Monday, 16 January 2012

Jan 2012 Oxfordshire Lolita Meet- Bears!

I have re-emerged from my holiday season hibernation and have attended my first meet since the October Ox Loli meet! I have been itching to see people and just go out somewhere for quite some time! The theme for this meet was bears because the group decided to go to Build-a-Bear and make an Ox Loli mascot. It was a bit crowded in the shop and a few people wanted to go to Games Workshop, so I didn't really help with the bear too much (sorry guys...). I think our new friend has a very cute tartan dress though!

So I would like to introduce you to Dolores! Or Lola, for short... This was the best picture I could find of our new mascot. She even has bloomers and a petticoat, so she is a good and respectable bear!

We also went to Noodle Nation. I have never been here before and now I really want to go back. Their food is yummy! I had salt and pepper chicken which was really spicy but tasty. I said to Michelle that we wouldn't need lip plumping gloss because the chili made our lips tingle! We also got given fortune cookies. Apparently Somebody is going to make me an offer I can't refuse. Well, I am still waiting... Later on, we also went to a cafe, where I shared a lovely slice of Victoria Sponge with my husband James.

Here is a group shot. Considering people were saying they wouldn't fit the bear theme, quite a few of us managed to pull something together.

I wore March of the Duck because I have no bear items in my wardrobe at all! I thought ducks were fluffy and cute anyway, so it was partially on theme. And I also had my Bodyline coat with me, which has fake fur on it.

Headbow, Skirt and bag (not shown)- Metamorphose (March of the Duck)
Cardigan, Blouse and shoes- Bodyline
Tights and accessories (not shown)- all off-brand

It was lovely to see people again after so long, although I think a few of us were suffering from bugs and viruses! Because I am hosting next month, I am currently in possession of Dolores. If I have time, I might make her a new accessory (but I am not making any promises!).


  1. Dolores is adorable, I love your outfit in this post to :)

  2. Yay! Thank you! I am glad you like both the bear and my outfit :D

  3. Very sweet pictures! Glad to hear you all had a good time. :) Even the hubby! xD And that chicken looks really good o.o
    ...and we need more bunnies Dx

    ~ Kieli ~

  4. Thank you! I am very grateful that my husband doesn't mind coming along! XD The chicken was very tasty. I want to go back there and get more!


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