Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Visiting Winchester

I was in Winchester over the last weekend to do a bit of house sitting. Whilst I was there I thought I would see if this was a good place for a lolita meet-up.

First up, we have the cathedral. We decided not go to inside because the £6 entrance fee is no longer voluntary and we did not feel like going in. The outside of the building has lots of interesting details. The arched doorways would be a good place for a photo or two. I imagine the inside is beautiful but remember to be quiet! Outside of the cathedral there is a grassy area. I am assuming you are not allowed to hold picnics here because nobody seemed to be walking on the grass.

Wolvesey Castle (or what is left of it) is free and there are lots of interesting places to hide away and pose in front of. It would be a great photo location. Whilst I was there I made sure to take lots of photos. I think I prefer this place to what I saw of the cathedral. It has a more distressed and rustic feel.

The castle has lots of information you can read whilst you are there. Most of this information is an explanation of what used to be there and how it may have looked.

The river was fun to walk along. The water here is very clear. You can see fish swimming around and there are lots of ducks. I loved the weeping willow trees overhanging the river.

Also worth a mention is Montezuma's in the town centre. This is a special chocolate shop. They will usually give you a free sample which I think they change daily. The chocolate itself had a very intense rich flavour. On the day we went they were even holding a golden ticket event to celebrate their birthday. Sadly, my mother-in-law did not win. At least we had some very tasty chocolate! My husband James bought some chilli chocolate whilst my mother-in-law bought a bar with butterscotch and one with orange and nuts.

The shops in the town centre feature lots of mini independent shops as well as the usual shops you may find in most town centres. One of my favourites was a little craft shop which sadly I don't remember how to get to! I spent a while browsing in there and I could have easily bought lots of their stock.

Winchester would be suitable for a smaller lolita day out, maybe with just a few friends. There may not be enough here to keep lolitas entertained for a long amount of time. Winchester has lots of places to walk around. There are some gardens which I did not get to go in as well which looked pretty. Winchester is small, but it has its charm. I wouldn't mind visiting again.

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