Thursday, 12 August 2010

In response to my recent AP post...

I smiled when I saw this picture featuring the AP print I reviewed a few days ago. It seems that off-brands are not the only ones making replicas. Brands make dresses which are similar to others and there are only a few little differences. What some people may not know is that off-brands will sometimes buy the exact same fabric as the major brands. So you are essentially just paying for a clothing label hidden away on your waist band.

My opinion on replicas is that whilst it is unfair on the original designer, some people cannot justify saving for the bigger name. If I prefer the replica's take on something, I would not be ashamed to buy it. Big brands seem to be coping with the replica market because some lolitas will only ever buy the original. When I weigh up the guilt of brands losing some money with that of spending a month living off so little money that you can't see your friends/family or go out with your partner, I know which option I would choose. Please don't hate me!


  1. Don't worry I won't throw a wet sponge at you as for one thing my aim with rotten paws is, well rotten!!!
    I see little difference in what you're buying that say buying some 'in the style of' dress from a high street store that was shown on some 'designers catwalk a few weeks previous with just enough alterations to avoid any claims of breach of design copyright.
    And I agree with you on buying the cheaper version simply because unfortunately many of us are not able to devote as much as we would to buying the design brand after we've paid our housing costs and so on.
    Regards Caroline.

  2. As soon as you mention replicas some lolis really start ranting at you! There will always be other things far more important than lolita. I am quite close to buying my first piece of brand but I had to save a little every month for quite some time. There is a little voice in my head reminding me of all the Bodyline I could be buying with that money!


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