Monday, 2 August 2010

Honey Picnic by Metamorphose

I was browsing the Japanese version of the Metamorphose website and came across a collection called Honey Picnic. As far as I know, this collection is not available on the English website but a picture is featured on the main page. So it is probably coming soon! here is the picture from the English website-

Metamorphose seem to be very keen on teddy bears right now. They have another series called Gardening Teddy which also features bears. Honey Picnic is more cutesy than Gardening Teddy. I saw some other blogs reviewing Gardening Teddy so I thought I would do Honey Picnic.

As you can see this series includes an apron design. I don't like aprons very much anyway (unless it is Fruits Parlor by Angelic Pretty!) but I don't like this print on an apron. There is too much going on in the print and so the details get hidden away by the bunched up apron. Also, I don't understand why every brand likes to make the apron part a heart shape. It is not very original, although it can trick the eye into thinking you have a smaller waist depending on what you wear underneath.

Then we have the dress which is a lot more flattering and shows off the print better. The straps are about the right thickness for me. Although there is shirring on the front it is a bit discrete and partially hidden by the bow. I think the teddies eating pancake stacks are very cute. Some people would say it was too cute, but I am not one of them. Colour-wise, I think the dress looks best in mint. Lavender is also available. There is also a skirt.

I like the simple matching headbow. The square pattern kind of gives off the illusion that this headbow is quilted. The bow looks easy to style and I also think the lace looks pretty. My favourite part of the headbow is the mini pearls. I thought they were a nice finishing touch and they do not steal the attention away from the other details.

The socks come in 4 colours- the 3 previously mentioned and also yellow. I think the yellow socks would really suit the mint dress at the top. Not all of the prints have yellow in them so you would have to match these very carefully or go for the safer option and buy a different colour.

Overall I would say the print may be too sweet for some and I would avoid the apron because the dress shows off the print better. It would also be nice if the English Metamorphose website could put some more information on their website instead of just having a picture. At the moment I am unsure when this set is available but I doubt the picture would be on the English website if it was not sometime soon.

All pictures are from the Metamorphose website (both English and Japanese)

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