Monday, 16 August 2010

Twinkle Journey by Metamorphose

Today I would like to talk about the latest from Metamorphose. This is a very sweet print featuring unicorns.

This set comes in black, a deep blue and a gorgeous raspberry colour (they call it bordeaux). I really want some pieces in this shade! In the picture, I think both the left and middle dresses have a good shape to them. At first I was a little undecided about the JSK on the right but it has grown on me since then. It is not visible in the picture but the dress on the left has off the shoulder sleeves, a pair of shoulder straps AND a halter-neck as well. I don't feel these all work together. However, there is a layer of diagonal ruffles on this dress which I wish was on the others. These ruffles slightly cover a bit of the print at the lower part of the diagonal line. However, there is only a little coverage and on one side you can still see the print clearly.

The style shown in raspberry has a normal set of straps and a halter-neck too. This is slightly better than the first dress. The halter straps are light pink and the other straps are raspberry- it would be nice if both sets of straps were the same colour here. I am also unsure about the pink ruffles at the top of the bodice. I would take away both lines of light pink ruffle here. The bow that sits on these two lines of ruffles looks floppy and lifeless too.

My opinion on the dress shown on the right improved when I realise this one has a bustle back. Instead of the print running all the way around the bottom like the 2 others, this one only has the print in between two lines of vertical lace. I quite like this because it is different and the little stars that are on the rest of the dress are pretty. I also feel this JSK is a bit more mature than the other 2 dresses. Also, the vertical lace lines look better close up when you can see the ribbon threaded through.

Here is a close-up of the print. I saw an off-brand had done a unicorn print so I was waiting to see if a brand did it too. There are lots of tiny little details. I quite like the treasure chest. Maybe Metamorphose should make a matching treasure chest bag. The unicorn although sweet, is not over-the-top sweet. I am glad Metamorphose chose to make this instead of Angelic Pretty. Angelic Pretty would have made the unicorn too cutesy and I think Meta have found a good balance here.

The girl on the right in the first picture is wearing the headpiece I like best. It is called a vaned ribbon headband. I am not 100% sure what this means but there is a circle of ruffled fabric, then 2 black feathers and then a bow on top. There were not any clear images of this but all the bits seem to be in the same colour.

Metamorphose have also done some socks which feature the stars which appear on the bodice. Near the ankle there is also a clock face. They are simple and come in 5 colour options. One of these colours is lavender, which I think stands out the most.

Not shown is a pinafore dress, which I am yet to see a proper picture of.

I love the pattern and I would consider adding the bustle back JSK on the right if I had the chance. There are a few questionable details and some daring choices (Meta seems to like trying new and rarely seen ideas). This is not Meta's prettiest recent piece but a relatively good effort.

Pictures from the official metamorphose website.

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