection has a melting theme. Some items are pretty typical, like melting ice cream but there are also more obscure items. The melting clock is very Salvador Dali.

I also like how Re-Ment are usually small. You could try attaching these to deco projects (provided you don't want to keep them in mint condition). If you wanted something simpler, get one of the keychains and attach it to your bag, or wherever else you want. You can also get other items such as magnets.

I know it is not really lolita specific, but I like these so much that I had to write about them. For more information, there is a website here-

And if you live in the UK, check out Artbox-

If I find any more links featuring items like these, I will try to write about them another time!

Just a quick note- It is my 2nd Wedding Anniversary on Saturday, so I am posting today instead of tomorrow. So if you were hoping I was going to post on Friday, then technically, this is Friday's post!


  1. I really like using re-ment miniatures to make deco items, they are so cute and realistic.

  2. I just love how detailed they are! I definitely want some strawberry themed sweets ones.

  3. how cool! they are so cute you just want to eat it :P

  4. Lovely items Luna.
    personally I do collect of lot of Hello Kitty stuff and it can be hard knowing when to stop!
    Regards Caroline

  5. Collecting stuff is so addictive! It doesn't help that I have a friend who collects a lot of the stuff I collect and we get a bit competitive! At one point we were both buying a large box full of toys, like how a shop would. Not healthy at all!


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