Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Baby's Flying Love From Juliet

It occurred to me earlier today that I hadn't discussed this print on here yet! Today I am looking at Baby's Flying Love From Juliet. Some of the items are already on their shopping page. This set has 2 dresses, a skirt, a headbow, a blouse, a bonnet, socks, wristcuffs and some accessories. Despite being a very large set, I am only discussing the 2 dresses today. However, I do like the look of the rose wristcuffs and the necklace. Do go and check them out!

This is the first JSK. Compared to some recent Baby and AatP releases, the bodice doesn't look too badly fitted. The corset detail on the front of the dress looks well spaced. It doesn't attract too much attention and blends in nicely. The corset is lined with lace. The lace used is not to my personal taste but I suppose it fits the style of the dress. There is a large waist bow which I think could have worked nicely. Sadly, the waist bow on this dress looks a bit limp and could do with being a little stiffer and more shapely. The ribbon straps are a little thin but the lace parts are nicely shaped and has a lot of detail to it. The lace running along the corset part continues underneath the arm pits which has the potential to be very itchy if you are not wearing a blouse. It seems a little pointless having the lace there because most of the time you wont see it (unless you go around with your arms in the air a lot!). The gold rose buttons for the waist ties are really pretty. The waist ties themselves are a good length but are plain looking. The back part has another corset which again, is well spaced and hides the shirring panel well. The skirt part is a pretty shape for a classic print like this and would probably flare out well if you wanted a puffier shape. I love the way the printed part of the skirt is layered and the way it goes up at the front. The edge of the printed part has a pretty ruffle. It helps to add texture and layers to the dress and stops it looking flat. The skirt underneath is chiffon, which looks nice and floaty. The overall feel of the dress is soft, so chiffon suits this dress. The chiffon part has lots of little details such as tiers, ruffles and a line of rose shaped lace.

This is the other JSK. The bodice is a good shape. This is helped by the use of ribbon to help create a waist. The ribbon appears to be good quality and I like how the bow is to the side instead of the middle. It makes a nice change from the usual style of waist ties and then a bow stuck in the middle. The sleeves are nicely ruffled and look very stretchy. In fact, you could probably get away with not wearing a blouse with this dress. The sleeves are finished with a cute little ribbon bow.

I absolutely love the details on the chest. I like the way the lace falls, the rose details on the lace and the bow at the top looks cute! If you are a small in the bust compartment, this should help to even out your figure. I can take or leave the beads. If they had to have beads I think they could have come up with something more exciting than a line of 3 beads. The back of the bodice has corset detailing which again, is well spaced and helps hide the shirring panel.

The skirt part is a good shape but I would have liked to see it flare outwards a bit more. The skirt is relatively plain and is perfect for a more toned down look. The main feature of the skirt is the little gathered parts on the sides. I would have liked them to be a little bigger. Despite looking pretty, it sort of looks as though the dress has accidentally hitched upwards rather than being there on purpose. The edge of the print is finished up with some small lace which is not too distracting. The side parts have some more bows which match the bow on the bodice nicely. This dress is also finished beautifully with some delicate chiffon. It works really well with this series.
And finally, the print close up. This series is available in ivory, pink, brown and black. My favourite part of this print is the birds in the cage because it stops this print looking like every other floral print out there. If I am honest, the print does remind me a little of Grandma's curtains, especially with the addition of the doilies. However, this is still a very beautiful print. When I first saw the print title, I was hoping for a very Shakespeare themed and more dramatic print then this one. Also, with the brown colourway, if you look at it from a distance it starts to look like army camouflage!

Overall, this is a pretty set. It is not something that I would desperately seek after but at the same time, it would be a nice addition to a classic wardrobe. I think the second dress is especially pretty. Surprisingly for me, I like the pink colour the best! My least favourite colour is the brown. The print does not stand out that much but it should not be dismissed.


  1. the OP was pretty cute, but I think the JSK looked kinda wired :S

  2. The bow on the JSK looks so sad :(

  3. I like the JSK best. Ivory and pink (=.= Goodness, I´m admitting I like the pink...) look prettiest, in my opinion.

  4. I usually don't like pink but it looks so pretty here!

  5. I agree, That waist bow just doesn't look nice at all.Bows need a bit of bounce to them.
    Regards Caroline


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