Thursday, 5 August 2010

It is my 1st wedding anniversary tomorrow!

I am very excited because Friday the 6th of August 2010 is my first wedding anniversary! I still can't get over the fact it has been a whole year! I have a strong urge to dig my dress out and put it back on. Although lolita clothes make me feel like a princess, this feeling is NOTHING compared to how I felt whilst wearing my beautiful wedding dress. I struggled to fit down the aisle and it was raining outside but the small problems did not matter at all. I only cared about getting through the ceremony and then enjoying the rest of the day. I was stood up most of the time because funnily enough, I had trouble sitting down...

My husband James and I are staying in a local hotel tomorrow night and James has booked the most expensive room available so we get free wine and bath robes. Yay! We almost had to cancel the hotel because we broke our front door and it refused to lock. So somebody had to be in the house at all times. Fortunately it seems we have fixed it and the door is locked. So no hotel cancelling. I was getting ill from all the stress. Life is never simple!

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