Monday, 1 August 2011

New Bodyline for my 23rd birthday

I am back from my holiday! As this is the 1st post since my 23rd birthday, I thought I should review the new Bodyline I got as part of my birthday present haul. I had to sign for the parcel months ago so I knew James had got me Bodyline for my birthday (yes, my husband is lovely enough to buy me lolita and know what I like too!). The suspense was killing me, so I was very pleased with what he got me.

I got the cosmetic print dress in navy! I can't review the ordering process but I am sure if Bodyline had done anything wrong, James would have mentioned it. So let's assume that the ordering process part was up to Bodyline's usual standards!

The print on the dress is very clear. All the print details stand out against the deep navy colour of the dress. I was hoping the navy colour would be a bit richer and darker but it is still beautiful. I do not regret getting the navy at all and it is still my favourite colour out of the colour options for this dress. I was a little worried the dress length may be a little short but luckily, it is not too bad. The lace lines are neat and tidy. The little bow buttons are cute! The sizing given on the Bodyline site appear to be correct, maybe slightly smaller than the measurements suggest. If you are bigger than the site measurements, do NOT buy this dress because it does not have a lot of stretch in it. Also, the sleeves are a tiny bit tight. Luckily, my arms are not too big! I can't wait to wear this dress. I am debating getting a solid colour belt to add some more interest to the dress.

I was also given the matching bag. I adore this. I will be using this bag by itself outside of wearing lolita too. This tote is pretty much like every Bodyline tote. If I could choose one improvement, I would add a zip so you could close the bag properly for added security.

So this was a very positive order and I am very grateful that my husband got me these wonderful items as part of my presents. I was sad when Bodyline removed their DHL service so I thought it would take some time for me to get this dress. I think with a dress like this, it was worth James using EMS (this was ordered before the new shipping services came in). As far as Bodyline goes, this dress is one of those that I would consider to be very good and it is at the higher end of Bodyline quality.


  1. This dress is really cute^^
    And Happy Bday (btw we are in the same age^^).

  2. Oh man, he sounds like the perfect husband! ^__^ Happy birthday! <3

  3. Thank you both for the birthday wishes!

    Katie, you are so right! I am a very lucky girl! <3

  4. Congrats::D
    My next order from Bodyline will be this dress:D I'm so exited:D

  5. Cool! Hopefully you will like it just as much as I do :)


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