Monday, 22 August 2011

Meta's Night of Masquerade

Today I will be discussing the new Meta series Night of Masquerade. The set has 2 dresses, a bustier, 3 skirts, a headdress, a bonnet and socks. At the time of writing this, Meta had only put up some of the product images but thankfully I am able to have a look at both of the dresses.

This is the JSK. I think the bodice has a good shape to it. It is nicely fitted and the neckline is pretty. The front has some ruffles with 3 bows on top. The bows are a good shape and appear nicely firm. I don't think the bows look too OTT because the pattern on the print helps to blend them in. The neckline is edged with a chiffon ruffle which helps to make it look softer. However, I do dislike the use of chiffon for the halter-neck straps. It looks very weak, as if it could break if you put too much strain on the straps. Thankfully, the straps are very long so hopefully most people wont need to tie them too tightly. The waist straps are very well placed and you can't see them from the front. The back has a ribbon corset which conceals the shirring panel well. I am a little undecided about the layer of chiffon on top of the skirt. However, it is a pretty shape and the gathering stops it looking flat. It would look a little odd without the chiffon on the bodice so the use of chiffon is fairly well balanced. My favourite part of this dress is the overall shape. The skirt is beautifully rounded and the chiffon layer doesn't even affect the overall silhouette that much. Sometimes Meta's dresses can look a little triangular in shape but this dress has a gorgeous bell shape. The bottom of the skirt has a few small bows and a line of ruffle, which has some thin lace to finish. It works really well and the decorations are well placed so that they work together with the print.

This is the OP. I think this dress is a good example of the triangular looking dresses that I mentioned above. The skirt shape on this dress is totally different and could possibly benefit from being a bit rounder, slightly longer and more bell shaped. However, it is very eye-catching and it would be fun to see just how much you could puff this skirt outwards (see the model picture below!). This dress is eye catching and is meant to be looked at! The waist part is finished with a soft chiffon bow which sits nicely and helps the dress sit on the waist better. The skirt has some ruffles just above where the picture part of the print starts. I don't think the ruffles are necessary but they look pretty and don't distract too much. The bottom hem has another ruffle and is finished with a line of floaty material. It reminds me of ballerinas. The bodice on this dress also has a good shape. The sleeves has a nice bit of puff to them. The bow has a nice shape and it is placed very well on the side of the neckline. There are a few layer of chiffon under the bow which is a little too much and I would have just had the bow there by itself. The choker is a pretty shape and helps pull the outfit together. The back of this dress is pretty much the same as the JSK with the corset and shirring. I was a little surprised that this dress has waist ties considering that the waist already has the chiffon tie.

My favourite part of the bodice is the military style detailing. The buttons and real chains look beautiful. Quite a few dresses from various brands have had military detailing. I like the use on this dress so much that I would even go as far as saying that this is my favourite use of military style on a lolita dress.

I had to include this picture in this post because I was amazed at how puffy this dress goes! As you can see, fully puffing out the skirt means you lose a lot of length and you can even see the top of the model's socks. This is probably a little too puffed outwards so you would have to choose your petticoat wisely.

This is the print close-up, here shown in navy. Ivory and wine is also available. I absolutely love this print! I love the pillars and all the little details like the fan and mask. Everything works so well together. The diamond part also works really well.

Sadly, I couldn't get a picture of the headdress but this is what the roses and feathers attached to it are going to look like. I like how the edges of the feathers have been rounded. It makes them look quirky and different.

If I didn't know these were Meta, then I probably would have guessed these were by a different brand. Quite a few brands have released socks like these so they are not exactly new or exciting. They are still pretty. I like the beaded line pattern.

Metamorphose have also released these necklaces. I really want one! I think they are so beautiful and different. I get the impression Meta have put a lot of thought in to this series and it comes together well.

I think Meta have really upped their game recently. Most lolitas are familiar with Meta but the brand is not loved as much as Angelic Pretty, Baby etc. I think this is a shame. It is series such as this one and their Fairy Tale print that show that Meta can release some absolutely beautiful pieces. Would I buy from this series? YES! Although I think the design of the JSK is better thought out, I would take a risk and go for the OP. My favourite colour is the navy version but the wine colour is also gorgeous. The ivory is pretty too but the print is stunning with the darker colours. The reservations for this series have already started. I am very happy to see that the OP is doing well and has already sold out in navy and wine (but also sad, because I now I can't order it!). I hope Meta keeps the good work up and releases even more beautiful prints.


  1. I adore this print and especially the necklaces!

  2. I have never seen those masks on necklaces before. I really want one!

  3. I love this! I'm getting the necklace in black and white, I think it'll go very well with Masquerade Theatre.


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