Friday, 20 August 2010

I MIGHT have just bought my first bit of brand wear.

I am very excited today! Not only has my husband got my pokemon boosters for me to open later, I may have also just purchased my first bit of brand. Surprisingly I was able to find something that fits my 28 inch waist quite easily. The reason I say "might" in the title is that the website I ordered from was a bit confusing. I am waiting for the invoice to come through and it is making me nervous. What if somebody else got it first? The site in question is a second hand one so there was only one skirt in stock. Eep. O_O I am not sure I like all the pressure involved with buying cheap brand. Why am I getting so nervous about a skirt? Ooh... somebody hurry up and email me back... put me out of my misery! :(

I wont reveal what print I have got on my skirt yet. What I will say is that it is a Metamorphose one (no, not the March of the Duck one I am obsessed with), it is a bit more classic than my usual style and providing I actually got it, it cost me approximately £40 without postage. Although the postage will probably be hefty, £40 for a brand skirt is a total bargain. I had saved up more than that so I may have some leftover money to play around with. A cheap non-brand cardigan and a parasol I think!

Speaking of parasols, you can expect a parasol related post soon. Provided my anxiety doesn't consume me first.

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