Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Err... okay, Bodyline...

Okay, I was going to do a general review of the latest stuff from Bodyline but... I don't like a lot of it! Those who know Bodyline also know that their quality varies. They did a really beautiful print with these ponies on a carousel. If you look at my current banner you can see a square of the print there. Also there is another JSK currently on the Japanese website (but not the English one) which has a forest theme. The design is similar to their Love Nadia print but it has a halter neck and I definitely prefer the way this one has been constructed. Please put it on the English site Bodyline!

Back to some of the newer items featured on the English Bodyline site and first up we have this dress with a rose on it. Firstly, I hate the shirring panel on the front. It looks cheap and tacky. Then there is the way this panel connects with the skirt part- it looks scruffy. And why do the black and dark blue versions have that white line running down them? The rose itself looks like something you would find on a tattoo parlour wall. Is it just me, or is the back of the dress wonky? The front is not much better. I am trying really hard to say something nice about this dress but I am struggling. It looks like it has been thrown together and that Bodyline have been trying to cut back on spending.

Next we have this dress with a huge white panel down the front. My issue with this is that the panel is not a very nice shape. I think if they removed the white panel this dress would be a lovely simple option. The shape of the white panel kind of mimics an apron which just makes me think of maids or waitresses. It may work on thinner people, but I can imagine this looking a lot worse on somebody more curvy. If the panel is bunched up then it will probably look worse than it already does. I think the blue version is the best of a bad bunch.

I am probably going to regret saying this but I kind of like the hat! I would stick to the blue or pink hat though. Sadly, the hat is not sold separately (well, it was not when I checked last time). There is too much going on with this dress. Every little detail seems to have extra details piled on top. I don't mind the front of the collar. The sleeves would look better plain rather than having two layers of lace there. There are too many bows and I would get rid of the detailing around the buttons and the two lines of lace running down the dress. I would either keep the tartan pockets or the detailed bottom but I would not put the two together. The back is not too bad. I would use blue ribbon in the corset so the bad corset details were less obvious. I like the front of the collar but not the back. I hope you can detach it.

Finally we have this dress with what looks to be a frilly shower cap. Again we have a huge panel of shirring. Whilst I appreciate bigger girls need shirring, there is too much here. This dress looks a little droopy and lacks structure. There is not a lot else to say.

I have also decided not to enter the Bodyline design contest. It turns out that past non-winners have gone on the site only to find shockingly similar products to their own designs. Once you give Bodyline the design you surrender any ownership rights. It would be frustrating if Bodyline went on to make thousands after paying you very little (I think you just get given your finished product) especially if your design was not even chosen in the first place. If you lacked the skills to make the item yourself, then it may be a good choice to enter. I have not even finished my designs yet. I am going to finish the designs and then post pictures on here instead!


  1. I'd agree. As my English teacher (and possibly yours) used to say "Simplify and unify".

  2. I only criticise because I know Bodyline is capable of creating beautiful pieces. I don't know why they keep bringing out these monstrosities!

  3. I know what you mean, I remember wishing the hat was sold separately when I saw that piece. Bodyline has has some very nice and decent lolita pieces, and they are capable of much better than some of the more recent things. I couldn't agree more.


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