Monday, 8 August 2011

Lumiebre- cute umbrellas and parasols!

I have been buying a lot of Kera magazines recently and recently discovered Lumiebre. Lumiebre specialise in parasols and umbrellas. Earlier this year, I was lucky enough to get a Baby umbrella for free (it is pink, foldable and I love it!) but despite this, I am still looking out for beautiful parasols.

Lumiebre are not strictly lolita but their products are still beautiful. Their website is here- and the links to their web shops are easy to find. The good thing is, that when I clicked on one of the web shops I saw that parasols and umbrellas had been put in to 2 separate sections. Although it appears that most of the parasols from here can be used in the rain, this is not always the case with certain parasols which are designed to shade you from the sun. Besides, when you have a really fancily decorated parasol which you have spent a lot of money on would you want it getting wrecked in bad weather? Especially with the weather here in the UK. I have a bad track record with umbrellas!

The good thing is, that Lumiebre has casual options but some could quite easily be worked in to a lolita outfit. I especially love this frilly-edged umbrella. The dusky rose one would definitely make a nice lolita wardrobe addition.

Or you could always go for a more obvious option. Recently, Metamorphose collaborated with Lumibre. You would have thought Meta would have mentioned something on their own website! I have to admit that I fancy getting a Meta parasol with the swan logo on it instead of anything from this collaboration. However, this umbrella is still beautiful and I love the roses.

This got me thinking... I need to pay more attention to Kera. Usually I just skip over the adverts but by taking my time, I might just find some additional inspiration. There is more to J-fashion magazines than the shoots and tutorials.

Coming soon- I shall be doing a review of my Meta Fairy Tale order when it arrives. It is currently awaiting clearance at UK customs. Please please please don't charge me, customs workers! Sorry if my blog has appeared a little quieter than usual. I have not been feeling well since my holiday but I am hoping that things will start to perk up soon.


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