Friday, 20 January 2012

Paris Kids review- Positive

Today I am reviewing my first order from the Paris kids Rakuten shop! For those not in the know, Paris Kids is very similar to Chocomint. They kind of remind me of an Asian Claire's Accessories store. All Paris Kids items cost 315yen and because some of their stock is similar to Chocomint, Paris Kids might actually work out cheaper (provided you choose your shopping service wisely). You can view their shop here-

To order from here, you will require a shopping service. I used Japonica Market again (even though it did cost me a bit more). You can see my original review of Japonica here- For this order, I did attempt to use Tenso instead of Japonica, but I found it a bit confusing and it seemed more hassle than it was worth. However, if you want to keep your shopping service fees down, it might be worth checking Tenso out.

Because most of the actual transaction relates to Japonica, I am only going to review the bits I think are relevant to the actual Paris Kids order.


All Paris Kids items cost 315yen. Once all the shipping and Japonica fees were added on top, each item worked out at approximately £8 each. When I went to Chinatown, I saw Paris Kids items being sold for almost double that. So even with Japonica's fees, I still got a huge discount compared to buying it here in the UK.


The speed of shipping between first ordering to receiving my items was very fast. It took under 2 weeks. Considering this was just after Christmas and it also had to go through Japonica, this was very fast. Yoshiyuki marked my parcel down again so I didn't get any nasty fees.


My parcel was very securely packed.

This is what my box looked like after I ripped the address off. The box was very secure with no signs of damage. The tape used was a bit like that medical plaster tape you get, which is very strong. The tape was so secure, I had trouble opening the parcel up! But that is always a good sign!

Inside the parcel was wrapped in bubble wrap. I did notice one of my pearl necklaces was rattling around a bit, but the items inside were perfect with no flaws.

My bright pink Paris Kids bag!

This is just part of what I ordered. I can't show you the rest of the order because I got some things for the upcoming February Oxfordshire Lolita meet and I don't want to spoil the surprise! I got myself 2 gold pearl chains. I am not going to say why I got these chains but they will play a big part in something I hope to do *gives a suspicious wink*. And I ordered 2 fluffy rabbit brooches too because I think they are the cutest thing ever!

My favourite is the beige coloured rabbit brooch (but the pink one is cute too!). I actually got very lucky with this because the beige was out of stock until the day before I ordered. So I had to snap up the beige one while I could! The fake fur is so soft and although you can't really see in the picture, the brooch is quite plump. This brooch also comes in black and white. I am tempted to get those as well and then I can have a complete set...

On the back you can see the brooch has your typical 2 way clip, which makes the item very versatile. You could stick this on pretty much anywhere you desired.

So overall, this has been a very positive experience. I would definitely order from Paris Kids again because I really like their items. It is definitely worth checking them out.


  1. omg, the beige bunny *_* i think i'm gonna die *_*

  2. The cuute!

  3. Oh my gosh...I hope that' still there when I go back to Japan in May :D

    At first when I saw your post I thought that Paris Kids shipped internationally! But then after reading, I realized you used a shopping service. :)

    I really like versatility (with the clip and pin). When I go into Paris Kids usually it's a free for all and we buy up anything that catches our eye.

  4. I think the bunny brooch is one of the best things I have found on Rakuten!

    Machiko- Yeah, sadly you do need a shopping service but it was worth it! Oh wow... I would love to visit the Paris Kids store in Japan! I think I would go crazy and buy everything! I hope you find lots of cute things when you go to Japan in May :D

  5. Bunnies! I love these brooches! Well...I love bunnies so...yeah this is a plus! Thank you for doing this review! I am always up for more options to getting more cute things! I have got to get some bunny stuff xD

    ~ Kieli ~

  6. Replies
    1. I'm also a bunny parent lol

      ~ Kieli ~


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