Thursday, 12 January 2012

Bon Bon Chocolat Dance Dance Dance by BABY

Time for another print discussion! Today I will be looking at Bon Bon Chocolat Dance Dance Dance by BABY (who love giving prints really long names!). This series contains 2 dresses, a skirt, a blouse, 2 headbows (one print, one solid colour), socks and a selection of jewellery.

This is the Praline JSK. The bodice looks well fitted and a pretty shape. The neckline is a good scoop shape  and is finished with this soft looking lace, which has cute little hearts running along the centre of it. The stock pictures suggest that there is another layer of lace hidden away underneath, which the dress doesn't really need as the main lace used is enough. The waist has a thin line of good quality ribbon running around it (with the colour-way shown, the ribbon used is a deep blue colour). This helps to define the waist a bit, although because of the busy nature of the print, this detail does get a bit 'lost' and you don't really notice it being there. The same ribbon is also used for a corset on the front. The corset looks a bit chunky because the spacing is close together and the ribbon is wide, which makes it look a bit messier. The sleeves are thin, but are bulked out a bit by soft lace. There is a lot of lace around this area, but I think the design just about gets away with it, without looking too much.

The bodice also has a very detailed large bow on the front. The bow is folded, giving it extra depth and movement. It has a lovely shape to it. The edges are lined beautifully with gold trim. As you can see in the picture, the bow also has a Baby logo charm on it, which I think is beautiful. The photo also shows that the bow is a different shade of blue to that used for the corset. I think the navy blue of the bow suits the dress better. Although the ribbon used for the corset is very vivid with a deep colour, I think it clashes a bit.

The back part has a shirring panel, which is concealed by a ribbon corset. Because of the style of print, the shirring blends in well. The skirt has a nice slight bell shape to it, although with a sweet style print, it probably could have been a bit rounder. It appear to flare out quite well, so it should hold a lot of petticoat. The skirt part has been kept plain, which is a good idea. Any details here would get hidden away by the print anyway. The bottom hem is finished off with the same style of lace used on the neckline. There is another layer of lace underneath which is impossible to see in Baby's photos!

This is the Milk Cafe JSK. The bodice is well fitted, but I am unsure I like the overall shape of it. I think it could be because the neckline is low and the bodice is crammed with lots of detail. There is not a single thing I like about the lace on the bodice! It looks so fussy and I think the way it has been used makes the design look cheap. I think the dress would look so much better without that lace. The front has a ribbon corset, which is spaced out better than the other dress, although this detailing is lost among everything else surrounding it. There is also a raised panel (which would also probably look better if the lace wasn't there) with a scalloped edge and luckily, the scallops do look fine. The raised panel also has lace on top, which is further topped with a line of ribbon and a small bow. The ribbon does look slightly shiny, but I think it is cute. The straps are a bit thin and I would have liked them a tinier bit wider. Unfortunately, I cannot give my opinions on the back of this dress because the pictures are not available, but the measurements suggest there is a bit of shirring. The skirt on this dress is much more rounded compared to the other JSK and is the sort of shape I would expect to see with this print. It also appears very spacious, and so will hold a lot of petticoat underneath. The skirt has a horizontal line of ribbon close to the bottom which is topped by 2 bows. Luckily, it doesn't look too OTT and does not detract too much attention away from the print. The bottom hem features a scalloped edge and some very wide lace, which I think looks awful. If it was me, I would completely remove all the lace off this dress and just start again.

And this the print close-up. The print is available in 5 colours- off-white, pink, sax-blue, brown and black (colours mentioned are the base colour of the print). I think the sweets look very cute. All the candy wrappers are very detailed and a lot of thought has gone in to them. I especially like the heart lollipop! The background is very busy, but I actually like it. The bumpy lines work well with the print and makes a change from straight lines. The bows and ribbons in the print have a realistic shine to them. My favourite colours are the brown and off-white versions. I think that for me personally, the best is the off-white.

This is the Carée headbow (there is also a bow with the print available). I prefer this bow out of the 2 available. The solid colour makes it more versatile and easier to wear. I also like the layering effect on the bow. The Baby logo charm is also very cute!

This is my top pick of the jewellery. I think this candy ring is extremely cute! I love the use of pink to give it that little bit of extra detail. I also feel this style of sweet jewellery is more mature and classy. This ring is available on 2 shades, but I think the gold looks prettier.

Overall, I am unsure what to make of this set. When you think of all the chocolate lolita prints out there, I don't think this series stands out as a "must-have". I also feel that the Milk Cafe JSK lets the rest of the series down. However, maybe this style of chocolate print would appeal to those who dislike the more popular chocolate prints, which we see being worn a lot. Would I buy from this series? Probably not, but I do like the solid colour head bow and the jewellery.

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  1. I honestly like this print. It's slightly different from all of the chocolate bars. Like all of this is more towards regular hard candies. I am in love with that ring too o_o

    ~ Kieli ~


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