Friday, 26 August 2011

A cute Baby jacket!

Am I the only one who finds clothing shops releasing their Autumn/Winter collections a bit depressing? It is a clear sign that cold weather is coming!

However, it does mean that we get to see lots of exciting new brand coats, jackets and outer wear. Meta have announced a coat collection and Baby have already released pictures of their new stuff.
So far, my favourite item is this fawn style cape! I can already think of several different prints this could work with and it will look stunning with solid colours outfits too. It would look beautiful with classic lolita but I would also like to see this jacket worn with a toned down sweet outfit. I do like how this jacket does not look too cute. I think the fur is fake too, which is a bonus (if it is real fur, please correct me).

My only worry was how versatile the jacket would be. It is short so would not be suitable in harsh weather conditions. It is a bit of a what I like to call "transition piece", which is best suited for those times between seasons when the weather goes a little strange. It looks like Baby have already thought of this problem-

This is what it looks like on top of another coat. Hmm... I love how Baby are trying to get people to buy both the cape and the coat! I do think the cape could be workable with other coats too.

Baby and Alice and the Pirates have a lot of cute outerwear on their website now so if you have been thinking about getting a coat, do have a look!


  1. Oooooooh that capelet is so cute :D

  2. I was going to do a post about this xD
    They're amazing!

    Too bad it's not worth it for me to buy a different coat like that, since it doesn't match too much of my wardrobe and the cold season is too mild and short here in Brazil...

    I am considering the capelet though... It's charming and I can imagine using this with lolita and Mori girl, as wel as daily <33
    and it's not only usable in super cold weather.

  3. Sadly the cape by itself would probably be too cold for a UK Winter. It would be perfect for Autumn/Fall here though! I would just get the cape if it was me. I think the coat is just a marketing ploy so we give Baby more of our money. I don't like the coat anyway!

  4. god I love this! I really need to find my coat again, it's freezing outside already!


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