Tuesday, 10 January 2012

My Wardrobe!

I am sorry for posting a day later than I usually do, but I spent all of yesterday screaming at Youtube waiting for my new videos to load.

I have had some requests to show my lolita wardrobe and I have decided to give you what you requested! I finally got a proper wardrobe in December. Up until now, I had been relying on a clothes rail but it suddenly collapsed due to the sheer weight of everything!

Now, because I had such a hard time uploading my videos, I am afraid you are going to have to go to my Youtube account because if I have to upload them again to blogger, I think I might actually cry!

Part 1 is here-

My camera memory ran out, so I had to do it in 2 parts. This is part 2-

I am really sorry about the lighting on the video. I was trying my best with limited light and a very basic camera.

Coincidentally, the EGL theme for January is wardrobes and I have been keeping an eye on the posts. I am unsure if I am going to post this on EGL or not because I am still growing my wardrobe and I don't think it matches up. My current thoughts on my wardrobe are that I need more blouses/tops, solid coloured hair accessories (which work with more than one item) and lots more lavender items. I never realised this before, but my wardrobe has quite a wide-spread amount of colours. I see lots of people have less colours in their wardrobe but as a result, it means they don't have a hard time finding items to match. It makes me wonder if I need to have a re-think about the colours in my wardrobe.

Here are some additional photos which include items not in the videos. (I left out my petticoats and bloomers)

This is what my hanging space looks like at the moment. My home is incredibly small, so it is impossible to fit my entire wardrobe in to one photo. The wardrobe was a flat-pack one from Ikea. My husband James and I had great fun putting it up! My shoes are organised by colour with the pale ones on the shelf shown and my darker shoes underneath. I try to split my other items up by colour too, but I failed miserably. On the far right, you can just about see where my blog mascot Ahiru-chan lives with a couple of her ducky friends. Underneath Ahiru, I keep all my Gothic Lolita Bibles and Kera magazines.

I completely forgot to show my accessory hanger! I have lots of random stuff in there, but you might be able to see a pink chocomint star clip, a rose brooch I made from a GLB pattern, Bodyline strawberry hair ties, an Angry keychain (from Hangry and Angry) and my waist cinching belts at the bottom.

I own lots of pairs of solid colour black tights because they are very versatile. A recent addition were these harlequin style diamond tights. I have always wanted a pair! I found these on Ebay.

Two of my jewellery boxes (there is more!). Can you see why I didn't put all of this in the video? I am always buying jewellery!

One of my favourite things to buy is rings. I managed to get most of them on (minus melty moon and my AP initial rings). All of these are off-brand rings. Some were given by friends and others were found at conventions, such as the MCM Expo and Hyper Japan.

So that is my wardrobe! Don't expect me to make another video for a little while, because this one really exhausted me! Do let me know what you think. What do you like and dislike? Where can I improve? Do you think my low quality video was a massive waste of time? (I hope the answer to the last one is 'no'!) Thank you for watching!


  1. Just stumbled across your blog and you have some supercute things!! I'm thinking about getting into the fashion and your wardrobe has definitely inspired me! You look beautiful if your catwalk pic!!

    Do you have any tips for anyone thinking of starting out? xXx

    1. Thank you!

      As for tips, I guess the best thing to do is start off with one staple colour like white or black (or possibly pink?) because they are easy colours to co-ordinate with. Focus on the basics, like a good petticoat and cute blouses. Places like bodyline.co.jp are usually good for beginners, although their prices are not as good as when I was starting out :(

      Also, you will probably find some great advice on F Yeah Lolita- http://fyeahlolita.blogspot.co.uk/


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