Friday, 19 August 2011

Bodyline small homewares and new look international website

After a quick browse on the Bodyline website, I was a little surprised by the latest items. It would appear that Bodyline no longer want to just give us cheap lolita and cosplay clothing, they also want to give us some cheap homewares. It is an interesting direction for Bodyline to take.

Here are a few of the new items on offer-

This carousel is apparently a music box. This is possibly the strangest of the new items because it is purely decorative and has absolutely nothing to do with fashion. I suppose at a push, you could drape some small bits of jewellery on it. I would love to know if the horses spin around when the music plays. It is not the prettiest music box out there but considering the low price, I guess this is to be expected.

There is also a lot of jewellery stands available. My personal favourite is this ring cushion in the shape of a very fancy couch. I could imagine having one of these around the house somewhere.

Slightly less surprising is the mirrors. Bodyline already made some cute pocket mirrors so I guess this idea was not that huge a leap for them. They appear to be very cheaply made but some of the designs are pretty. However, if you consider the way Bodyline usually packages their parcels, this could cause problems. Hopefully Bodyline will put mirrors such as this one in a box or at the very least, they will be shipped in bubble wrap. I have a horrible feeling that they wont do this, but I will keep an eye out for online reviews.

But that is not the most exciting Bodyline related news today. International customers have a brand new look website! As I looked at the new site and was pleasantly surprised to be greeted with a background featuring their latest cosmetic print and a picture of one of the models playing a piano! I had a quick browse and most of the pages appear to load reasonably quickly. FINALLY!!!! I have waited so long for this day to arrive!

In other news, the design and model contests are back. I am debating submitting something for the design contest again. Despite a few items seemingly taking inspiration from the design I submitted last time, I have decided that in my case, this was probably pure coincidence. So I have not been put off the design contest... yet. As for the modelling contest? As much as I would love to meet the infamous Mr Yan, I have decided to give it a miss!


  1. the raised the prices with the new website *angry*

  2. It has been a long time since I looked at the international website because I started getting really annoyed with it so I hadn't noticed the prices. I had a quick look earlier and some of the dresses appear to have doubled in price!

  3. the first one is SO CUTE!! but i hate that they have raised the prices :'(

  4. I like that they've attempted to jazz the website up a bit but I can't help but notice how similar it looks to Baby's now! Even the logo looks like the Btssb heart! Oh Bodyline :L The site still loads really slowly for me :/

  5. I think I must have been very lucky with my timing! Everybody keeps telling me the site is still slow for them.

    Yeah, Bodyline have had that heart logo for a while now. I think Baby would have done something by now if they were worried.

  6. Sorry but I don`t think than Bodyline looks same with Baby. All different. And Bodyline always had this heart. Bodyline have butterfly and flowers heart and Baby...don`t know what is that. So not same and design of other also different with Baby.
    Prices up, because Dollar is up. And new product more good. Soon quality will be at all similar with expansive brands. But price of course will be not same with other brands.
    And this accessories, Bodyline don`t made. Bodyline buy it and sell. Just for interesting. Want to try something new)


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