Monday, 2 January 2012

Things I would like to see in 2012

As we start a new year, it is time again for me to share the things I would like to see happen in the world of lolita fashion this year.

1. Angelic Pretty to release a duck themed print for Easter- Around Easter time, you can guarantee that Angelic Pretty will release a print with an Easter theme. In the past Angelic Pretty have released lots of things with rabbits, there was the chick shaped bag and last year, we got Sheep Garden. So... how about some ducks? Ducks fit a Spring time theme and it would be new ground for AP. AP, if nothing else, I can guarantee I would buy it!

2. Bodyline to release a pair of sax blue shoes which are actually sax blue!- I get very annoyed with Bodyline sometimes and a personal gripe of mine is ordering sax blue shoes when... they are not actually sax blue! This so called sax blue shoes seem to have a green tinge to them and I think the best way to describe them would be a duck egg blue colour. Don't get me wrong, I do like the shoes I ordered, but when something says it is sax blue I expect sax blue! Maybe I have just been very unlucky with my selections? If you can tell me about any Bodyline shoes which actually are sax blue, then do let me know!

3. A Lief Gardenberry replica- I am not going to get in to a replica debate but seeing as Lief have gone out of business anyway and are not going to lose any money, could we please have a Gardenberry replica? Lief were known for not having the best quality but I have always adored the prints they released. Gardenberry has always been out of my grasp. I once came close to getting it on the sales comm, only to find it had sold just a few minutes earlier. Very frustrating!

4. Less chess themed prints- I simply adore chess prints but I think we have enough for now. Chess was big news in 2011 (mainly thanks to AP, but other chess prints came out too) and I will be very interested to see which trends appear in 2012.

5. More Rakuten shops to allow overseas shipping- Some brilliant Rakuten shops already let you order directly from them but with lots of others you still need to use their forwarding shipping service. I especially would love to be able to order from shops such as Paris Kids directly.

6. For Bodyline to have an actual sale- In 2011, Bodyline held lots of "sales" which were really not sales at all. Bodyline very sneakily upped their prices just before a sale and then for the sale lowered the prices back to their previous cost. Not only does it mean that we benefit from lots of cheap stuff, it also means that Bodyline sells out of their really old stock on the website, making room for lots more new exciting things. I should point out, it is not just Bodyline doing this with their "sales" but they appear to be the biggest offender.

7. Everywhere releasing more navy blue items- my new favourite colour!

8. Metamorphose to attend Hyper Japan- This was actually on my 2011 list as well. Due to bad timing, I was unable to attend Hyper Japan in 2011 (mega sad about that!) so I don't know if Metamorphose attended, but they probably didn't! I may be on my own here, but I really noticed Meta not being at Hyper Japan in October 2010. I am grateful to all the big brands which make the effort to come to Hyper Japan, but I think Meta deserves a bit more love!

9. More bird and birdcage themed items- I just think they are beautiful!

10. More variety in the lucky packs- Has anybody noticed that instead of mystery lucky packs, a lot of brands now just release special lucky pack prints? I think part of the lucky pack experience is not knowing what items you are going to get. It is a bigger risk but generally, people are able to sell unwanted contents on. I didn't buy a lucky pack in 2011 because I wasn't particularly excited by any of them. But if I do buy one this year, I would really like to save up and get an Innocent World one. Every time I see somebody post their IW lucky pack contents on EGL, I get mega envy!

And as for me personally, I really want any meets I host to go smoothly, I would like to meet lots of new people and make more friends. I also want to get more organised with my blog posting, money, and just in general. Also, whilst writing this post, I looked up my old post about things I wanted to see in 2011 and I was very pleased to see that some of my wishes came true! I hope that the same thing happens this year!


  1. I wish for more blue things too :D

  2. 1. I AGREE! Ducks would be so cute! And we never see them as prints unless it's for children clothing.
    2. Sorry I can't help you there >.< I never bought shoes from any of these places. Mainly because I'm too afraid I'll have gotten the wrong size since I don't know my size in cm. xD
    3. I never heard of that brand but it looks gorgeous! I agree with this point very much!
    4. Definitely with you on this one. I love chess pieces too but don't do overkill with it Dx Mix it up a bit or something!
    5. I've never heard of these shops so I'll have to get back to you on that one xD
    6. I hate when stores do that >.<
    7. I love that color too! And it's better than using black all of the time lol
    8. What is Hyper Japan? o.o
    9. I have a coat with that theme that I just ordered! It was my last Wednesday's post xD
    10. DEFINITELY. I rather not know what is going to be in the box. If this is the case, then don't call it a "lucky pack" because I thought the whole point with it is that it's all random and you feel lucky that you get what you find lol The most specific I think they should go with it is like have each pack by size (if they contain clothing). That way everyone can have the chance to get a piece of clothing and it will fit them :3 That way I would actually want to spend a little for one of the packs >.<

    And I'm sure your meets will be fine. Just be yourself and do what you need to do to prepare ^-^ Grats on your accomplishments!

    ~ Kieli ~

    (Sorry for the long post xD )

  3. It is good to know people agree with me on some things!

    Kieli- Hyper Japan is a con held in London. It is quite popular with J-fashion fans and big brands get involved with it too. I will be going in February and I am really excited about it :)

  4. Ohh so that's what Hyper Japan is, but unfortunately it's happening later in February. I'm going to be in London towards the beginning on that month.. :(

    I definitely agree with the duck print!! I love yellow birds...and although I would love to see it, I think my wallet wouldn't want to see it come to fruition. (>_<;)
    And Innocent World lucky packs, they're gorgeous...♥

    Have a great New Year!~*

  5. Oh that is a shame :( Hyper Japan is a lot of fun.

    I would definitely buy an AP duck print but I see what you mean about your wallet not wanting it! I guess I will just have to save a little bit just in case!

  6. Hi I just checked out some of your earlier posts and guides to London and stuff and they are really detailed and interesting..

    Do you have any event posts about hyperjapan as I didn't go as far back as 2010.. so I'm not sure..

    Anyway reading bout the MCM was very interesting :D..

    -- ** Um in 2011 I think Metamorphose was there at HJ.. or maybe it was just a stall selling some of its stock.. :/

  7. Thank you! I am glad you found those posts interesting. I did do a post about Hyper Japan in 2010 and I also have videos from the fashion show on Youtube. I can't find the entry where I included the videos though...

    Oh, I am glad to hear Meta made an appearance in 2011, even if it was just a stall selling their stock! I hope they are there this year! :D


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