Friday, 12 August 2011

Meta special Summer set- blooming garden and cherry berry

It is such a shame my funds are low right now (my Meta Fairy Tale order has been hit with customs charges and I don't know how much yet). It looks like I am missing out on another Meta bargain!

At some point today (in fact, it will be soon because it is already evening in Japan as I type this) Meta are going to be selling their special Summer set. As you have probably already guessed by the post title, this time it is Cherry Berry and Blooming Garden on offer.

As pretty as Cherry Berry is, I have never considered it to be that hard to get hold of. I have seen it being sold very cheap. The one I am more interested in is Blooming Garden. 10,000yen seems a very good price for this beautiful print. 2 colours of Blooming Garden are being offered compared to the one Cherry Berry which suggests that Meta know this will sell well.

But what I want to know is... is the value of Blooming Garden going to go down now? Events like this don't seem to affect other brands like AP but with Meta it is a little different. Although I am missing out this time, I certainly wouldn't mind some cheap Blooming Garden in my wardrobe!

I also find it a little concerning how Meta have added so many sales/reductions lately. Along with the Summer Sale, they are holding special deals on Vintage Record and Fruit Punch Soda. Both of these prints are very recent. After a quick browse, a lot of the items from this offer are still available despite the cheap prices. Is this a sign that Meta is struggling a little or is it just that these 2 series were unpopular? All I will say is that if you are a Meta fan, this is a great time to get a good deal on some cheap brand.


  1. I was so glad to hear about the special set for Blooming Garden, I made my friend order it for me when I was at work lol. It's such a beautiful print and a really good price. The only thing I'm worried about is that I haven't received my paypal comformation. Don't they normally send the paypal invoice on the same day?

  2. I was kinda disappointed, I would have liked the Cherry Berry in another color....though in the end, it´s better for me, I suppose, since I can´t spend more this month after the AatP JSKs.... XD

  3. Namalie- Lucky you! I have only ordered from Meta twice but when I ordered my lucky pack I didn't get all the emails straight away. If you are worried, contact them. They are usually good at answering. I assume they must be busy.

    Laia Moon- I see you put an 'S' on the end of JSK. Does that mean you got both of them? Brilliant! I suppose pink must have been the most popular colour of CB. I actually prefer the blue version!

  4. I prefer the blue version of the Cherry as well. The color contrast and mix just looks better in general, I think. :) Yes, I´ve offered to buy both JSKs (in the end I was convinced and I couldn´t resist--and really it has a good resale value on EGL if I don´t like one of them in the end), one of them has been paid and the other I´m waiting for a reply on(the black, coincidentally).

  5. Yay! Exactly, you can always resell one if you don't like it. Sometimes it is hard just picking one colour!

  6. Thank you, I will try that. I got a bit worried that my order didn't go through. You ordered the Fairy Tales print, it's so gorgeous! I wish I could afford it ;_;

  7. I had to spend ages working out how I could afford Fairy Tale. It is arriving on Tuesday and I am mega excited!


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