Thursday, 26 January 2012

A venture in to Bodyline- classic style

With my upcoming hosting duties and Hyper Japan both in February, my blog posting might be a bit erratic at times. I will try to keep things going as normally as possible.

Bodyline have recently been making more classic lolita pieces. I have ordered from Bodyline many times, but almost everything I have brought has been for sweet outfits. But I have to admit, I am curious about some of Bodyline's classic pieces. I am especially interested by the floral prints.

This dress (which was released a few months ago) for example, has a simple floral design. In fact, it reminds me of the dress I got in my Metamorphose Winter 2010 lucky pack. I don't think the stock picture really helps because the model is sat down and shown from the back. That way, you can't really see how the skirt hangs and how it looks from the front. I have not seen any full reviews of this dress, but from word-of-mouth, I have heard that this dress is actually very pretty in real life.

This is one of the 2 new classic designs that I was looking at. The floral pattern on this one does remind me a bit of grandma's curtains, but strangely, I quite like that! However, I am not sure I like the design of the skirt.  If they had removed the ruffle which is halfway down the skirt, I think it would look better, because the ruffles look a bit sweet. I am also unsure about the sweet looking yoke on the pink colour-way, but it was not the pink colour I was looking at. The one thing I do know is that I hate the sleeves on this dress! They look very shapeless and if I had the sewing skills, I would shorten them and add a gentle ruffle to make them less dull. Although the beige appears the most popular colour, I was actually most interested by the gre. I am guessing gre is short for green, but my initial reaction was that I might have finally found a dress which matches that so-called "sax-blue" that Bodyline use for their shoes! I also like how the pink flowers 'pop' out on the gre colour-way without looking too OTT. At $67 this dress is currently cheaper than most Bodyline dresses. The trouble is, would I want to gamble that much on a dress I am not entirely sure about?

This is the other new classic one I was looking at. I don't particularly like this design but it is interesting to see Bodyline using velveteen. It shows they are slowly experimenting with new designs and materials. I might not like this design, but who knows... in the future maybe Bodyline will get a bit more confident with velveteen and make a really nice velvet piece. At $80 for this dress design, this gets a firm 'no' from me.  Despite not liking the dress, I would like to see this design released as a high-waist skirt. I think it has the potential to work.

I also went and had a look at this blouse. When I first saw this blouse I thought "Wow! Bodyline are finally releasing a deep brown coloured blouse!" and then I clicked on the picture and realised it was an optical illusion! Don't you think that from the distance the red/black blouse looks like brown? Maybe if you blur your eyes a bit too... Anyway, after realising my mistake I was feeling a bit sad. But then I looked at the other 2 colours that the blouse comes in (blue and grey) and I thought that actually, those 2 colours don't look too bad! I normally don't bother with the punk section on the Bodyline website and I have never been interested in stripy blouses before, but I quite like this one. I think that both the grey and blue designs have the potential to work really well with gothic lolita. I have never considered adding a grey blouse to my wardrobe before, but I do like this one. Before I go taking the plunge and buying it though, I would love to see how it looks in person and how people choose to co-ordinate it. I think I prefer the blue colour blouse.

So whilst there are no items that I would 100% definitely purchase, there is new stuff on Bodyline which has interested me. I will be keeping my eye out for any reviews of these items.


  1. the blue shirt is really pretty! As for the dresses i like the first, and the other two looks alarming short in my eyes....

  2. I want to add more navy blue to my wardrobe so maybe the blue shirt would be a good purchase. I am not sure what the length will be like on the 2nd and 3rd dress. It doesn't help that there are no photos of it being worn by the Bodyline model. I think the 1st dress is my favourite.

  3. I've also wondered about the first dress you have posted here. It does look so pretty. I recently bought a Bodyline dress similar to that one, and I absolutely adore it! I reviewed it on my blog, if you're at all interested. n_n

    1. Thank you! I will go and have a look at your review!

      Hopefully somebody out there will review the dresses in this post as well :)


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